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August 12, 2017 18:07

Table Lamp for Students : Highlights selection

What could be more beautiful to the eye than the natural light?But, unfortunately, only in the summer, it pleases us more than 12 hours a day , and in the rest of the time has to surround himself with lighting equipment and artificial lighting.But high school students and students of a certain part of the time in the dark have to spend for textbooks.And desk lamp for student to some extent has become an integral part of his performance.It is no secret that the poor lighting indirectly affects the diligence and bad marks at school.

Which to choose a table lamp for student

Which to choose a table lamp for student

So let's see how to choose a table lamp for the student to meet the essential requirements of hygiene students.Since the vision - this is the sense organ, which we must preserve at all costs with your child.Therefore, choosing the lamp does not come from the decorative properties of the fixture, and hygienic standards.And what these standards are, we are told:

  • light source should emit a soft glow and smooth - do not allow the highlights and shadows;
  • must be enabled in the main overhead light, even if the work table lamp;
  • desk lamp for student when writing should be placed on the left of the student and be more powerful 100W.The best value is the power range from 60W to 100W;
  • in the daytime on the windows should hang these curtains, which do not prevent the penetration of natural light into the room;
  • windows should be well washed, or dirty glass prevent the light to get into the room (according to the standards necessary to wash the windows of at least two times a year);
  • prevent the penetration of light even potted plants on a windowsill - Take on arms and that moment;
  • can not direct the flow of the main light in front and behind the student;
  • can not be combined in the same room as incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps (here we are talking only about the main light).
Table lamp for the student how to choose

Table lamp for the student how to choose

how to choose a table lamp for student

How to choose a table lamp for student

And now proceed directly to the question of how to choose a table lamp in the nursery room schoolboy.Let's start with the choice of light bulbs.

optimum power table lamp for student

As we said above, the lamp power should not exceed 100W, from the comfort of the person sitting curled beneath it.If comfortable with the light which emits light on 60W - please let is such, and if 60W is not enough, then you need to replace the lamp more powerful, for example, 75W.

Although there is need to clarify that the lamp power must also choose the size of the table.If the table is small, then the lights on the 60W would be enough, but if a large desk, then take a 100W lamp-ing.

However, remember that in the 100W incandescent lamp, not only shines, but also heated at the same time, it can damage the lamp shade and radiate heat to the child sitting next to, hence causing it to fatigue.So if your child began to complain of headaches, fatigue, lethargy - it's time to look at his desk lamp.

best reading lamp for the student - is the one that does not harm the child's health!

Best table lamp for student

Best table lamp for student

color light emitting lamp student desk

next step pay attention to shade light.As a rule, it is specified on the lamp socket or on the packaging.It can be cool white (LHB), day (LD) and warm white (LTB).For the human body, in particular student, the most the best option would be warm white light lamp (LTB), as they are closest to the natural light of the morning or evening.This incandescent bulbs to 60W.

table lamps for schoolchildren

Table lamps for schoolchildren

Then a few tips for choosing

  • table lamp The very first rule for those who buy table lamps for students - is that lights should be safe for the child's body.Sometimes you have to sacrifice beauty to buy functionality (with the rotation of the ceiling, with convenient switches, a power regulator, with a length of cord, allowing it to move the lamp on the table) and secure the lamp.
  • When selecting to prefer a soft light that will not cause glare - a matte bulb.
  • It is advisable to choose a lamp with a power regulator (with a rheostat) - in the first place is to take care of the student's eyes.
  • When buying in a store, try to screw the bulb into the socket.Then unscrew it back.If the lamp gets out together with a cartridge - it means low-quality goods and such a lamp is not worth buying.
  • Tripod lamp must be flexible - easy to change the angle.At the same time, remember that the table lamp should rise to 30-45sm.And if the child is working at the computer, then the light should be on and the monitor.
  • Ceiling Lamp should be made of quality plastic.The plastic cover can quickly be damaged, and the metal when heated can burn a child.The correct form of the ceiling - this is a spherical (round) shape, and the shape of a cone.But the shape of the cylinder is absolutely not suitable for table lamp.As for the color of the ceiling, there is the traditional leaders in the green light, which has a positive effect on the eyes without irritating them.
how to choose a table lamp for student

How to choose a table lamp for student

We hope these tips have helped you answer the question, how to choose a table lamp for the student.And finally, a few words about the right lamp on the desktop.

  • That light should not create shade in a letter - it is known to every schoolboy.For right-handed lamp placed on the left of the sitting, left-handed - right.
  • If a child reads, in principle, it is possible to place the lamp and the right and left of it.
  • But if engaged in creativity when both hands are involved, the best direction of the light will direct.The light should be directed not at the child's face and down on the table.
table lamp for student

Table lamp for student photos

last thing parents should always remember: a table lamp for the student - it's not a panacea, can not be limited only by the light, be sure to turn on the main light at work.

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