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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to varnish the door

Wood is one of the most popular building materials.Of course, over time, the tree began to be used less frequently, preferring a strong and durable material.As an interior decoration timber is unlikely to be replaced.Wooden doors can be special treatment, as well as a variety of patterns.Despite all the positive aspects of the material without processing lacquered doors begin to deteriorate.The appearance and condition of the wood can deteriorate, and get everything back to its original state would be impossible.


Features varnishing on the surface of the door

it is understood that the lacquer application process is fairly simple, but incredibly responsible.Many owners still rely on the help of experts, but very simple rules will help to easily perform all the very procedure.It is important to know that the first application of varnish - it is not improving the appearance of the door, that is, actions aimed at the extension of the service life of the material.

Of course, the door as possible and to paint, but it was able to nail maintain the natural appearance of the wood component.At the same time a little darker tones of varnish for wooden doors look really gorgeous.In this case, as much depends on the interior of the home.In some cases, paint may come, and in some lacquer.Experience shows that lacquered box - not a good idea, from which under the influence of rainfall wood still begins to darken and deteriorate.Doors that are indoors, after application to the nail surface are really long time without losing their appearance.

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Basics varnish choice for wood

As already mentioned, lacquer doors will not fade, do not fade and flake off, as is the case when using paint.It is important to know that the varnish is applied to the surface of the door with several layers.This provides maximum durability of the surface.Lucky pretty cheap, but there are varieties of such coatings.Among the most popular varnishes can be called:

  • acrylic;
  • alkyd;
  • water dispersion.

latter type of varnish used more often.It has many advantages compared to other species.By alkyd lacquers, in turn, is better not to look closely, they have many shortcomings.Water-dispersion paints last longer, but also much safer in terms of the environmental component.The maximum important aspect of varnish - a fire resistance.This is the factor that has phenomenal value within the home.



Before lacquered door should be taken some important steps.It is necessary to be attentive and to look at the surface of cracks and chipped.Such defects often occur during transportation of the door.Nothing wrong with that.All these irregularities should be putty.To buy putties, we need to know the grade of wood, and then have to buy the necessary material.Apply putty special spatula small size.It is necessary to ensure that, after all these actions are plastered inside the crack does not form even a minimal emptiness.After this it is necessary to sand the surface of the door.Our task - to make a smooth surface of the door.To do this it is best to take a zero sandpaper and carefully handle every millimeter of the surface.Almost all types of wood, after careful processing creates a brilliant surface.

application of varnish on the surface of the door

should know exactly how many layers should be applied before varnishing doors.This is an important aspect, which may depend on the final quality and appearance of the door.Often apply 2-3 coats.Each subsequent layer is applied only after the previous one has dried.Often information about the required number of layers of lacquer provided by manufacturers, so before use is to read the instructions located on the jar with a varnish.Apply the varnish usual brush, preferably large.If there are elements on the door, which should get round during varnishing, is to use masking tape.If we are talking about three layers of varnish, it should not be applied in large quantities.

varnish dries fairly quickly.The next day, you can safely touch the door.Immediately after the treatment will be felt nasty smell of varnish, so you better make the ventilation of the home.

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Important features of the process

to strictly take into account the consumption of lacquer material must again refer to the information on the bank.The varnish applied extremely simply, so this material in large amounts is required.For a detailed calculation of the amount of varnish need to know the surface area of ​​the door.On the bank indicates the number of varnish, which is suitable for treating the surface of a single layer.

If the door surface is a lot of patterns and other complex elements, is to buy several brushes.Unfortunately, large-sized tool is not effective in the treatment of small parts, should take this into account.

Other aspects of surface treatment lacquer

Before to ak varnished wooden doors, experts advise to take them off their hinges and placed horizontally.Through this action varnish application becomes much more evenly than the classical method.Such an option would require a lot of time to process the entire door varnished.First, we put the varnish on one surface, and the next day and the door handle turn over the other side.

It is very important how it is covered with lacquer door.Many also prefer colored lacquer, which gives the door a special saturation.Colorless nail doors are often applied after the surface is treated with the door paint.This step allows you to make the surface as smooth as possible and really fascinating.

price issue when choosing a varnish does not really matter.It is important to pay attention to the popular manufacturers, who for many years produce only quality products.It is the quality of the key word here, because the varnished surface assumes a maximum lifespan of doors, maintaining the properties.