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August 12, 2017 18:06

Constructivism in the interior : the history and characteristics of the style

Epoch Times that changed for many decades the mentality of entire peoples, also made significant adjustments and the surrounding exterior and interior man.Echoes of severe forms of minimally filled space - it's all part of constructivism. Until now in many homes meet its elements.Can we call constructivism in the interior popular in today's world as it is convenient and interested?In this publication, the "House of Dreams" will try to answer all the questions.

constructivism in the interior

Constructivism in the interior

«We have ours, we construct a new world»

That is how you can describe all the emotions and impulses that drove our ancestors in Russia after the revolution.Everything somehow displayed the Tsarist Russia, it was considered philistinism.The main objective of which is inserted in the constructivism, was not in the beauty of performance and functionality.In those years in Europe, its popularity gained avant-garde style, and it became the basis for the creation of proletarian constructivism.And despite the fact that a few years later constructivism style in interior design and architecture was considered bourgeois, objectionable, as in fashion entered the Stalinist neo-classicism, it has its own life and in our modern world.Constructivism also became the progenitor of the high-tech, minimalism and other styles.

Modern interior of the living room in the style of Constructivism photo

Modern interior room in the style of Constructivism photo

Minimalist constructivism in the interior

constructivism minimalist interior

To be clear about this direction, let's look at the main features of the style of constructivism in the interior, which is peculiar to it and that it determines.

Constructivism: nothing more

In the spirit of the style of constructivism - the lack of any interior decor.As has been described above, an object of this style to show the progress of the time, to focus attention on the functionality of human subjects, even if it came sometimes at odds with ease.It was believed that a person can adjust to any situation.To create an interior design line was enough, compasses and pencil to outline the main lines of the future interior.Geometric shapes: circle, square, rectangle - asked not only the shape of the furniture, and the space itself.Nothing contrived, all simply and concisely.

The interior in the style of Constructivism photo

interior in the style of Constructivism photo

Constructivism style in the interior

Style constructivism in the interior

interior mood in the style of Constructivism

called boring style of constructivism in the interior can not be.Rather, he looks like a decoration to a fantastic film.Large bright windows from ceiling to floor, sliding partitions or complete lack thereof, of natural light - all the basic rules of constructivism.

interiors constructivism period is very simple.The walls are smooth, painted in bright, pure colors that enhance the space.Most often it is white, yellow, metallic.But there may be and accents of red, blue or green.Particular attention is paid to lighting.Thanks to the light, you can not just focus on some areas, but also to change the atmosphere of the interior.

style furniture constructivism

furniture in the style of Constructivism

«This is a chair, sit on it»

Before revolutions and wars related to the furniture was more like a luxury.Her decorated, carved made with unusual ornaments and so on.Constructivists offered a whole new perspective on the furniture items.Discarding everything superfluous, leaving only the direct purpose.By the way, the simplicity of the furniture has also become very convenient and during its manufacture.People who lost their homes during the wars and the familiar comfort needed in ordinary things.And the factory was profitable to produce products in large quantities.This became possible only after the product itself has undergone significant change, that is lost absolutely all the decorative details.The chair was just a chair, a bed - a bed.Wardrobe, getting rid of the stucco and carved decorative elements, has continued in the modern interior.It is easy to find on the bare construction, numerous shelves along the walls.

In the manufacture of furniture are simple materials are used in constructivism style: plastic, glass, low-cost types of wood and metal.The upholstery is made of synthetic materials, artificial leather.

interior in the style of Constructivism photo

style Interior constructivism photo

Soviet constructivism in the interior

Soviet constructivism in the interior

From past to present

modern interior, decorated in the style of constructivism, is not very different from the style of 20-ies of the last century.All the same minimalism and austerity.Changes undergone only ceiling.He began to make any tension or use multilevel plasterboard construction.The only decorative element, which is allowed in the interior of constructivism, became a poster.Modern furniture refreshed backlight that only added to her features.

Here are a few options of modern interior in the style of Constructivism:

  • bedroom: instead of the usual bed - modular sofa, built-in wardrobe with lighting, plasma or LCD TV on the wall;
  • kitchen: built-in appliances, spotlights.Nothing more, no napkins, ribbons on the curtains;
  • office: built-in furniture, a comfortable chair, multifunction table, lamp over the table.
Bedroom interior in the style of Constructivism

Bedroom interior in the style of Constructivism

Bedroom interior in the style of Constructivism

Bedroom interior in the style of constructivism

Constructivism in the interior of a home office

Constructivism in the interior of a home office

Who will live comfortably in the interior

interior of the house or apartment in the style of constructivism is notIt enables total relaxation, but rather sets up a job or desire to engage in self-knowledge and the development of personal qualities.Maybe that's why today he prefer people with a sharp mind and great intelligence.

Another type of people who fit the style of Constructivism - it experimenters.A big plus of this experiment is that it does not require a significant investment.

also constructive elements can be used, with small apartments.These simple techniques will expand the small space and let it air and light.

constructivism in the interior photo

Constructivism in the interior photo

The initial approach to constructivism in the interior, which sounds like "the main form and function, and adjusted to the person" - do not load.For many people, it is important to come home where comfortable and cozy.Nevertheless, the principles of which were laid in the interior in the style of constructivism, have enabled the development of new directions in design: it's modular systems, and built-in furniture, as well as multi-functional furniture with elements of transformation.And this is only the beginning, and then there will be more!

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