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August 12, 2017 18:06

Dimensions of doors - from standard to non-standard , the necessary calculations

Different sizes of doors
  • Standard
  • correct calculations
  • Custom
  • thickness of the door frame -
  • selection nuances Self installation

One of the most common mistakes when choosing a door to the bathroom and toilet - isthe view that all the doors have a standard size, which is the same in all apartments.As a consequence, then clutching his head and go to buy a new door.But the size of the door is always dependent on the type of home.It is unlikely that two different according to the type of neighboring houses opening width in the bathroom is the same.To protect yourself from mistakes, to measure the brightness.At the same time, and you learn the standard size at your door or not.

The doors to the bathroom and WC


Many manufacturers try to keep the accepted international standards.Height is usually always the same and is 2 meters. But with the width is more difficult.By standards are dimensioned such as 40, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 cm Here a simple comparison:. In "Khrushchevki" width of the door leaf is the same and equal to 60 cm, and in the homes of a new type is somewhat longer and is already 70 cm.

Increasing the width of the door opening is not associated with a desire to improve living conditions.Just the current baths and showers is much easier to mount with extended doorway, as the narrower they simply do not go.Advanced opening, of course, useful, but due to it significantly reduced the area of ​​the bathroom.Already we have to think how to put the washing machine or place the sink.

To combined sanitary standard opening width is usually 80 cm .More of this size are usually doors in houses and apartments individual planning.If you, for example, decided to install a jacuzzi in the bathroom, you will see 80 not enough, and therefore have an opening to expand.

Advanced doorway
Custom doors for bathrooms
The door to the WC

correct calculations

Immediately advise you to read our article about the typical mistakes when calculating the size of the door.

To start to define with how to measure the doorway. To do this, perform the following steps:

  • measure the height from floor to ceiling.It is advisable to finish was already finished.Otherwise, take it some margin;
  • measure the width of the door leaf from one wall to the other;
  • measure the wall thickness (the depth of the opening).If finishing is not yet completed, the measurements are carried out with a reserve.He is the thickness of the solution and most tile.Do not count on the fact that the thickness of the walls in the bathroom would be the same as in other areas.Often, it is smaller, so be sure to make measurements.
Tools for measurement

completing measurement aperture, proceed to the calculation of leaf size:

  • try roughly calculate what will be the size of the door leaf, leaving a gap between the door frame and the wall at 1-1,5 cm. There should be a gap between the door frame and the web of at least 3 mm;
  • width of the door leaf can be calculated by knowing the width of the doorway.Determined with wide gaps?Subtract the values ​​of the width of the opening together with the door beam width.It is equal to 2.5 cm. Since the door frame consists of two parts, all sizes, which will subtract, multiply by 2.
  • try to find the dimensions using the countdown.To this end leaf size Priplyusuet all values ​​described above.For example, you have a small apartment.You have decided to put a door width of 60 cm. The width of the door opening should be 60 cm + 2 (1 cm + 2.5 cm ± 0.3 cm) = 67.6 cm. This is the minimum value of the width of the opening.
Measure the width of the opening
Measure the height of the opening
Measure the depth of the opening

now calculate the height of the door leaf:

  • use the same method for the countdown.For example, you are planning to buy a door with a standard height of 200 cm. Priplyusuet to it the same three values, but not double.Do not forget about the centimeter gap between the floor and the door.The result will be 200 cm + 1, cm + 2.5 cm + 0.3 cm + 1 cm = 204.8 cm.
  • calculation must also include the height threshold.In this case, the height of turn 200 cm + 2 (1 cm + 2.5 cm ± 0.3 cm) = 207.6 cm.

The calculations will be useful for the purchase of the door.If you would like to depart from the standards, the manufacturer make door-to-measure.product cost will be higher, but it looks great in the bathroom.


Often there are situations that a standard size specified in the store 60, 70, 80 cm, and when you buy the door and personally it is measured, it is found that the width of the door leaf a little more.These unfortunate few millimeters may be critical, because the door will not pass through the opening, and it will have to expand these millimeters.If wall decoration tile has already been done in you, it would be a serious problem.But even if the lining was not there, the difficulty is not going away.We'll have to cut the tiles, and it is even harder than to reduce the width of the web.

