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August 12, 2017 18:06

Why is the washing machine does not drain , repair

Washing machine does not drain
  • Why does not drain?
  • Drain the water yourself
  • identify the causes
  • Clogged filter
  • Prevention fault
  • Other possible problems and repair options

Washing machine in the bathroom - an indispensable tool in every home.Regardless of how many family members live in the same apartment, his hands dirty laundry for a long time no one erases.This duty took the machine-gun.However, any technique is flawed.Sooner or later it happens damage to be repaired.Most people seeking help to experienced specialists.However, many breakdowns can be avoided entirely and independently.The main thing - is to establish the cause.In this article, we will discuss why the washing machine can not drain the water and how to resolve this problem.

Water in the tank of the washing machine

Why does not drain?

There are many reasons why water can not be discharged into drains.They can be divided into external and internal. K can be attributed to external breakage reasons:

  • clogging of sewer pipes and siphon;
  • clogging of the drain hose and pipe.
Clogged siphon washing machine

The internal reasons include breakdowns:

  • foreign objects inside the washing machine;
  • clogging of the filter;
  • pump failure;
  • hardware failure caused by irregular electricity supply.
Debris in the washing machine

Drain the water yourself

The first thing you need to do in case of failure - is to drain water from it.

You can do this in several ways:

  1. Try to drain the water through a special filter, which is usually located at the bottom of the front panel.Remove the access panel and remove the filter from the slot.You will need to slightly tilt the machine forward and lock it in a fixed position.Under the hole where the water is expelled, it is necessary to substitute a bowl or other container, the volume of which is enough to hold all the water.
  2. used to drain water hose or any handset. It will be necessary to push through a short drain pipe, the output of which is located downstream of the filter on the front panel of the machine or through the main drain hose to the machine, located at the rear of the washing machine, a low floor.
  3. If you have a clogged pipe, you will need to clean it, and then drain the water through it. For that you also need to first remove the filter.
filter replacement
Emergency drain hose water
clogged nozzle

After that you need to carry out a visual inspection of all the components of the washing machine, and find the cause of the fault already proceeding from it to proceed.

identify the causes

The first step is to figure out what exactly the cause of the fault.

Unplug the washing machine from the mains in order to avoid the risk of electric shock.

  1. Check the drain hose. Make sure that there are no kinks and creases.Perhaps you have recently done a permutation of the room, or purchased some new furniture, and in the process of installation accidentally pinched something drain hose.If the water from the hose does not flow or flows too slowly, which means that it formed inside the blockage that needs to be cleaned.Also cause of the fault may lie in the fact that the hose is at the wrong angle to the entrance to the sewers.
  2. If problems with the hose was not detected, the next step is to check the condition of sewer pipes and siphon. If they formed a blockage, it also must be addressed.Most often it is done mechanically using a special cable.
Check the drain hose
Cleaning the sewage hydrodynamic method

Clogged filter

Perhaps this is the most common cause of failures, from which no one is immune.Even if you always carefully shake out any debris from pockets before washing in the filter still get a small fluff of wool and synthetic fibers, which gradually accumulate and create congestion for the smooth entry of water.We solve this problem quite easily.First, you will need to get to the filter.About its location, you can come out of the device.

In most cases, it is hidden behind a small round or square insert at the bottom of the front panel. However, in some models of washing machines, to get to the filter, it will be necessary to remove the bottom access panel that stretches the full width of the device.As a rule, remove this panel can be easily hand.But sometimes you need some thin small object such as a screwdriver to pry it.

The filter itself is screwed into the socket, and sealed with a special thick rubber gasket.Since the filter is screwed fairly tightly, the need to unscrew it rough masculine strength.

Before you turn out the filter, make sure it is not recorded further retaining screw.For your convenience, the manufacturer has provided on the filter with a special pen, for which it and should be loosened.

Unscrew filter
Place the drain filter
Drain the water from the filter

Once the filter is unscrewed, the floor will gush water.To this must be prepared in advance and substitute some capacity or, in extreme cases, put a large cloth that will absorb water.

Once the filter is removed, you need to clear it of accumulated debris and set it in its place.To each time not to carry out cleaning of the filter in extreme conditions, experts recommend routine cleaning of the filter at least once every four years.

Clogged filter
  • If the filter any objects or blockages you have not found, it is likely the case in the pump. Look in the hole, which was formed after the filter is removed.There you will see an impeller pump.Try to rotate it by hand from side to side.If its movement is something interferes, it is possible that it wrapped around any string or a small piece of tissue.Check the operation of the pump and can be different.Just run the wash cycle on the washing machine without having to connect to the water and see if the impeller rotates normally.If the self-release it from dust and return it to a usable state will not succeed, you will have to call the repairman.
pump Malfunctions

Prevention fault

to such damage occurred as rarely as possible, it is necessary to respect some simple precautions:

  • carefully select the operating mode of the machine.For different types of tissue is its wash cycle.Also, as can not be mixed in the wash dark, light and colored clothes, do not wash things out of different types of tissue in one operation.Otherwise achieve the optimum result of washing you do not achieve.
  • Before you download dirty laundry in the washing machine, always carefully check the contents of his pockets.Any foreign objects can cause damage and cause a blockage.The pockets are always accumulates a lot of waste - Various pieces of paper, fine details, coins, etc.All this is to unload from them before washing.Having got this habit, you will not only protect the appliance from potential damage, but may someday save someone's mobile phone, or nushniki player accidentally forgotten in a pocket.
  • Use only suitable detergent.For automatic washing machines sold special detergents, which will prolong the life of the device, unlike conventional, cheap powders.In addition, during the washing process, you can also use the special funds for the water softener, which prevents the appearance of limescale on the heating element of the device.
  • Never load in the washing machine more laundry than is allowed according to the instructions to it.
  • Use a power strip to connect the washing machine to the electricity.Small voltage swings are practically in every home.The modern household appliances such moment always taken into account.However, there is the allowable limit, above which comes overvoltage and technology can simply burn out.To prevent this, it is always better to use additional means of protection.
Use washing powder
Line filters for washing machines
Electric filter for washing machines

Other possible problems and repair options

There are two variants of the fault, which is also quite common, but to deal with that by yourself you are unlikelyit will be possible:

  1. Faulty pump. more accurately determine which is why it has occurred, can only master, looking inside the washing machine.over time, pump wear.The large amounts of dirty laundry you want to wash more often and run the washing machine, the greater the likelihood of breakage or wear of the pump.Pochinki pump washing machine can not be.The only option - replace it with a new one.
  2. Violation electronic device module, which controls the washing process. The most advanced modern models of washing machines on the front panel is a special digital screen, which in the event of certain fault displayed error code, and they provided emergency shutdown system in the event of overheating of the board.However, even simple models may fail in the electronics due to a sharp rise in electricity.In such cases, it helps you to be able to repair only an experienced specialist.
Replacing the pump