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Bedroom Design

August 12, 2017 18:06

Bedroom Honeymoon : ideas interior design (photos )

decorated bedroom suite - the process is very personal and quite delicate.When choosing furniture, colors, decorations and accessories, caution should be exercised refined.Only then a bedroom for newlyweds - two loving people will be like a cozy nest , but not devoid of modernity and at the same time without a trace of vulgarity and clumsy.

In this article, "Dream House" will try to fully answer the question of how to arrange for the newlyweds room, which would be their wedding night and the entire honeymoon period took place in an atmosphere of love and affection in order to further relations established young family was harmonious, filledpassion and thrill to each other.

bedroom for newlyweds

Bedroom Honeymoon

Bed - island unification of souls in the bedroom newlyweds

There are certain things that are essential in any bedroom for two lovers.It was a double and a bed - an important attribute for young people to get married.No sofas, corners, folding designs.

bed should be as spacious and comfortable as well as its stylistic parameters consistent with the overall decor of the bedroom for newlyweds.For example, it would be foolish to look glamorous pink bed if the whole room is done in shades of turquoise and chocolate.The best compromise would be a neutral color reproduction in an environment corresponding to such styles as classic, modern, fusion.

Bed Honeymoon

Bed Honeymoon

The bed in the bedroom for newlyweds photo

bed in the bedroom for newlyweds photo

attributes cozy warm nest Suite

Furniture made of wood or, at least, "under the tree" will give a romantic atmosphere and naturalness.The flooring in the bedroom is better to perform a soft carpet of high density medium or dark tones.This will allow the inhabitants gently and comfortably move around the room without warm slippers.

bedroom interior newlyweds

Interior bedroom newlyweds

can be replaced if desired it or linoleum flooring, but as an island positioned on the floor furry hide some strange animals.Not necessarily look natural instance: artificial variant is also suitable!

bedroom honeymoon photos

Bedroom Honeymoon photo

wedding photographer rightful place

Another important point for a young couple - it's wedding photos.They should definitely be in the bedroom of the newlyweds in a certain amount to be reminded of the happiest day in their lives.

can print one photo in a large format with perfect quality and set in a beautiful frame.Several others hang on the wall in the neutral free form a triptych painting or picture-puzzle.Over time, they become a new family for these relics, but for now let hang and pleasing to the eye!

Honeymoon bedroom design

Design bedroom newlyweds

Entourage only two: the ceiling in the room Suite

Special attention should be paid to the bedroom ceiling.Very unusual solution - mirror or completely mirror surface.This will give the room an unusual surroundings and allow two young people to enjoy each other, looking at the ceiling.

Another original solution may be placing on the ceiling or on the wall opposite the bed large flat TV.Then you can watch family sitcoms or videopovtory wedding, not getting out of bed!

Mirrored ceiling in the bedroom newlyweds

mirrored ceiling in the bedroom newlyweds

Bedroom interior photo newlyweds

Interior bedroom newlyweds photo

Bedroom interior photo newlyweds

Interior bedroom newlyweds photo

range of colors and the right light in the bedroom for newlyweds

One of the most important aspects in the design of bedroomsHoneymoon is the general color scheme.Select it needs so as to be in the room was comfortable and the husband and wife.It is unlikely that man will feel comfortable in a bright pink or crimson room.The young wife would not like metallic luster austere high-tech.

best option for decoration bedroom newlyweds can become muted chocolate and burgundy tones.Despite the seemingly gloomy, in combination with lamps and spotlights, they will create an intimate atmosphere, which should be in the bedroom of husband and wife.A red base colors of the proposed works perfectly, because the red - the color of passion.

muted dark tones bedrooms sure to dilute the light pastel shades in the same color scheme, which is appropriate to issue a niche at the head of the bed.This creates a kind of contrast in the room.

Making photo bedroom newlyweds

Making bedroom newlyweds photo

Bedroom for a young family photo

bedroom for a young family photo

Fresh flowers - exquisite tenderness

The bedroom should not be neglected Suite fresh flowers.They will create a favorable atmosphere and moisten the air in a natural way.It is appropriate at the bedside tables to put on a small vase for flowers.They will add sophistication bedroom, provided that the scent of flowers does not prevent sleep and rest.

Fresh flowers in the bedroom of the spouses

Fresh flowers in the bedroom of the spouses

decoration bedroom newlyweds

Making bedroom newlyweds

bedroom for newlyweds - a private space, which should be tastefully and comfortably settle for sleeping and spending time loving people!Follow these tips when you make room for a newly-married couple, and you get exactly what makes relationships in a young family gentle and harmonious.

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