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August 12, 2017 18:06

Sandbox for children to the country : the ideas and photos

difficult to find a child who would not love to sculpt pasochki, build sandcastles or draw in the sand.And it can not but rejoice, because playing with the sand not only occupy the child's leisure time, but also to develop his fine motor skills, teaches perseverance and concentration.Unfortunately, the cleanliness of the city's playground is poor, however, if you have a cottage or garden plot, you can arrange for a baby his personal paradise sand.

In this article we will look at in detail, which should be a sandbox for children, how to build it yourself and what to look for when choosing this product.We hope that the readers of "Dream House", this information will be useful and interesting.

Sandbox for children

sandbox for children to the country

How and what materials to build a sandbox

Standard sandbox is a simple construction made in the form of a square and filled with sand.Most often made from wood sandbox becauseThis material is considered environmentally friendly, thus, safe for children's health.Usually, the sandbox length sides ranges from 2 to 3 meters, but the size of this structure depends on the space available and the age of the child.


Children's sandboxes wooden

Despite the seeming simplicity of the construction, to make a comfortable and, most importantly, a safe sandbox for the children with their own hands, you need to consider a few important rules:

1. Place sandbox sandpit

Children shouldplaced in a free, equal and good viewing area.In addition, it is important that a place where children will play, When in the dark, otherwise you will not be able to protect the kids from overheating.Alternatively, you can use a beach umbrella from the sun, but be sure to firmly hold to the umbrella fell to the children.

Sandbox with lids , benches and umbrella

Sandbox with lids, benches and umbrella

Beautiful sandpit for children in the country

Colorful sandbox for children in the country

Many parents believe that it is best to place the sandbox under the trees, however please note that if the product is not covered by a reliable shelter, you have tooften clean the sand from the fallen leaves and twigs.

2. The base of the sandbox

need to prepare it before the construction of the base of the sandbox.First mark the perimeter of the product, and dig through it a hole depth of 20-25 centimeters.

In fact, around this pit is already possible to build a sandbox, but keep in mind that if you pour the sand into the open base, after a time, he mixed with the ground, so experts recommend to cover the bottom of the recess dense material.For this purpose you can use any sealed material - ceramic tiles, geotextile, agrovoloknom, plywood sheets etc.Safe shelter base sandbox not only retain its purity, but also protects the product from the visits of moles and subterranean insects.

sandpit with his hands photo

wooden sandpit with his hands photo

3. The walls and ledges sandbox

If you are building a wooden sandbox, prepare in advance of the board corresponding to the perimeter and the height of the structure.Just keep in mind that the best sandbox wall strength should be digged into the ground.By installing boards around the base, fasten them together in any convenient way, then treat the surface of the chips and serrated and apply antiseptic.

In addition to a children's sand pit wall must be fitted with protective bumpers.To create them, attach the top of the perimeter of the construction of four rather narrow board and carefully smooth out the surface of their chips.If desired, one or two shrouds can be made in form and seat benches.

sandpit for children to the country

sandbox for children to the country


Children's sandbox with a lid

Wooden Sandbox with lid

Wooden Sandbox with lid

Additional elements sandbox

Considering the general guidelines for the construction of a children's sandbox, you can bring in its set designadditional elements.For example, if you can, equip sandbox cover, which will protect the sand from the sediments and raiding animals.Also very useful additions cover the children's sandbox are awnings and umbrellas in the form of "fungus."These elements will create an additional shadow over the design, thereby making the kids play more comfortable and safe.

Bright children

Bright children's sandbox Photo

Sandbox with lid wooden

Sandbox with lid wooden

Sandbox for children with a roof

sandbox for children with a roof

In addition, it is always possible to depart from the standard form of the sandbox, constructing it, for example, in the form of a ship orfairytale castle.This construction is not difficult to organize additional benches, boxes for storing toys and playground that kids will make the game even more convenient and enjoyable.

Sandbox ship photos

Sandbox ship photos

Children sandpit boat photos

Children sandpit ship photos

Sandbox for children in wood with a roof

sandbox for children in wood with a roof

Sandbox for children with a roof photo

sandbox for children with a roof Photo

Children's sandboxes improvised

Ifconstruction of a full-fledged children's sandbox seems too challenging, try to make it out of scrap materials.

For example, to create a lightweight version of the sandbox, you can use the old tires.It's enough to cut the tires and put them in the appropriate form, then fill the space with sand.If you can find a large bus, just fill it with sand and attach the middle of a comfortable canopy.

sandpit of tires

Sandbox of tires

Sandbox of tires photo

Sandbox of tires photo

sandpit tire

Children sandpit tire

The same principle can be made from wooden beams sandbox.


Children's sandpit in the country with their own hands photo

Ready sandbox - what to look for

Do not worry if you do not know how or do not like tinkering, because now the market can find a lot of interesting and high-quality sandbox for children.

plastic children

Children's sandboxes plastic

Note that the finished products are often equipped with additional features and details.

example, a sandbox for the children to the country can be carried out in the form of a double structure, which can be simultaneously used as a sandbox, and a pool.This product will certainly appeal to not only kids but also older kids.

sandpit plastic

Sandbox plastic


Children sandbox for sand and water

basis for many of today's sandbox is a team of design, which can be transformed into a comfortable table or bench.In addition, often the sandbox are elements of high-grade play corner including a slide, swings and other fun additions.

House sandbox for the child to the country

House sandbox for the child to the country

Plastic table sandpit with an umbrella

sandpit Plastic table with an umbrella

If you choose a sandbox for the little kids, look for portable products, created from thick rubberized material.The advantage of these structures is their safety and mobility - if necessary, in the rubber sandbox child can even play while in the room.

plastic sandbox with lid

plastic sandbox with lid

Sandbox will help you to fill the child's leisure time interesting and informative games.Just remember that before its filling sand must be carefully sifted and cleaned.

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