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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to choose a plastic window

huge advantage that give plastic windows - is a long time of operation.Therefore, their choice should be taken with the understanding that window served his due time without any trouble. If you know, how to choose a plastic window correctly, their lifespan can be extended up to 40 years.In this matter, we can help you find out.

How to choose a plastic window

How to choose a plastic window

This stage - the most important.Today, a lot of manufacturers profiles for plastic windows and each of them has positioned itself as the most reliable.But, unfortunately, not all of them meet the expectations.Among the many producers are considered to be the best German companies.Let us consider a few of them.

Profiles REHAU

This manufacturer is probably the most demanded.The reason for this was the high quality REHAU profiles, great design and a lot of nice benefits such as - increased insulation, high heat resistance, a variety of combinations of profiles, wide color palette, mounting reliability, and many others.

Profiles VEKA

VEKA profiles for plastic windows are among the most sold in Russia.The spectacular combination of matte and glossy texture make them not only beautiful, but also very practical, since almost no visible scratches on a surface.Beautiful appearance VEKA profile is complemented by a variety of features, high quality materials and installation.


Another German company, which has worked well as a manufacturer of plastic windows.Almost 40 years of activity in this area the company Salamander took a strong position and has received the highest rating of manufacturers of profiles for plastic windows.In its production SALAMANDER uses Austrian fittings MACO.Advantages profiles Salamander obvious - an excellent thermal insulation, adverse weather resistance, high density PVC profile, resistance to the ingress of moisture due to good integrity, impeccable design windows shining white color with a glossy sheen.

Profiles KBE

About KBE plastic windows can be a lot to say, because the benefits of their weight.German quality has played a key role by making KBE group leader in the German and European manufacturers.KBE profiles are different from other high environmental performance - in their production company uses Greenline technology.This means that plastic windows KBE - the safest for the environment and the health of the nation.

Important considerations when choosing profiles:

  1. choosing plastic window profiles, pay attention to the fact that their base was made of galvanized steel - it will help to resist rust.
  2. number of air chambers must be at least three, and in most cases it will be most appropriate to choose plastic window with three-chambered profile and triple-glazed windows.
The profile for plastic windows

profile for plastic windows

The question how to choose the plastic windows of paramount importance and the correct choice of glass.They are a construct of two or more glasses, between which there is an air chamber.

most optimal are double glazing, consisting of 3 glass forming airbags.They differ from single-chamber, first of all, by providing a higher sound insulation.This is particularly important for urban apartments, which are close to the roadway.Urban noise is blocked due to the different distances between the panes.

PVC windows double glazed

windows double glazed

In some cases, though, it is recommended to install only single-chamber windows.This applies in particular to window openings of large size.The fact that the triple-pane windows significantly heavier weight that in the future may result in damage to hardware failure.In such cases it is advisable to install more energy-efficient single-chamber windows.

There are also such types of glass is multifunctional.Their main feature is that they contain a glass with a special coating, reflecting thermal radiation in the hot season, preventing excessive heating of the premises.At the same time, these windows are not less effective at keeping you warm in the winter house, rescuing him from severe frosts.So, if your intention is to house warming, the multifunctional glazing for plastic windows must be at the center of your attention.

Many windows are manufactured using laminated glass laminated glass - about this glass, we were told in an article on the glass floors.Its peculiarity is that between the bonded glass is very flexible transparent film, which does not scatter the fragments when broken.In this case, the window becomes shockproof.Triplex glass can give matte or color shades, as well as the use of art matted.Triplex is used for other products of glass in the interior of your home or office.

To ensure full functionality of plastic windows, you need to choose the right accessories with which windows are opened and closed, recline, or fly open.It handles, clamps, brackets, hooks, loops, ventilation mechanisms.The most important elements of fittings for plastic windows are complex mechanisms that are responsible for the rotation, opening, tilting windows and lock it.Reliability design of PVC windows depends on each part and mounting, so you should put high demands on the hardware.

Fittings for plastic windows

fittings for plastic windows

plastic windows opener

opener plastic windows

If you choose a reliable manufacturer, the quality of plastic windows and accessories provided.Again, the best hardware manufacturers are German companies.

best to take advantage of the production of plastic windows to order.Thus it is necessary to choose the firm, which experts will make the necessary measurements, make the window and then set their own.In this case, the guarantee provided to fulfill your obligations and responsibilities for the results of the work done.

self-installation of plastic windows is recommended to produce only in those cases, if you have experience in the installation of such structures.In such a case it will be an important selection of the manufacturer of plastic windows and your good work.

Remember that for the selection of plastic windows answer yourself, and how right it will depend the future of your home comfort and durability of windows.

What to choose plastic windows

Which to choose plastic windows

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