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Bathroom Design

August 12, 2017 18:06

Feng Shui Bathroom : important rules and recommendations + photos

According to the teachings of Feng Shui, the bathroom is the energy center of the house.It turns out that here is concentrated energy of one of the most important elements of the universe - water, which, at first, represents wealth, and secondly, the effect on the rest of the energy that prevails in the house.

properly plan Feng Shui bathroom will help tenants to harmonize your life and bring to life the power of favorable energies.If you're wondering how to design the interior of the bathroom, read on tips, which are now produced "House of Dreams" exclusively for its readers.

Feng Shui Bathroom

Feng Shui bathroom

Where should be a bathroom: good location on Feng Shui

In eastern countries, where the teachings of Feng Shui is paid attention, houses and apartments originally designed taking into account the location of certainelements.Bathroom, ideally, should be located in the northern part of the building, since it is at this point the water activates the energy of the positive energy of chi.Unfortunately, making repairs in our conditions, it is difficult to radically change the location of the bathroom, because it will have to completely change communications.However, even if your bathroom is not located in the northern part of the home, you can activate the energy of this room, slightly changing the location of the door or hang a mirror on it.

to favorable energy of the water does not leak outside the bathroom door should not be located opposite the entrance door.If the first thing you see when returning to the apartment, this is a bathroom, and change its location is not possible, just hang on a flat rectangular mirror door.

front door opposite the bathroom feng shui

Bathroom Feng Shui: design rules

Making the bathroom feng shui

Bathroom Design of feng shui

Auspicious Feng Shui bath room photo

Auspicious Feng Shui Bathroom photo

feng shui bathroom room photo

Feng Shui bathroom photo

Bathroomroom Feng Shui have to be distant from the bathroom wall or a partition.But do not worry, if you live in an apartment with a combined bathroom.One need only to separate these zones with the help of suitable decorative screens, curtains, walls or cabinets.But try so to arrange the bathroom that, going into it, the toilet remains out of your sight.

bathroom and toilet on Feng Shui

Bathroom and toilet on Feng Shui

Separation of the toilet and the bath curtain

Separation toilet and bath curtain

Toilet hidden behind bamboo curtains

toilet hidden behind a bamboo curtain

itself bath should be in the south-western part of the premises.If the bath is located in a different part of the room and move it is impossible for technical reasons, try to decorate the south-western sector of the items that represent the water.For example, you can install the decorative fountain or hang a label with a picture of a waterfall or river.

Bath on Feng Shui good location

Bath on Feng Shui, good location

feng shui bathroom

Feng Shui bathroom

favorable color in the bathroom feng shui

element of water is a symbol of peace, peace and prosperity.This element does not tolerate haste and activity, so it should embody the Light pastels and cool shades.The most favorable color for the bathroom design is a white shade that does not interfere with the energy of water to circulate in the right direction.

also a good color for the bathroom Feng Shui are all the pastel shades - gray, beige, cream, peach, etc.But the bright and dark colors is recommended to use in the interior of the bathroom only in small quantities.At the same time, if you select a few shades for bathroom design, align them so that bright and dark colors were in the lower part of the room.For example, if the same color tiles with the rules of Feng Shui, but you want to decorate the walls of what some bright decorative patches, do it at the bottom and top of the walls and the ceiling is made in pastel colors.

bathroom on Feng Shui

Bathroom on Feng Shui

the color of the bathroom on feng shui

bathroom color of feng shui

color tiles in the bathroom on feng shui

tile color in the bathroom on the feng shui

bathroom feng shui color finishes

bathroom feng shui color finishes

bathroom on the feng shui color

Bathroomon Feng Shui - the color registration

favorable interior

since the energy of water has a direct effect on all the other elements that are in the house bathroom interior must be in harmony with the general design of the apartment.In Feng Shui there are no strict recommendations regarding the style of the room.No matter what kind of interior you prefer - classic or cutting-edge, it is important how competently and comfortably decorated your bathroom.Very well, if you finish in the bathroom using natural materials - wood, metal, stone, marble, etc.

Style bathroom interior on feng shui

style bathroom interior on feng shui

Bathroom Design of feng shui

Bathroom Design of feng shui

Beautiful bathroom interior on feng shui

Beautiful bathroom interior on feng shui

Ideally, bathroom Feng Shui should be loose and airy.In this room should not be any unnecessary details, so, first of all, do not clutter up the bathroom with unnecessary things, and secondly, use the multi-functional furniture and capacious.

The spacious bathroom on Feng Shui photo

spacious bathroom on Feng Shui photo

The spacious and bright bathroom on Feng Shui photo

spacious and bright bathroom on Feng Shui

What to do with baskets of laundry

virtually all housewives recovered in the bathroom a separate area for the storage basket of dirty laundry.However, in terms of Feng Shui, this is not quite correct, as the accumulation of unnecessary things could trigger stagnation favorable energy.Therefore, it is desirable move the cart into another room or to store linen, which requires washing, in a separate drawer.

Mirror according to the rules of feng shui

Perhaps there is a mirror in each bathroom.According to Feng Shui in the bathroom mirror should be hung in front of the door.This arrangement will help to increase the favorable energy and send it all over the house.Also, to enhance the enabling power can hang two mirrors facing each other.However, according to the rules of Feng Shui, the mirror in the bathroom have to be solid and smooth.These decorative elements such as mirror tiles or different glossy projections and openings create the effect of "broken" mirroring, which introduces disharmony in the energy of this room.

bathroom mirror for feng shui

Mirror on Feng Shui

Feng Shui in the bathroom mirror

rules of feng shui - the bathroom mirror

bathroom mirror for feng shui

large bathroom mirror for feng shui

Several important recommendations

  • If space permits, and there is a possibility, choose a bath is not rectangular and circular shapes.The terms of Feng Shui coin represents, and because the water element that prevails in the bathroom, affect the material well-being, this symbol will help to increase the wealth of home owners.
  • Always watch serviceability of sanitary ware in the bathroom.If the pipes are leaking from the taps and constantly dripping water, it weakens the energy of the room, and, moreover, not the best way affects the well-being of residents.
  • Choose soft, but bright lighting for the bathroom.Instead, the central lamp is better to give preference to several built-in fixtures that can uniformly illuminate all areas of the room.
Feng Shui wealth area in bathroom

Feng Shui - Wealth area in the bathroom

Feng Shui Bathroom

Guidelines and feng shui bathroom

Feng Shui Bathroom

Photo: Feng Shui bathroom

If you set out to organize auspicious feng shui bathroomremember the main rule of the doctrine - should prevail throughout the procedure.Therefore, always make sure the cleanliness of the premises, and as often as possible to get rid of unwanted things, empty cans, cosmetics and accessories.

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