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August 12, 2017 18:07

Pebbles in landscape design : Ideas and Photos

human nature to decorate everything that surrounds it.This applies not only to the interior of the house, but also to its exterior.However, in order to beautify the local area is not enough to place on the site a few beautiful figurines and statuettes and free area planted flower beds with flowers. Everything that is on the plot, must integrate harmoniously with the natural landscape, so the best decorations are all natural materials for him.

One of the most versatile, but at the same time, there is little known natural materials that are easily used as garden decoration, is a regular sea or river pebbles.Pebbles in landscape design can serve as a cover for the soil material for the track or the lining of architecture, decoration of outdoor areas or as a basis for the manufacture of a variety of figurines.How all this can be used in the decoration of the site today will tell the "House of Dreams", and even show examples with photos.

pebbles in landscape design

Pebbles in landscape design

Garden paths of pebbles

Most often pebble in garden design is used as a coating material for garden paths and trails.Like any other stone, pebbles differ durability and reliability, and its appearance harmoniously emphasizes the plot style.Due to the fact that the sea is full of pebbles in various shades and shapes, this material allows you to lay out the most intricate designs and shapes.

Multicolored tracks from pebbles

colored paths of pebbles

Paths made ​​of stone and pebbles

Paths made of stone and pebbles

garden paths of pebbles

Garden paths of pebbles

Track in the country of pebbles

The tracks in the country of pebbles

How to make a track of pebbles with their hands

Maketrack in the country of pebbles with their own hands is not difficult.Most importantly, collect or buy enough material, and then on the basis of the size of the stones and colors create a pattern that you want to see in their path.Experts recommend to initially draw a diagram of the track on paper.If you get shingles in the store, you will not be difficult to pick up the required amount of material of a particular color.If you are using pebbles collected at the sea or a river coast, and you are missing some colors, you can paint it in the desired color using acrylic paint.But, over time, to the rocks do not lose their colors under the influence of the sun or rain, pebbles necessarily be covered with transparent protective varnish.

collect the necessary amount of material and drawing a diagram of the track of pebbles, prepare the site for uploading.Initially should dig a trench depth of 25-30 centimeters, and straighten it.Then, at the bottom of the track of the future is poured a layer of sand, gravel and a layer of a mixture of cement and sand.Each separate layer carefully compacted.After you lay out the pebbles on the cement mixture, the track will need to hose, making sure to not fall on the rocks powerful jets of water.A few hours later the cement has hardened, and the track is ready.

track of pebbles with their hands

Beautiful track of pebbles with their hands

How to make a track of pebbles

Making tracks from pebbles

beds and flower beds of pebbles

pebble is well suited for the creation of ornamental flower beds and flower gardens.For example, these stones can be laid out outline of the flower garden, creating a kind of curb.If you want to create an independent high flowerbed, just decorate your help pebbles usual bucket or any other suitable container for growing flowers.

Apply shingles need to cement a solution, trying to combine the stones so that the gap between them was as narrow as possible.Upon completion of the surface of the beds of the sprayer to apply sealer, which will prevent the possible formation of cracks in common stones.In the same way you can be issued ordinary plastic pots for flowers and pots.

Pebbles in the landscape design photo

Pebbles in the landscape design photo

Decorative flower bed of pebbles photo

Decorative flower bed of pebbles photo

Pebbles for decoration flower beds

pebbles for decoration flower beds

Decoration reservoirs pebbles

use pebbles in the landscape design allows the use of this natural material for decorating ponds.No matter how beautiful no matter the pond itself, it needs a decent frame.It is for this purpose and can be used pebbles.

To round off the project, enough to put the pebbles along the contour of the reservoir.If a large body of water, pebbles can be combined with other, larger stones.

Pebbles for registration reservoirs

Pebbles for registration reservoirs

Garden pebbles

Pebbles Garden

Pebbles for registration of photos pond

Pebbles for registration of the pond photo

Use pebbles in landscape design

use pebbles in landscape design

However, shingles can also serve as a simulation of the reservoir.This technique is quite common in Japanese gardens, which is valued above all else strict subordination of the four natural elements - air, water, earth and fire.If the site is not water, it takes the role of a pebble.To do this in the garden stands a separate section, which is dug a small depression, resembling a lake or stream.Instead of water, it is deepening filled with pebbles.For a more attractive, you can use this dry creek not ordinary stones, and colored.For example, it will look beautiful white pebbles for the garden.

Dry creek pebble

Dry creek pebble

Dry creek pebble

Dry creek pebble

Facing garden objects with pebbles Pebbles

garden can serve as a finishing material.Since ancient times this stone was used as a decoration of facades of buildings, but the pebbles can also be used as a lining material for virtually any architectural objects.For example, it is possible to decorate a wall or pergola outbuilding that brings in the face of these facilities natural harmony.Also, pebbles can be arranged outside shower, BBQ, legs of chairs and benches.

pebble in garden design

Pebbles in the design of the garden

Pebbles in the landscape design photo

Pebbles in the landscape design photo

Fences made of pebbles

of stone can be built and barriers, both low and high.To make a fence made of pebbles, stones have to choose larger, and interconnect the cement mixture.But there is another option - to make a metal frame, which is then filled with pebbles, like in this photo.

A fence made of pebbles photo

Fence of pebbles photo

Pebbles as a decorative element of the garden

Earth in some areas of the garden often looks too worn out and unattractive.However, these areas can be easily decorate using pebbles.In the same way you can decorate the ground of flower beds and flower beds.Pour on the surface of their small pebbles, you will not only decorate the objects, but also to protect their crops from weeds and freezing.

Garden pebbles

Pebbles Garden photo

Pebbles in the design of the garden photos

Pebbles in garden design photo

Pebbles in the landscape

Pebbles in the landscape

In addition, shingles is an ideal material for creating various crafts and figures.For example, painted in bright colors crafts from pebbles to give will adorn the playground or recreation area.And if your site is designed in a simple style, arrange the figurines for the garden of pebbles so that the composition is reminiscent of a Japanese rock garden or the famous mysterious Stonehenge.

Making beds pebbles photo

Making beds pebbles photo

Pebbles to create landscape features

Pebbles to create landscape features

The decor of pebbles for the garden

decor of pebbles for the garden

plot design with pebbles

plot design with pebbles

Garden decoration of pebbles

Garden decor pebble

Despiteits simplicity, pebbles in landscape design is exactly the unifying thread that brings the integrity and completeness of the whole area.Pebbles - this is the material that is presented to us by nature and that's why it becomes a harmonious decoration of any territory.

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