Installing the door to the bathroom

few extra millimeters on the door are taken due to the veneer, which decorate the canvas.However, the problem may be not only in width but also in height.And it would be okay if it was a couple of millimeters.Sometimes it happens that the height at odds with the stated 1 cm and more.To reach the desired size, you can, cutting the door.However, this issue is not so simple in the decision, as there are materials that can not be touched.If the door is made of MDF, then, cutting off part of it, we own posposobstvuem ingress of moisture into the fabric.As a result, the door swell.

Fit the door of the box

But if the fabric is made on the basis of wood frame, it will be nothing wrong if at each end, we saw off a few millimeters. saw cut only place you need to immediately treat the filler or varnish.

usual saw better not to use because the edge will still be ribbed.It must be sanded, putty.But the circular saw, working at high speed - it's what you want, it is used by professionals.But if you've never worked with her, then falls and threaten your safety and integrity of the product.

Cropped door

thickness of the door frame -

choice of nuances is not enough to match the door, because the size of the box also have an important meaning.It should fit the opening, it was not necessary to expand it, or, on the contrary, put the strap.If you have already completed the finish tile, it will be a real headache.

When accounting for finishing materials door frame must perfectly fit the opening.If it is narrower or wider than it is to mount frames it will be difficult.There is also such a thing: the more the thickness of the material of the door frame, so it is more moisture resistant.So make your choice in favor of a thicker fabric, even if the aesthetic you like it a little less.

Door frame is narrow

If you are not too familiar with joinery, then entrust the installation and selection of door leaf and frame to professionals, to avoid having to redo anything.

The glass sliding door to the bathroom

Self installation

If you decide to install the door, without the help of professionals, keep a clear consistency in the implementation of all phases of work.If the door and the box were bought separately, it is necessary to collect them, so work will be easier.In general, it is better to buy ready-made version, the appropriate size. assembled structure is simple:

  • All parts of the box and the door lay on the floor.
  • around doors start collecting box in turn.Drill holes for fasteners, trim and measure all that is necessary to the box was completely ready for further installation.
  • After all this, feel free to put the box in the opening.
Assembling the door frame

Who is the most important thing - installing doors:

  • first try on as part of a box in the door opening.
  • Set box in a doorway and fix wedges.At this stage editing allowed some of the nuances.
  • Check the box is positioned correctly with the help of a plumb and level.
  • Secure box on the dowels or anchor bolts.Ideally, after the installation of wedges should mark the attachment points and drill the necessary holes.Through these holes are marked in the doorway, and the box removed.In the wall of drilled holes into which it is necessary to insert the dowels.Box again is put in place and has already secured completely.It crashed into the loops, and then hang the door.
  • to all seams are sealed, they should zapenit approximately one third from the bottom and gradually moving to the top.Some day will dry foam.
Fit the door frame size
Filling the voids with foam
Aligns the level of the door
Installation of the loop
Installing the door handle

Separately consider the process of tie loops and hanging doors:

  • usually crashtwo hinges, but if the door is thick and heavy, it is desirable to use three.First the layout: the loops are applied to the canvas and encircled with a pencil.
  • The web is undercut to the thickness of the loop.
  • Fasten hinges on the screws.How many holes there are in the loop, so many will need screws.Usually the upper loop is fixed to 150-200 mm below the top of the door, and the bottom - by 200-250 mm above the bottom of the door.
  • Once looped, set into the door lock.
  • Slide door opening and in its rasklinte 4 mm from the bottom and 2 mm from the top.According to the width of the openings the same values.Check the level is correctly installed door and mark on the box, which will be placed loop.
  • door is pulled out of the box, and the box door are made the same recess as in the door.
  • Now you can make a final sidebar loops.
  • After curing, the foam can produce decorative finishes, that is, to put trim and cut off excess foam.