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August 12, 2017 18:06

Stencils for bathroom : with their hands , the design and decor ( 41 photos )

Stencils on the wall for the bathroom
  • application features in the bathroom
  • Preparations
  • types of application techniques
  • Choosing paint Choosing a place
  • How to make a stencil with your own hands?
  • Stencil drawing
  • Tips
  • Alternatives

During the Soviet time, the bathroom walls were painted with oil paint, using a maximum of two colors.Then it became fashionable to hang a wall tile.Today, designers offer a lot of options, how to make an ordinary room, bright and unique.One of the affordable and creative ways - screen painting - perfect for decorating the wettest areas of the house.

Screen painted gold on the brown walls of the bathroom

application features in the bathroom

main feature bathrooms and a problem - the water, or rather a lot of water in a small space.

Hence the nuances of:

  • Use for painting should be moisture-proof paint.Since the enclosed space, it is best to paint quickly dried up.The same requirement and base coat walls.
  • small space requires a careful approach to the selection of the figure and its provisions.Using the correct size of the pattern can increase the size of the room.

Large drawings are good, where there is a feeling of emptiness that can not be filled voluminous objects.

Wall painting in the bath water-resistant paints
Stencil pattern in the bathroom
Screen painted on the walls in the bathroom


Stencils can be applied to smooth prepared wall on the existing tiles, mirrors or door cupboards.The main condition is to clean the surface.If applied to the bare walls, then aligned and prepared for painting, if other surfaces, it is necessary to walk with soap and water for cleaning and degreasing.Otherwise the paint will not lay down or starts to go to spots, and after drying quickly descend.Net surface provides traction and durability design.

As for the stencil, here preparation is divided into pattern selection or the creation of the figure, as well as transfer it to a template - a kind of blank.This - a little later.

Color pattern on the white wall of the bathroom

types of application techniques

paints painting some fun, especially for creative people.However, even a pragmatic person can be found in this lesson, your joys and make this hobby.

As you can draw patterns:

easiest way - flat monochrome painting pattern. By pre-configured images need to go with just one color.Perfect for a first experience.So it is possible to create simple designs and complex picture.The difference - only use templates.

Drawing on the walls in the bathroom monochromatic paint
Plain pattern on the wall in the bathroom stenciled
Stencil pattern in the bathroom

option for the patient - multicolored pattern in which two or more colors used. This option provides a more expressive and cheerful picture.It is assumed that the process of preparing and selecting the pattern takes more time, as well as its application.At the preliminary stage, the choice of color palette and planning how to use it at the figure.It may take a few pieces for each color.

Silk painting the walls in the bathroom when using multiple colors of paint

Volume stencils - art professionals. template serves as a reference for the location of parts of the picture, giving a single form.Get help relief image of plastic masses or special fillings.Also not ruled out working with color.Thus it is possible to make beautiful three-dimensional images (ships, clouds, mermaid), creating a certain style and atmosphere.Of course, time will be spent on such work a lot, and make their own relief is possible if pre-workout.From the first job may fail.

Volume patterns stencilled on the wall in the bathroom
Bulk -painted with gold paint stenciled on the wall in the bathroom

Reverse stencil (negative) - bag of tricks when you need to paint the area around the template, leaving the original drawing of the selected color. Helps to work with contrasting colors and textures, create an interesting and deep multi-level pattern.Also the option for sophisticated, it is often used in multi-format.

Reverse pattern ( negative) red on the wall in the bathroom

paint Choice

for painting wet paint premises are well suited silicate-based or quick-drying acrylic.

If the selected composition is not different resistance, the pattern of longevity could be achieved by securing a water resistant lacquer result of the work.The same trick can help when working with reliefs, extending their life

How to apply dye formulations?Choose based on your personal preferences: brushes, rollers, sponges cans.In this matter, there is no rigid canons.

White paint for screen painting on the walls of the bathroom
Dark paint stencil painting bathroom walls

Site Selection

best viewed large stencils over large areas free of furnishings and details (on the wall above the bath, for example).Small patterns help give elegant look of the room, where there is no bright color accents.So you can not only beautify the inevitable or bulky, boring subjects (ventilation outlet, shelves, mirrors and lockers), but to beat them, to unite with the rest of the interior, using a theme (fish, butterfly, floral pattern).Pictures will help to hide defects and some walls.

The large monochrome screen printing patterns on the walls of the bathroom
Stencil pattern as a curb on the walls of the bathroom
Screen monochrome painting next to the sink in the bathroom

How to make a stencil with your own hands?

Also purchased options of building the store, you can use the self-made templates for printing. himself drawing can be found on the Internet, ask the subject image in a search engine, or create your own. latter option is better to use, if you clearly represent an idea, or have some experience of design works.Apply a sketch on paper, if it is difficult, then simplify the idea, to make it easier to put into practice.If the silhouette turns vague or unrecognizable, make it stylized.Ready drawing transfer on vinyl or other resistant material (plastic, cardboard).Cut pattern for an office building with a knife or scalpel, observing precautions to avoid injury.

