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August 12, 2017 18:07

Hydrangea garden - multicolored miracle planting and care

Refined and luxurious, hydrangea able to decorate any terrain.These shrubs have many kinds, painted in different colors and have unpretentious disposition, loved by gardeners. That is why when choosing plants for your garden plot hydrangea deserves close attention.

Hydrangeas are indispensable for ornamental purposes: they are beautiful, diverse in form and inflorescences have a very wide palette of colors and a wide carved leaves pleasing to the eye.It is worth noting an interesting texture of bark, profuse flowering and most importantly - unpretentiousness.This dream, not a plant!And that's it now advises his readers to pay attention to the "House of Dreams".In the case of plants Search for decoration or front garden hydrangea garden plot will be indispensable.

hydrangea garden

Hydrangea garden

With proper care, hydrangeas bloom can last from July until the beginning of autumn.Closer to August, you can watch an exclusive sight on the branches of this plant are both swollen buds, blossoms bloom and seed heads adorn the fruit.With the arrival of cold weather leaves luxurious hydrangeas flash of reddish bronze.

hydrangea flower photo

Garden flower hydrangea photo

Flowering hydrangea garden photo

flowering hydrangea garden photo

Hydrangea: description and characteristics of plants

Rhode hydrangeas over a hundred different species, but all of them have special features.The leaves of this plant large, oval, even a few egg-shaped with pointed or wavy edges.

Many inflorescences are lush bunches, formed mostly in a spherical shape.But there are, and inflorescence in the form of an umbrella, whisks, balloon or bumps.The inflorescence can reach about 10-25sm in diameter, depending on the variety.

hydrangea flowers can be any shade of pink, white, blue or lilac.It is possible to mix a palette of two colors on a single inflorescence that looks very picturesque.Color inflorescence is highly dependent on the soil: on alkaline soils in hydrangeas bloom pink blossoms, and acid - blue.Change the color of the flower can be and artificial way, enriching the soil necessary elements.

Blue Hydrangea in the garden

hydrangea garden Blue

Blue Hydrangea Photo

Blue Hydrangea photo

mysterious birthplace Hydrangeas

Superb, loving and warm water hydrangea garden came to us from the mysterious country of the rising sun.This plant was originally habitat to spread South Japan, China, and met in the Himalayas and the Americas.Hortense brought from Japan to France in the late 19th century, and already in 1970 the plant was domesticated and widely used in landscaping.Giving the hydrangea flowers, people who know the language of flowers, the donee may express indifference, intransigence and lack of feeling.However, there is another interpretation - "your forever."

Greek name of the plant - gidrangiya, it combines the values ​​of two words: water and the vessel.The name is justified by the increased love of the flower to moisture and specific form of boll.

Hydrangeas in landscape design

Do not underestimate the role of the hydrangeas in the landscape design, the skillful use of advantages it can become queen of any landscape.

The most common garden hydrangea composition with a separate groups, which may even be present plants belonging to different species.However, adults thoroughly overgrown shrubs hydrangeas look great it alone.The best place for a solo growing hydrangeas will be the entrance area, the space in the house or outdoor lawn.

In the natural garden of wild-type garden hydrangeas are planted in the first or second row of shrubs, whereas in mixed flower compositions given to the fore.

worth mentioning that Hydrangea may feel great in pots, planters and containers.In this case, they can take the house or move to the terrace.

