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August 12, 2017 18:06

Beautiful balcony : 22 photo cozy corners

owners of apartments with balconies or loggias are very lucky - they have extra space that can be used at will.And it is very unfortunate if the balcony is just a place to store your stuff, then when it can become a full room or sitting area.

Let's just see how interesting and tasteful to use the balcony, to become your favorite place at home.For his readers, "Dream House" took photos of balconies on which to settle.

Beautiful balconies with cozy corners

  1. This outdoor balcony with metal railing creates a feeling of more space.During warmer months, it will help you feel as if you are on the terrace or in the courtyard of a private house.Comfortable furniture I bright soft cushions, a striped rug to complement their color, and placed around the balcony potted flowers create an indescribable atmosphere of coziness and comfort.
Beautiful balconies

Beautiful balconies

  1. order not to clutter up the balcony, you can put in one of its parts a spacious wardrobe.Bright flowers in special containers fit perfectly into the design of the balcony.If desired, you can arrange a tea party, put a small table and a couple of folding chairs.
A small cozy balcony photo

small cozy balcony photo

  1. If you think that a very small balcony can not be used for recreation, you are deeply mistaken.Look at the following pictures - Is not it nice to have breakfast on the balcony of this cozy, where it is easy to place a small round Stolk and two stool.
A small balcony with a cozy corner

small balcony with a cozy corner

  1. And on this balcony, you can enjoy a cup of coffee and a chat with a friend, sitting on high bar stools.The glazed and well insulated, it will bring you a lot of pleasant moments of the year.
Beautiful renovated balcony photo

Beautiful renovated balcony photo

  1. Also table and chairs, on almost any balcony can make the sofa to read by putting a couple of pillows on a wooden cabinet and a couple of hanging on the wall with a railing.
Very stylish and comfortable balcony

Very stylish and cozy balcony

  1. Balcony oval is very convenient because it has a fairly wide space at the entrance.But his angles you can use to place the houseplants.A good choice would be shelves for flowers.In a broader place you can put a coffee table and a couple of chairs with soft cushions.
The semi-circular balcony beautiful photos

semicircular balcony beautiful photo

  1. And here is a striking example of how the balcony can become an extension of the room.There can be positioned desk, work for whom it will be a pleasure, because all the light from the window at your disposal.A good choice for children's student room.
Beautiful room on the balcony

Beautiful room on the balcony

  1. bed on the balcony - it's too real.See how it can be implemented.
Balcony with a bed photo

Balcony bed photo

  1. Another example of successfully chosen furniture for the balcony.Here there is a stand-storage box, on top of which cast a soft mattress, and next to the wall mounted airbags - that's you and a sofa.And folding table which can be folded down if you wish to get more space.
Folding table on the balcony Photo

Folding table on the balcony Photo

  1. This balcony is playing the role of a full lounges.Beautiful furniture, including wooden corner sofa with pillow-top mattresses, luxurious coffee table with glass top, standing on a wooden leg, as well as wall panels wood, shelf for flowers, good lighting - all of this together allows you to feel at an expensive resort.The hosts tried to create on your balcony a cozy corner.
how you arrange photos balcony

How you arrange the balcony photo

  1. And this balcony is adjacent to several apartments, and right under my door can be equipped with such a place where you can go out in the evening with a glass of wine, dine or simply relax.
Beautiful apartment near the balcony photo

beautiful balcony apartment near the photo

  1. Even on an open balcony, you can create a corner where no one will disturb you.It is enough to put in a remote part of the chair and hang the curtain on the entire height.If desired, you can push and enjoy the discovery of new species.
cozy balcony with his hands

cozy balcony with his hands

  1. Locate the hammock on the balcony or loggia - is not it a great idea?Even that will be enough for a pleasant stay.
how to make a nice balcony

How to make a cozy balcony

  1. But in addition there is the hammock hanging chair cocoon.Look how beautifully it complements the balcony railing with a transparent glass.
Modern beautiful balconies photo

Modern beautiful balconies photo

  1. Lowering the level of the balcony railing, you can enjoy the view from the balcony, even sitting on the floor on pillows.But a low table with chairs here is very convenient.
cozy balcony photo

cozy balcony photo

  1. Many owners of apartments with balconies equips them dining tables.But if in this table do not put chairs and a wide bench, you can even lie down on her, throwing her head under the pillow.
beautiful balcony with his hands photo

Beautiful balcony with his hands photo

  1. And almost any balcony offer a comfortable armchair and bookshelves -Here you finished reading corner.
cozy corner on the balcony

Cozy Corner on the balcony

  1. In the next photo you can see a standard narrow balcony, which is in many apartments.But for some reason it is not a single hint of clutter, as often happens.On the contrary, it is perfectly renovated, tiled pleasant cream-colored sill to the outside of the balcony window is involved as a shelf for souvenirs.As you can see, even on such a narrow fit the balcony table with chairs.Here is the place for solitude.
A cozy place with a table on the balcony

cozy place with a table on the balcony

  1. The owner of the balcony certainly loves solitude.See, just enough to release the balcony of all trash, make it tidy and make repairs smooth frameless armchair-bag .In the evening, you can add romance, place candles on window sills.
Armchair - bag on the balcony Photo

bag chair on the balcony Photo

  1. In Europe, very often, it can be said almost all can see open balconies and rest on their apartment dwellers.Believe me, even a small balcony can give a lot of pleasant moments.
Beautiful open balconies photo

Beautiful open balconies photo

  1. Example glazed balcony, which made ample countertops and delivered high bar stools.Instead of the standard balcony door with a window, sliding glass doors are used here - looks rich and beautiful, besides, it is very convenient.
beautiful loggias and balconies Photo

Incredibly beautiful loggias and balconies Photo

  1. And at the end of our collections offer another option arrangement outdoor balcony.In addition to the furniture, which we have already described above, you can see the screen to the projector.Here you have a home theater balcony!
beautiful balconies in the apartment photo

Beautiful balconies in the apartment Photo

We hope you liked the idea of ​​arrangement of balconies and some of them will be useful for your own.And it's not all that can be realized!Creating at home a cozy corner instead of junk littered the balcony, you brighten up your life and become just a little happier.

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