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August 12, 2017 18:07

Curtains hourglass in the interior (photo )

Anyone, even the most refined and sophisticated interior will look unfinished if curtains, drapes or curtains will not be in harmony with its overall style.Thanks to the modern range of products, the choice of curtains usually does not cause problems. However, if the window openings are non-standard sizes, then they require special clearance.For example, the ideal decoration for windows, the width of which is different from the standard, will become blind "hourglass".On this form, the curtains "Dream House" and tell in this publication.

Curtains hourglass

Curtains hourglass

Curtains design "hourglass»

The name perfectly conveys the appearance of curtains feature of such a plan.Blind "hourglass" is a piece of cloth, which is stretched around the perimeter of the window opening, fixed top and bottom and then overtighten the middle with tape or other devices.Thus, the curtain is very reminiscent of an hourglass silhouette.Also, the curtain can be attached only to the top to the bottom left free.

Curtains in this form have a lot of design variations.Most often used for their creation of light translucent fabric, such as tulle or organza, which after pulling acquire bulk drapery complementary interior aura of lightness and weightlessness.However, depending on the style of interior, material for curtains "hourglass" can be impermeable and dense tissue.Instead of draperies such curtains can be decorated with ruffles, frills, lace and other decorative elements.

White transparent curtain hourglass

White transparent curtain hourglass

Light curtains at the door in the form of an hourglass

Light curtains on the door in the form of an hourglass

But the main "highlight" of the curtains is a tape, creating the desired shape.To make the interior of the rigor and conciseness, as a rule, selected strips of the same material as the curtains themselves.However, if you wish, you can decorate the curtains using a bow, a variety of ribbons, laces or decorative fixers.Moreover, permitting the interior style fasteners do not have to match the color with curtains.For example, in the plain curtains look beautiful ribbons of contrasting colors.Sami tapes can also be supplemented with various ornaments - flowers, lace, pearls, stones, etc.

Blind sand clock photo

Blind hourglass photo

Curtains sand clock photo

Curtains hourglass photo

Despite the fact that the curtains form involves only one dressing, many designers like to create some toing and vertically, whereby the curtain acquire additional volume.Also, the curtains "hourglass" can be created by using a combination of different fabrics, which are connected to each other either vertically or horizontally.

Beautiful shade tied to the hourglass shape

beautiful curtains tied in the shape of an hourglass

Curtains for windows photo sand clock

Curtains for windows hourglass photo

Original curtains hourglass

original curtains hourglass

Many feel that curtains hourglass shape perform only a decorative problem, andterms of functionality, they are not very convenient.However, this is not quite true.Because they are attached to the window with the aid of special moldings or "kulisok", then at blooming tape completely overshadow the opening without missing the sun.In addition, the curtains "hourglass" can be decorated on top of Roman blinds or shutters.

Curtains "hourglass" in

interior most harmonious and appropriate curtains in the form of an hourglass look at the design of the narrow window openings - in the attic, balconies, cabinets, doors, etc.Also, these blinds are ideal for modern insulating glass, separated by a few openings.However, if desired, they can be decorated and normal size windows.In this case, most often used for the decoration of three canvas fabric - one wide and two narrow.The wide web is hung in the middle of the window, and narrow - on each side.

Curtains for the bedroom hourglass

Curtains for the bedroom hourglass

Curtains for the kitchen hourglass

Curtains for kitchen hourglass

Curtains hourglass-shaped on windows and doors

Curtains in the form of an hourglass on windows and doors

Various variations clearance of such curtains give the opportunity to choose their virtually any room andto any interior.For example, in rooms with high windows are curtains, especially if they are sewn from light cloth, visually increase the space and give it lightness and conviviality.Curtains "hourglass" harmonious look in both classical and modern interiors.For the classic design is better to use a more dense fabric with colorful decorative elements in the form of draperies, wide ribbons, ruches, etc.In modern interiors will look appropriate curtains linen, jersey, organza, and other lightweight materials.Add rustic atmosphere or style of Provence can print curtains with flowers in the form of cells, a variety of patterns, ornaments.

Curtains for living sand clock photo

curtains for the living room hourglass photo

Curtains sand clock photo

Curtains hourglass photo

The curtains in the bedroom in the form of an hourglass

curtains in the bedroom in the form of an hourglass

Very often, these curtains are used as part of the composition with tulle, curtains or lambrequins.Especially this design harmoniously looks in luxurious bedrooms and living rooms, as well as various ceremonial halls.

attractive feature of these curtains is that, if necessary, for example, decorating the room for the holiday, they can replace the tape in accordance with a common design.

The curtains on the door in the form of an hourglass

the door curtains in the form of an hourglass

Curtains are decorated in an hourglass photo

curtains, decorated in an hourglass photo

Curtains "hourglass" convenient and practical to use.Having their window, you get a room that is immediately filled with homey feel and charm.

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