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August 12, 2017 18:06

The design is very small apartment

hard to believe that the pictures you see here are made in an apartment whose two rooms are not occupied, and 12 square meters. But this is true, and therefore we can safely say - found the perfect solution to the eternal question of "how to make not only comfortable, but stylish and fashionable smallest housing, compared with which even a one-bedroom Khrushchev seem palace halls."

the design is very small apartment

How to make an interesting design for a very small apartment

To do this, just something and you need that to observe a few simple rules:

1. In very small apartment relationship between colored and white walls (white base and allcolor gamut are all required) must always be observed in a strict ratio of 1 to 3.

2. No colorful wallpaper patterns, posters and paintings, as it compresses all space, and we'll achieve just the opposite.

3. All the furniture, from beds and finishing cosmetic table should be small.Now in stores is not difficult to pick up any furniture element, designed for economy-class apartments, but if for you it becomes a problem, then you can always order the furniture in any of profiling workshops.

4. Discard the abundance of fine jewelry, reducing their number is not so much to a minimum, and to the highest possible scratch.Only in this case you will loose your space and so very small apartment of unnecessary parts, making it visually much more than before.

5. Be sure to expand doorways, giving up the doors to the door niches.In this case, in your apartment "air" will appear, and each room even physically will be much more spacious.

6. Replace all ceiling lamps and chandeliers on the wall and floor lamps, selected under the overall color scheme.Then what low no matter your ceiling, they immediately become higher, and hence - will add a little more volume to your much-needed housing.

These tips will help you to significantly change the design very small apartment , turning it, even visually, more spacious, and the free living space.


7. This design project is ideal not only for apartments small area, but also for the attic, basement and basement estates, which, at the cost of small physical and financial investments can be converted into a truly stylish and contemporary accommodation.

the design is very small apartment

the design is very small apartment

the design is very small apartment

the design is very small apartment

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