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August 12, 2017 18:06

10 ideas Kitchen design in the style of a bistro (photo )

Cafeterias attract us not only fragrant coffee and delicious desserts, but also a cozy friendly atmosphere, which seemed designed for long spiritual conversations.But who said that the atmosphere of your favorite coffee shop can not be played in your own kitchen? quite a few clever design techniques and a couple of interesting ideas to the room in which you used to cook and eat food that has turned into the kitchen in a bistro style.

Bistro attached to the cozy restaurant, where the friendly waiters in minutes serves its customers masterpieces of culinary art.However, in addition to the quick-service feature of this institution is the design that reproduces the atmosphere of his home.Wonderful bistro style cafe created by a variety of interior details, the special arrangement of furniture, soft illumination and other design techniques.So let us work together with the "House of Dreams" see what is the difference between a bistro style and how to recreate his features in your own kitchen.

1. Simplicity and minimalism

style bistro does not accept pretentiousness, affectation and roughness, but it is more than used simplicity and elegance.Bright finish, sleek decor, conceptual chairs and a table on high legs in any other style would look too ordinary and boring.However, diluting the interior of unobtrusive bouquet of flowers and paintings, as in the photo below, you get the classic example of the cozy bistro.

Cuisine bistro

Cuisine bistro-style

Kitchen in the style of a cozy bistro

Cuisine in a cozy bistro

2. Retro details

homeland bistro is Paris, which is inherent in it the love of retro style.Many Parisian cafes that love is expressed using the tables on the forged legs, vintage accessories, classic furniture, bright finish, etc.Designers working on the creation of dishes, presented below, were not afraid to use a modern retro interior parts, allowing them to reproduce the atmosphere of home warmth and comfort.

Kitchen Design bistro

Kitchen design in the style of a bistro

Kitchen Design bistro

Kitchen Design bistro

3. Textiles in the design

Simplicity and brevity require unobtrusive additions.And the best complement for a bistro-style textiles.In this example, an atmosphere of ease and comfort room curtains give a cute and tone matched the tablecloth.

Cozy kitchen in the bistro-style cafe

Cozy kitchen in the style of a café bistro

4. slate

It would seem, what does blackboards have a bistro style?But the fact that this style goes far beyond the strict interior concepts, including a disclosure of any details that create warmth and intimate atmosphere.Café blackboards are used to grateful customers leave their reviews, you can also write to them reminding his household, or wish them a nice day.In addition, as seen in the photo, chalk board makes the kitchen interior original and stylish.

Chalk board in the kitchen , quickly

chalkboard in the kitchen bistro

Wall inscriptions for the kitchen

Wall Inscription in the kitchen

Cuisine bistro style with slate

Cuisine bistro style with slate

5. Light plays

Proper lighting is an important component of any style.Spot lights dining area or any other part of the room will allow you to fill the interior of the kitchen the right accents.In the photo below we can see that the light in these kitchens is not just a functional tool, but also a piece of interior.

Light kitchen in a cafe bistro

bright kitchen in the style of a café bistro

Lighting cuisine in a cozy coffee shop

Lighting cuisine in a cozy coffee shop

Kitchen lighting bistro

Kitchen lighting style bistro

6. Vivid details

The kitchen style bistro atmosphere of optimism should prevailand happiness.The easiest way to helping achieve these sensations, is the use of bright contrasting colors.And the bright colors can be used as the main tools for finishing the interior as well as in the form of a point, diluting a pastel shades.

Green Kitchen in the style of fast-food cafe

Green Kitchen in the style of fast food

Color design of furniture for kitchen bistro

Colors of kitchen furniture in the style of a bistro

Orange kitchen furnished in a bistro style

Orange kitchen with furniture in the style of a bistro

7. ultramodern

What bistro style associatedwith retro style, it does not prevent him to incarnate and cutting-edge interpretations.In these examples, the style of a cozy cafe is created by a combination of high-gloss finish, the original backlight brightness and interesting accessories.

Modern kitchen interior in the style of a bistro

modern kitchen interior in the style of a bistro

Modern kitchen design in a bistro -style

Modern kitchen design in the style of a bistro

8. Cozy Corner

If you want your kitchen line with bistro style, but are not able to do a full re-planning, selectit is only a small area.Cozy Corner, equipped with table chairs and overstuffed sofa and decorated with matching accessories, is a favorite household collection.Particularly interesting in this technique looks kitchens with custom layout in the kitchen studio.

Cozy kitchen bistro

cozy kitchen style bistro

Style Bistro in the kitchen photo

bistro style in the kitchen Photo

Cuisine bistro-style photos

Cuisine bistro-style photo

9. The bar

The bar is another striking element bistro style.If space allows area, make the bar a central part premises, highlighting it with bright colors, lights, and conceptual chairs.

Kitchen in the style of a bistro with a bar

Cuisine bistro with a bar

If you have limited space as the bar, you can use a working table top, which will serve both you and a dining table.

Table top - bar - bistro kitchen

countertop-bar-bistro kitchen

10. Plenty of room for experimentation

bistro style has virtually no strict rules and canons.You can combine it retro and modern, muted and brightness, spaciousness and saturation of the details, as long as all the elements of style in harmony with each other, acting as one.

Kitchen design in a cafe style

Kitchen design in the style of a café

White kitchen in a bistro-style photos

White kitchen bistro-style photo

Kitchen Design in the style of cafe bistro Photo

kitchen decoration style cafe bistro Photo

Cuisine bistro-style - is a simple but effective way to give a room originality,without breaking the home-like atmosphere.This style can not be afraid to show your personality using any pertinent details.

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