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August 12, 2017 18:06

Bathroom in a wooden house : design features, repair and finishing

Bathroom in a wooden house
  • Features planning
  • Choose a style
    • Classic
    • Minimalism
    • Country
    • Chebbi chic
    • Japanese style
  • Bathroom Decorating
  • Waterproofing
  • Paul
  • Walls
  • Ceiling Lighting
  • Plumbing and communication
    • Bath made of natural wood
    • Floor drains
  • Useful tips

Modern technologies allow to equip the building is not worse in wooden houses bathrooms than in apartments.Of course, you must take into account the characteristics of the material and pay great attention to the structural strength.What you need to know to avoid mistakes in the process of building and repair?

Features planning

Most often, a bathroom equipped with a second or third floor of a house near the bedrooms. In this regard, it is best to determine its approximate location and content still in the process of planning the house, so as not to miss the opportunity to generate additional strengthening floors and load-bearing structures.Experts do not recommend to do the bathroom in wooden houses on the upper floors.

When planning any bathroom need to think carefully about the project.This includes the choice of style and materials for decoration, preparation of communications circuits and wiring, the choice and arrangement of plumbing.If the house is not a separate dedicated facilities, be sure to find a suitable place for the washing machine.

Since the house is built of wood, it is not necessary to save on materials, fixtures and insulation.

choosing the most important element - a bath, do not forget that her weight should correspond to the maximum permissible load on the overlap.At the same time, keep in mind that it will increase at least twice during filling bathtubs with water.

Bathroom in the house from a tree

Choose a style

special restrictions when choosing bathroom style wooden house no.All you need - a good imagination and money.The soft style of Art Deco, Art Nouveau-the-art solutions, purity ekostilya or rustic romantic country - all of these styles can be found embodied in this house.


Classic - frilly detail texture underline aristocracy and elegance of the room.

Bathroom in classical style in a wooden house

reflected this style can be found in the framed mirrors, lighting fixtures, curved legs bath, expensive furniture.

Bright bathroom in a classic style in a wooden house


Minimalism - a complete contrast to the classics. strict and laconic lines, no superfluous details and bulges.Smooth the surface with clear forms and nothing superfluous or distracting.

Bathroom in minimalism style in a wooden house


County - one of the first style that comes to mind at the mention of a wooden house. huge plus: wood trim and ceiling beams create a special atmosphere, typical of this interesting style.That is half of the elements necessary to create such an interior, are already present in the room.

inside the country style, there are many variations, among which there is certainly something suitable: Provence, Chalet, American, Tuscan, Mediterranean, Scandinavian or Russian country etc.

Bathroom in country style in a wooden house

chic Chebbi

Chebbi chic - well-known "shabby chic". Wooden beams, artificially aged furniture and fabric decor, lovely details, floral patterns and pastel colors.The atmosphere of comfort and cosiness warms even better warm shower.

Bathroom style Shabby chic wooden house

Japanese style

Japanese style - another interesting solution, directly associated with wooden elements. Simple lines, the predominance of natural materials, the play of contrast.The real highlight will be a wooden bathtub.

Bathroom Japanese-style wooden house

Bathroom Decorating

Of course, regardless of the material of the walls defining the condition for carrying out finishing works in the bathroom is that all materials should be moisture resistant and does not pass water.In addition, continuous contact with detergents and cosmetics should not affect their appearance.

Bathroom in a wooden house

surface should easily succumb to clean and do not accumulate a dirt and moisture.In order to avoid the destruction of the tree and the occurrence of mold or mildew is necessary prior to finishing to put on special protective timber and antiseptics.

When decorating a bathroom should be considered a feature of the tree house. Ceramic tiles are unlikely to hold out for a long time in the right place, because the tree has the ability to be deformed under the influence of temperature and humidity.Constant fluctuations destroy a tile solution.There is a way - decorate the walls moisture-resistant drywall.When attaching the small gaps must be left between the panel and wood.


prerequisite for any bathroom it is effective waterproofing. For wooden houses, it is particularly relevant.The first thing you need to ensure proper protection of the floor.The walls may remain intact, except for their rim and a special treatment in the 25-30 cm from the floor.

Waterproofing involves installation of a protective film and a layer of reinforced screed.If you leave the wood floor, be sure to treat it with antiseptics and water-repellent agents.In addition, should ventilate the bathroom, which will provide the forced removal of excess moisture.

Read more in our article about waterproofing the wooden house.

