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August 12, 2017 18:06

LED cabinet lights

One of the main components of the beautiful and effective design that whatever is proper lighting, especially when it comes to furniture.Even the most unprepossessing closet lights can turn in interior decoration.Moreover, in addition to the aesthetic component lighting performs a useful function - to illuminate the interior of the cabinet and allows you to visually demarcate it.Use in this case, the conventional incandescent or halogen lamps are not a good idea because they are in continuous operation are heated to a temperature of 60 C. It can spoil the appearance of the garments and the delicate tissue thin, so it is better to give preference to LED lighting cabinet.His hands make it very easy, and in today's article, we describe in detail about it.


advantages of LED lighting

LEDsare specific conductors that produce light in the course of passage of electricity.The chemical composition of the LEDs can vary, and it depends on the brightness of the emitted light flux.Installing cabinet lighting LED ribbon is not always directly, due to the fact that the tape may break or overheat.In this case, by all means, use a voltage regulator.

LED strip - a kind of strip of flexible material, one side of which is able to adhere to the surface of the substrate (closet, mirror, ceiling, floor, etc.).On the second side of the LEDs are resistors.On any tape segments are 5 cm, on which there are 3 LEDs and drawn special markings showing where to make the cuts.All LEDs are connected in series circuit.

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advantages of LED lighting cabinet:

  1. tape is resistant to slight mechanical stress, and therefore it can not be afraid to accidentally catch the clothes hanger or arm.
  2. Durability - quality LED strip with the correct operation and the presence of the voltage regulator is able to work more than 10 years in operation 15 hours a day.
  3. various color palette of lighting - LEDs can be lit with white, yellow, red, green, blue, purple and other colors.You will be able to choose lighting for any interior.Also on sale are infrared and ultraviolet LEDs, which will look great in a modern interior in hi-tech style.
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  4. Bright lighting.
  5. LEDs do not need time to warm up - they immediately begin to operate at full capacity.
  6. Low cost - even the most high-quality LED products are available at a price.
  7. You can use LED Strip light with different angles.
  8. This is an environmentally friendly product.
  9. Tape is absolutely safe, so it can be installed even in children's closets.
  10. LED strip is able to operate at any temperature in the room (within reason).

Tip: If you plan to use to illuminate RGB tape cabinet, keep in mind that it has 4 outputs: the bulk, red, blue and green colors.

How to choose a LED tape

In most cases, the backlight is selected SMD-LEDs, which differ according to the number of crystals (from 1 to 4 pcs.), Size (from 1,06h0,8 mm to 5x5 mm) andthe nature of luminescence (monochrome or color).Before purchasing a tape decide the type of coverage desired.So, for the LED lighting under the kitchen cabinets is best to choose SMD 50-50 with three crystals, such as the tape provides a bright and uniform light output.Very nice looks so light underneath the cabinets, if laid on the kitchen floor gloss finish - the light is reflected from the surface and creates the effect of "floating" furniture.


If you want to make lighting more decorative than functional, use a tape with single chip SMD LEDs 35h28.

Depending on the frequency of placement of LED elements on the tape are the following varieties:

  • 30 pcs.1 m linear;
  • 60 pcs.m is 1;
  • 120 pcs.m is 1;
  • 240 pcs.1 m.

Accordingly, the more dispersed the LED 1m tape, the higher the cost.Also from this power of electricity and the brightness of the light flux it depends.


tape also classified by ability to withstand moisture.Products with IP20 markings are not able to withstand the high humidity, so the kitchen is better not to use them.The tape is characterized by an average level of IP65 moisture protection and is suitable for kitchen cabinets.But marking IP68 means that the tape is not susceptible to moisture, so it can be used for illumination of aquariums, cabinets in the bathroom, swimming pools, etc.



Select power supply should be only after you have decided on the capacity and characteristics of the LED strip.The blocks come in different sizes and capacities.It is necessary to calculate the best option to force operation Transformer plenty enough for the full operation of the tape, but it is important that it is not too powerful.


To calculate a suitable power supply unit we take the example of tape 5m SMD 5050 marked 12 Watts.Multiply the power band 12 W by its length 5 m - get 60 watts (total capacity).But if you buy a 60 watt power supply, this will not be enough, so you always have to take into account a small margin.Multiply the total capacity of the tape by a factor of 1.25 and you get 75 watts.Such a transformer, and in this case needed.

