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August 12, 2017 18:07

Couches house : varieties , styles , shapes

What could be more beautiful afternoon siesta on the comfortable couch in the arms of a soft plaid? Probably, only complete rest on the bed.But it will have to spread, and then to dim again, troublesome, is not it?A flop on the couch can be right in the home clothes, put it under his head a comfortable pillow.The stiff British, sitting on it, like to drink tea, while the Germans are strict - rest, but please, do not climb up on it with their feet, they do not suffer!So why do we need a couch house, really just to relax?

Soft backless couch in the interior

soft couch backless interior

Couch without backrest with decorative cushions

Couch backless with decorative cushions

Couch for relaxing garden

couch for relaxing garden

What couch

Fortunately or unfortunately, but the couch is a cross betweenbed and a chair or sofa and armchair, and serves it to a greater extent for a short rest.No, we are not talking about the strict leather models that are in foster high-ranking officials and are waiting for the visitors.Most of them are cute and even a few flirty pieces of furniture that have settled in the living room, bedrooms and hallways normal city apartments or large town houses.

Dimensions couches allow them to enter even in the small and narrow room, for example, in the hallway.Even if your living room is very small, yet small couch, it can be placed on its area.And for large halls, it will be an excellent companion elegant sofa, made in the same style.

As a rule, the chair-couch is small in size and is a smaller copy of the sofa with armrests.Solid memory foam mattresses laid on the frame of the furniture is comfortable even for a long sleep.But back in the couch may be small in size or absent, suggesting an even sitting on it.The shape of the backrests can be different: a semi-circular, square, triangular, or a combination, depending on the design and manufacture of style couch.Its frame is made of wood or metal and upholstery textile or leather.

Modern couch in the living room

modern couch in the living room

Day bed -couch for sleeping

Day bed-couch for sleeping

Couches for a photo at home

Couches house photo

Couch interior

As we mentioned above, a sofa couch find application in anyresidential area - narrow models to choose the hallway and kitchen, cozy - bedroom, extravagant - for living, practical - for the child.In any case, comfortable ergonomics and soft padding will do the job: reading a book, and you will not have time to blink an eye as find yourself in the realm of Morpheus, like this affects households this elegant piece with a touch of aristocracy.

However, having a truly aristocratic roots, modern couches significantly differ in shape and material of manufacture.

Let's start our review with the kind of classic models.As a rule, they are made in soft shades - the most in demand white, beige, brown.Main characteristics - is an elegant decoration, often decorated with buttons sparring, unusual shape backrest, curved legs and curls on the armrests.

The couch in the interior photo

couch in the interior photo

As is known, the Baroque style bulges on display wealth and luxury, so a couch bed in the bedroom-Baroque often made in precious colors - blue, red or burgundy and upholstery often made of velor orvelvet, framed by a fringe and tassels.Curved carved cabriole legs and finish in gold better than the rest point to an object belonging to this style of furniture.

Couch Baroque photo

Couch Baroque photo

Beautiful couch for a photo at home

Beautiful couch for home photo

Current models resemble a regular sofa, only smaller size.With or without backrest, complete with decorative pillows, this couch will be a central element of the interior.

The couch in a modern interior

couch in a modern interior

Couch with a pillow-top mattress

couch with pillow-top mattress

But do not discount the fashionable styles, such as leather or fabric couch crimson, green or orange concise manner and without fanciful decoration will be a great additionultramodern style called hi-tech.



Sofa couch orange

Sofa couch orange

And an unusual model, which has a frame made of metal rods strung together with seats woven fabric, ideal for the Provence interior.

Types couches

examining pictures of this type of furniture, you are given diva how unusual they may be.How not to get lost in a variety of couches and confusing them with other types of furniture?I know one thing - it is a shortened sofa that can be with arms and without them, with back and without her high thin or thick-legged squat.

Soft model padded textile, ideal for interior decoration of the interior and metal couch with forged elements can find shelter in the shade of a sprawling garden.

Leather couch, ottoman in handy when you make your living room or home office, and a comfortable couch with drawers would be a good tool for a child's room - it would fit equally to relax, and to store all kinds of children's clothes.


Children's bunk bed with drawers

Rollaway model will become an indispensable piece of furniture in a small apartment, in the daytime it looks like the most common couch, and at night unfolds and turns into a full-fledged bed.And like transforming model perfectly help out if the house guests descend on it is possible not only to conduct intimate conversations, and put to bed sat up late friend.

couch in the kitchen can be a substitute for soft kitchen corner, besides, it has a more compact size.

IKEA couch for the kitchen

IKEA Couch Kitchen

The shape and design have the ability to find a model that most accurately fit into the interior space of the kitchen, or even become a full its decoration.If you need in the kitchen is a corner couch, the producers there and such a model.

Couch soft corner for the kitchen

Couch soft corner for the kitchen

Wooden couch lattice backrest and armrests the same wooden rods placed in the bedroom or living room, and the inconvenience of contact with hard wood compensates abundance of decorative pillows, cushions and soft covered.

Stylish couch for a photo at home

stylish couch for home photo

Wooden couch for a photo at home

wooden couch for home photo

White wooden couch photo

White wooden couch photo

indispensable for interior and become a couch with drawers and shelves.Especially attractive model with wicker drawers.

Couch with boxes Photo

couch with drawers Picture

Couch with boxes Photo

couch with drawers Picture

As you can see, the couch for home buying, not only to show off your exquisite taste and decorate the "museum" mansions mansion - it is quite a handy piece of furniture,which would be the best and practical asset to the normal average family.Yes, and they price is usually cheaper overall full of sofas.

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