Another landscape technique, is used with hydrangeas, the organization is unshaped hedges.This fence can reach a width of about 1.5 meters and separate the individual parts of the garden.

hydrangeas in landscape design

Hydrangeas in landscape design

Hydrangea in the landscape design photo

Hydrangea in landscape design photo

Hydrangea in the landscape

Hydrangea in the landscape

Cultivation of hydrangeas on a plot

Cultivation of hydrangeas on a plot

Hydrangea in the garden area

Hydrangea in the garden of

Hydrangea flowers photo

Flowershydrangea photo

hydrangea in a pot

Hydrangea in the pot

Hydrangea in a wooden planter photo

Hydrangea in a wooden planter photo

Hydrangea in the garden area

Hydrangea in the garden of

Hydrangea in Garden Design

Hydrangea design garden

garden composition with hydrangea

garden composition with hydrangea

types of hydrangeas garden

Types hydrangea garden

hydrangea garden photo

Hydrangea garden photo

Different varieties of hydrangeas in the landscape

often, talking about hydrangeas, we mean some sort of it - Hydrángea macrophylla, or otherwise - Hydrangea macrophylla garden.If we consider hydrangea More broadly, this family includes more than a hundred different types of this flower.There are even curly and upright habit, evergreen and deciduous, dwarf tree, frost-resistant and heat-loving varieties.

for the organization in the garden, "wildlife area" fit Chereshkovaya and oakleaf hydrangeas, and lianovidny and paniculata species.

tree hydrangea paniculata, and are ideal for gardens with a romantic theme in the spirit of Russian or English home garden.

macrophylla hydrangea is appropriate in any stylistic decision, and in the grand palace complex, and in the natural landscape of the village garden.For different compositions should be selected different varieties.

Blue hydrangea photo

Blue hydrangea photo

Hedge of hydrangeas

hedge of hydrangea

Hedge of hydrangeas

hedge of hydrangea

Bush blooming hydrangea photo

bush blooming hydrangea photo

White Hydrangea Garden Photo

Hydrangea white garden photo

Hydrangea garden photo

Hydrangea gardenphoto

Care hydrangea: from planting to flowering

All recommendations indicating how to care for the hydrangea, just reduced to two actions: fertilization and pruning plants.Such care is more than enough to please you beautiful hydrangea healthy views and beautiful flowers.But before you start caring for hydrangea garden, it would be nice to put it.


hydrangea breeding process occurs either by green cuttings or by dividing the bush.In spring and summer, you can not use flowering tops of green shoots in the cold season will go and stiff shanks.

Do not forget that there are hydrangeas and seeds: plant species may be sown in spring in an unheated greenhouse.


Hydrangea, planting and care of a very burdensome, still requires attention.In middle latitudes it is better to plant heat-loving plant in the spring, but in the more southern regions and in spring and autumn.Between the plants should be left about a meter.


Growing hydrangeas in the garden is better to make a water vapor permeable, structural soils, clay and organic seasoned.Selection of the soil is better to give a neutral or acidic variants.Despite the beautiful pink color, alkaline soils above pH7 unfavorable for plants, hydrangea starts to feel sick, and iron deficiency.Using iron, alum, sulfur or aluminum sulfate, can be played with the color of the plant, achieving various colors: pink, blue, two-colored inflorescences or even bushes with flowers of both colors.


To eliminate misunderstandings, it is worth noting: the garden hydrangea is not pruned the roots!By pruning on which all sorts of plants respond well, I mean it is rejuvenating escape.

The mild climate of the procedure should be done to remove old inflorescences not fall and early spring.It is necessary that the spring pruning hydrangeas came before the start of the phase of active growth.

podmerzshie first shoots are pruned to a healthy part of the wood, and weak or unwanted shoots completely removed.Annual shoots cut costs, leaving them at about 3-5 buds.Old inflorescences are removed before the first pair of strong and healthy kidney.


Those who already have a hydrangea in the country, know that this plant is in need of a safe shelter for the duration of colds.Flower is better to transfer this period, if the soil is wet autumn.Hydrangea is very sensitive to any frost, so in early October on the need to be concerned about the shelter.


Hydrangea loves the water and require at least two buckets of water per week.In rainy weather or when using mulch is enough one watering per month.

hydrangea garden planting and care

Hydrangea garden planting and care

how to care for hydrangea

How to care for hydrangea

With good care and caring, hydrangea garden more than one year will delight your eyes with its luxurious splendor!

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