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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to choose a blanket - synthetic and natural fillers for blankets

Blissfully sit on a pillow, a blanket to hide, close your eyes and go to sleep, drowning in their dreams - did not want it most of the inhabitants of the planet after a hard day's work?The bed is really the place that fills the power of the human body during sleep.And that dream was strong, pleasant and healthy, you need to get a good bedding.Today, we will discuss one of the most important topics - how to choose a blanket for a good night's sleep, so for the time when we rest, the body is completely relaxed, and made up their strength for the next day, and new cases.

Today you can buy anything you want.Deficit on things related to the fact no longer exists.Many manufacturers offer linens and accessories to sleep in a huge range.The only question is whether we need such an abundance of home textiles, and how not to get lost in the sellers offers.Therefore, let us deal more, how to choose a blanket for your bedroom.

How to choose the quilt

How to choose a blanket

How to choose a blanket for warmth

extent necessary to understand how to be a warm blanket to sleep comfortably you - not cold and not hot.The choice will depend on the time of year, and on the characteristics of your body.So, duvet excellent retains heat, other than that, it is breathable and the likelihood that you will sweat a minimum under such blanket.Three times the blanket from the category of "warm" - wool, it keeps the heat almost as well as a duvet.Both of these options - a great selection of blankets for the winter.

How to choose a blanket for the winter and the summer

How to choose a blanket for warmth

Today, manufacturers offer several options for seasonal quilts - light summer, warm winter, demi and a real hit - all-season blankets.The last is also called blanket "winter-summer" or "4 season".The peculiarity of these all-season quilts is that they represent two blankets - easier and insulated, which together can be attached strings, buttons or buttons.In freezing and cold winter under a blanket so comfortable and warm and insulated blanket from the set fit in demi-season period.To do this, you need to detach the light blanket and hide until it is useful to replace the hot summer warm half.

Off Season quilt - the winter season 4 - summer-

Off Season blanket winter-summer

When choosing and buying blankets, pay attention to the label, which classifies them according to the degree of heat, more on that tells you a consultant.

Hypoallergenic or conventional - what better to choose a blanket

answer to this question depends on whether you are allergic to any materials.Often allergies cause is natural materials - down, feather, so you should replace them with synthetic.Today, manufacturers learned how to make eco-friendly natural fiber substitutes.For example, filler material "Thinsulate" replaces down, while it is lighter and warmer it.If you need hypoallergenic duvet, you should pay attention to these fillers.

How to choose a good hypoallergenic blanket

How to choose a good blanket

light or heavy blanket choose

It would seem that everyone likes to sleep under a light blanket, but in fact, there are so many people who are comfortable under the heavy blankets that tightly hugs the body anddo not pass by itself cold.In this case, the choice depends on your preferences.The easiest blankets - sinteponovye, cashmere, down, heavier - goose down, cotton and thick blankets of thick wool.

How to choose a blanket - light or heavy blanket

light or heavy blanket choose

Synthetic fillers against natural down

Dear duvets now increasingly give way to more profitable not only in price but also in terms of functionality, synthetic blankets.What is their feature?Firstly, they can safely be used by people prone to allergic reactions, and secondly, modern synthetic fillers have a lot of features that will satisfy even the most demanding consumers.So, pillows and blankets, stuffed with polyester fiber, can maintain a comfortable temperature for sleeping, which is especially important when choosing blankets for children - you will not have to worry that your child will be hot under the warm blanket.Cassette tailoring technology provides both a function as cooling, so filling does not get wet when you sweat, and therefore - no risk of bed mites.

how to choose the quilt filler - natural or synthetic

What filler selected quilt

Another benefit when choosing blankets with filling of high-quality synthetic materials - is ease of care, often they can even be washed in an automatic washing machine, after which they quickly dry and acquire the original formwithout stumbling and without losing volume.

But there is one point in which many synthetic blankets inferior natural - they do not have full air circulation.It is best to "breathe" and woolen duvets, but the synthetic recommend to choose cotton covers to suit the function of ventilation.

What else is useful to know when choosing a blanket

Buying a blanket in the store, ask for certificates of quality, information and filler materials on how to take care of the data covers.Avoid sellers of cheap goods, where it is impossible to buy good and quality bedding for a comfortable and healthy sleep.

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