Mounting LED backlight

Before making LED backlight closet, kitchen furniture, or any other, should be carried out certain preparatory work.Even experienced craftsmen do not work "by eye".Just think, where you can position the LED ribbon so that it gave a more efficient lighting can be, but does not interfere with use of the cabinet?Where do you plan to place the switch, because it should be in a very convenient location, but preferably concealed from the eyes, so as not to disturb the integrity of the enclosure design.And maybe, the backlight will turn on automatically when the door is opened, in the refrigerator?And most importantly - how do you plan to bring power to the tape public network 220?

Tip: The most convenient way to place the LED strip on the back of the shelves, that is at the top.This is a safe place that is rarely exposed to mechanical stress and do not create discomfort.The LEDs at the same time provide a good coverage of the entire shelf.

switch also can be hung under a shelf or in general, to hide between the wall of the room and the end of the cabinet.If you like the auto lights, you can purchase a set of LEDs, equipped with motion sensors - at the opening of the cabinet light will come on their own.


As for the connection to the tape 220, there is need to know the basics of electrics.Since the LED ribbon operates under the voltage of 12 V, it requires a connection to the power supply transformer.He, in turn, is connected to a wall outlet, but it is possible to lay a separate cable for wiring lighting cupboard shelves if desired.If you decide to do so, the wiring must be open and pass through the wall of the closet.To mask the aesthetic cable, you can use the cable channel in the tone with the wall finish.

Only when you choose all of the above questions, it is possible to draw a detailed scaled lighting scheme, calculate the required amount of materials and sent them to the store.


How to make the backlight closet in your own hands:

  1. Measure out the required number of LED strip and cut it by a special marking.It is not necessary to install lighting for all the shelves or the perimeter of the cabinet one piece of tape.In the process, it will consume more power and faster will become worthless.Small segments are much longer.
  2. The target site secure plastic corner, set him on a heavy-duty all-purpose glue or liquid nails.Dimensions corners are different, but it is better to use a minimum, for example, 10x10 mm.This is enough to hide and protect the LED strip.Plus, plastic corners in a wide range of colors, so you can choose the option to match the cabinet with shelves.
  3. Spend the cabinet power supply cable.To do this, cut a hole in an inconspicuous area housing a special nozzle-crown to drill.If cabinet wall is made of particle board, the hole to get a smooth and neat, first drill crown to a depth of 5 mm, and then exit from the back side.
  4. How to make the backlight closet shelves for all?Just in the farthest corner of each of these drill holes for wires.
  5. Pull the wire through the hole done in the shelves and hide it in a pre-prepared cable channel.Plastic cable channels in the cupboard is best to attach using liquid nails.
  6. Glue LED strip to the corner of the back side.
  7. tape Connect to the power supply.
  8. Attach switches in a pre-designed locations, connect them and perform tests.

That's all wisdom.As you can see, make the backlight closet doors, shelves and cases is a snap.To do this, do not even know how to use sophisticated tools and possess professional knowledge electrician.

on the location LED strip depends the future appearance of the furniture.So, if the cabinet shelves are made of glass paste directly on the tape ends.When LEDs turn on, they will clearly illuminate the entire surface of the shelves and effectively separate them in space.

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Very original look LEDs in combination with mirrors.Reflected in them, they not only create a visual illusion, it also provide a brighter light.This can save you a good idea - put the tape with a rare arrangement of LEDs, and a small amount of crystals and mirror automatically "redouble" result.

Built with LED backlight looks very stylish and neat, even if they take up a lot of space in a small room.With light techniques you can divert attention away from modest squaring and to focus on the interior.By the way, this again can help mirror - LEDs can be the effect of "infinity", visually expand the space.


Cabinets Backlit photo

We have tried in every detail to paint, how to connect the lighting to the cabinet, and now it's small - to figure out where to fit it.Such beauty can afford any, the more it is worth quite a bit of LED ribbon.Everything is limited only by your own imagination and to her little "stir", we have prepared a small photo galleries stylish lighting solutions for furniture.



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Beayutiful Nordic Kitchen Art Nouveau lighting vith

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