Ventilation in the wooden house bath


floor device in the bathroom is probably the most problematic part of the construction of wooden houses. This is primarily due to the fact that the location of the bathroom above the first floor slabs additional strengthening is required.The second point - the floor level.To perform screed with waterproofing installation needs a little lower floor level.Ideally, it is generally desirable to make it lower than in other areas, to prevent damage to adjacent rooms in case of flooding.

As the flooring is best to choose tiles with anti-slip surface, or granite mosaic.Today in DIY stores can also choose moisture-proof laminate.When the device of wooden floors give preference to tick or larch - These woods are best withstand high humidity.Do not forget to treat the wood.

Wood flooring in the bathroom


When facing walls are several options.

can leave the wooden walls, covering them with special impregnation, varnish or paint.

second option - bezel unit, which will be applied to subsequent coating. bezel - a gypsum board, on which is applied a layer of putty, and final coating.The latter can be used as a mosaic, ceramic tiles, paint or textured plaster.Using wallpaper is not desirable, because they simply peeling off due to the constant contact with water and steam.

The walls of the wooden bathtub


to the ceiling in a bathroom there are special requirements.It must be fire-resistant and noise absorbing, do not absorb moisture and does not emit harmful substances.

great option - suspension or suspended ceiling, where you can hide wiring and equip a sufficient number of ventilation grills.

In a wooden house can be made of any ceiling design options are limited only by your tastes and budget.

details you can read our article on choosing a ceiling in the bathroom.

The ceiling in a wooden bathtub


As lighting is recommended to use halogen lamps for 12 V All light sources are divided into two categories.General lighting is provided by a more powerful light source.Bathrooms small size, you can do without it.

Zone provide lighting spotlights located, for example, near a mirror or a built in shower.

wiring must be protected from moisture and thoroughly insulated.In the presence of suspended ceilings it is perfectly hidden behind the plates or strips.

Also lamps, it is necessary to ensure free access to sockets for the convenient use of household appliances.

Lighting in a wooden bathtub

Plumbing and communication

most responsible and enjoyable time - the acquisition of plumbing for the bathroom.Typically, the list includes a wash basin, bath, hot tub or shower.If the bathroom combined, add to this list the toilet.If floor space and finances allow, you can also install a bidet.

When choosing the main element, ie the bath, you should consider its weight.The most severe is the cast iron, but it is the most reliable.Flyweight have acrylic bathtubs - only about 30 kg.

In-room wooden house

Bath made of natural wood

Owning a wooden house, and be sure to consider the option of a bath made of wood.What makes it so good?Firstly, it looks amazing!There is hardly a person to whom it is easy to go overboard.

shapes and color combination excite the imagination delights lovers. But there is such a lot of bath.Secondly, to carry out the procedure in a bath tub - a real pleasure.Natural wood does not emit harmful substances, so it contributes not only to the physical cleansing, but also energy.And if a visible defect appears in the course of its operation, then restore it will not be difficult.

The wooden bathtub in the bathroom

However, it can not be called perfect because of its obvious disadvantage is that frequent use of the bath coating can lose its attractive appearance. Therefore, use a wooden tub is better to enjoy moments of bathing and for daily cleaning use a shower.This bath requires more care and respect, not like aggressive cleaning agents.If the damage of the lacquer coating is necessary as soon as possible to resume.

To avoid problems in the future, you need a responsible approach to the process of removing water communications.Pipes is best to use plastic, because of their reliability and service life is much higher than metal.Pave them usually in the floor and the wall, so as not to spoil the overall appearance of the interior bathroom.

Beautiful wooden bathtub

Floor drains

To prevent flooding and accumulation of water provided floor drains. They can do both at the room, and in some places, that is, a bath and shower.

In order to prevent water from dripping down the drain, the floor is at a slight slope towards the drain.To you not worried unpleasant smell from the drain, the drain hole is provided with a plastic float, which clog it when there is no water on the floor.

Floor drains for bath

Useful tips

to a bathroom in a wooden house as long as possible fulfill its functional purpose and did not require urgent repair, requires nothing sverhneobychnogo.

Just follow a few rules when its layout and arrangement:

  • plan bathroom location should be in the process of designing a house;
  • ceiling must be strong enough to withstand the weight of the plumbing;
  • wiring must be protected against the ingress of water;
  • to protect adjacent rooms need to ensure proper hydraulic and vapor barrier;
  • needed artificial ventilation facilities;
  • materials used for decoration, should be water-resistant;
  • wood should be treated with special protective and antiseptic agents against insects, microbes, mold and mildew;
  • to prevent flooding of adjacent premises must be equipped with a drain trap and lower the floor level at 2-3 cm.

arrange a bathroom in a wooden house is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.The main rule - compliance with the construction technology and the provision of adequate protection from moisture.

Beautiful wood bathroom