Homemade stencil to paint the walls in the bathroom

Stencil drawing

Before you put the paint on the wall, it is necessary to make sure that the result is close to the idea.Conduct tests on old wallpaper or a large piece of paper.This will help remove a little excitement before the first experience to adjust to the instrument.Make sure that the place for the picture is clean and dry.

Check the pattern, make light pencil outline if required, secure the stencil masking tape or special glue unstable (so as not to leave marks on the surface and easy to leave her)."Hide" with tape and paper are part of the interior, on which the paint should not fall.If necessary, cover the floor newspaper or polyethylene.

The application of paint on the stencil pattern in a bathroom with a roller
The application of paint on the stencil pattern in a bathroom with a brush

Apply the first coat of paint.When completely dry, you can refresh the color of the second layer (as necessary and on the basis of the idea).Sponge and brush need to pre-wet, removing any excess, so they do not numb the edge.The paint from the spray should be sprayed at a distance of 25-30 cm (this will give a more even layer and make optimal consumption).

Stencil bathroom

Further work depends on your imagination: change the color, move the stencil to the next place.

Stencil pattern on the walls of the bathroom

When the work is ready, you can apply a fixing layer of clear varnish.When it dries, remove the remnants of adhesive tape and paper, to admire the creature!

Stencil pattern in the bathroom
Stencil pattern in the bathroom
Stencil pattern in the bathroom


Despite the name (stencil template), this technique makes the room unique in its kind. order not to spoil the work, and then the mood to enjoy his work, it is worth paying attention to the recommendations:

  • The less experience the less necessary to use tricks.Use the purchase-blanks, they simplify the task.Large clear line better tolerated on the surface, small features, a large number of angles are difficult to transport and are often "cut off."
  • picture size should correspond to the capabilities of the space: a large area of ‚Äč‚Äčappropriate major composition, the design details and small areas - small stencils.
  • Exquisitely look paintings made in one technology, or support the same theme, the number of colors can be arbitrary.The theme helps to unite the elements of the room, create your own style.
  • Inverse stencils to help create the effect of depth, volume space.They are best carried out using spray paint.Anti-patterns are good at creating landscapes - falling leaves, tree branches, fireworks, wave, line of the horizon.As a stencil can be used natural materials: expressive branches, large leaves (eg, fern, maple, birch branches).This method is better than the pre-work to catch a good "view": from a variety of spray give the new "shadow".
  • Favorite themes in the bathroom patterns: stylized flowers, floral designs, Greek, Roman and Egyptian designs, marine theme (fish, shells, anchors, etc.), landscapes, African motifs, cartoon characters.Choosing a color stop on the bright, juicy, pleasant eye shades and combinations.Brown, black and dirty shades - the prerogative of experienced masters, beginners can go too far.
  • Drawings can decorate the room, zoned, decorate flaws unite disparate parts.
Screen inscription at Bath

not always possible to accurately implement the idea.This is not a reason to be upset, because the bathroom and found his face will be recognizable to your visitors.Minor bugs - it highlights that are well thought of.Let others think so.

Stencil pattern on glass surfaces in the bathroom
Stencil pattern on the walls of the bathroom
Stencil pattern on bath


Decorate the walls and bathroom furniture can do without a stencil.For example, a simple list, without template.It is better to estimate sketches on paper and choose the color to the final result is not upset.Businesses create true masterpieces that pity to lose because of the new repair.True, the time for such an option may take a lot.

Wall painting in a bathroom without a stencil
Decorating the walls of the bathroom without a stencil painting
Decorating the walls with his own hands the bathroom without a stencil - in marine style

There is a simple and addictive method, which is not necessarily an excellent draw, he called decoupage. This is a useful design skills that goes well with the style of the country and Provence, making the interiors nice and close to the heart, deprives them of the cold gloss and adds comfort.It is often used to decorate the interior of individual and combined with other techniques to achieve specific expression and effect 'cute old gizmos. "

Decorating the walls in the bathroom decoupage method

Underlying decoupage - the application of the finished pattern deposited on tissue paper or cloth. in needlework shops you can find ready-made kits for decoupage.Decide where and what kind of image you want to place, prepare the surface.If tissue is too dense, they can be a little soak, so that the top layer of paint walked faster.Gently push it to the right section of the wall, walk on top of the pattern brush with glue PVA.Do not be afraid of ragged edges and uneven - this creates a charm, kind of "longevity" with the history of things.The adhesive will adhere to the surface, and when the image is dry, it can be protected from moisture acrylic lacquer.Very thin paper with a picture, you can glue dry.

Decorating the walls in the bathroom using the decoupage technique
decoupage technique for painting the walls in the bathroom

Decorating the bathroom - it is, of course, troublesome, and the taste is not every owner.At the same time, it reflects your true attitude towards yourself and your home, it shows how much you love the household, seeking beauty even in small things.And it's a great way to liven up the interior podnadoevshy without significant costs.If you bring to the case of other family members, you can create a great family tradition, or a hobby!

Stencil pattern in the form of flowers on the wall in the bathroom
Stencil bathroom
Stencil drawing on the bathroom wall
Stencil bathroom
Stencil bathroom