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August 12, 2017 18:07

Patio at the cottage or in the garden design with photos

hot sunny Mediterranean: the narrow stone streets, sultry air, tropical greenery and shaded corner of bliss, hidden from human eyes behind high walls at home.Italian courtyard - patio was created with love, it was a cozy place for family recreation. Perhaps that is why today, landscaping land, many gardeners reproduce a piece of Mediterranean style in his garden.

patio at the cottage or in the garden is becoming more popular, and its arrangement allows site owners to plunge into the romantic atmosphere of the Mediterranean.Let us together with the "House of Dreams" see how you can apply the idea of ​​creating a patio in the modern landscape design.

Patio at the cottage

Patio on

cottage How to plan a patio area: the variety of options

In today's landscape design concept as totally enclosed patio courtyard was lost among the options diversity.It may be two walls that hide the hosts section in the heat at noon and the prying eyes of neighbors, or well-court, enclosed by hedges.But the foundation - rocky flat area remains unchanged.

desire to build a patio in their country or area of ​​a private house is easily doable.First of all, it makes sense to define a place for this area.It is expected that it will be a place for family vacation, and this should be used in planning.Planning for the site must be flat.It is possible that it will have a wonderful view of the garden, or in the future will be planned flower beds and hedges to create privacy.

identify places grower must consider the style of: wall, fence, or a combination of both.Then prepare the site: put before the base coat patio, fertile soil with a selected area is selected.In its place is filled gravel bed low height is not more than 10cm, then it is filled with coarse sand to the same height.On top of the sand spread basis stony grounds.

Patio in the country with their own hands photo

patio at the cottage with his hands photo

Creating a patio with their own hands: materials and methods

base material for the construction of a patio at the cottage with your own hands can be very different: artificial stone, natural stone slabs, cobblestone, tile, brick,cobbles.The most important thing to consider - it is easy to use in the future.Too large cobbles and will not create a perfect flat surface, garden furniture will always swing at a playground.

selected material tightly placed throughout the site only after the alignment conducted sand cushion and abundant irrigation water.Wet sand settles, will become visible the possible errors that occurred at dumping sites.After their sand patches again moistened with water, then laid the foundation conceived.After laying the whole area is filled with dry sand to score the cracks between the stones.Then sweep the sand and watered ground, all these actions are repeated again several times.

Beautiful terraces and patios photo

Beautiful terraces and patios photo

Construction patio walls is also possible with the use of different materials.At the site of the future walls of a trench dug a little more than the width of the planned fence.The bottom of the trench is filled with gravel to avoid possible subsidence of the finished design.

walls erected with the use of fastening solutions or without them (eg, limestone).With the construction of niches in immediately laying the container for subsequent planting of flower plants, if such an option is provided.Top decorate the walls obliquely, in this case the water when rainfall does not stay on the rocks and does not destroy the fence.

Patio in landscape design

Patio in landscape design

Patio: Design for the soul

If you have walls or patios limited beautiful railing at the site can accommodate a fireplace or outdoor oven.In this case it will be possible to comfortably spend time in the area, even the cool summer evenings.

Patio with outdoor oven photo

Patio with outdoor oven photo

Design garden patio photo

Patio Design garden photo

Patio nearest house photo

patio near the house Photo

Main patio designs decorate flower arrangements.Additionally, on the edge of the platform construct raised beds or rock gardens.Selection of plants depends on the overall style or patio design.To decorate a dull stone walls, you can use a plant with bright yellow and red flowers.Perennial vines climbing the walls will close and will create an additional coolness.If desired, the wall can be decorated with a variety of pots basket plant.

The design of the patio in front of house

patio in front of house design

Patio at the cottage in the courtyard

patio at the cottage in the courtyard

Patio at the cottage Photo

Patio pictured giving

finishing touches to the design of the patio will become garden furniture.A great option would be the product of natural wood materials.In this case, the picture "patio" is organically complete and peaceful.Perhaps the main patio furniture is a table with chairs or bench, because there is no better dining area in the garden than in a well-furnished patio.Also, it can be a swing and rocking chairs, comfortable sofas, hammocks and other furniture for the convenience.

The design of the patio at the cottage Photo

Design patio at the cottage Photo

Upholstered furniture , garden patio

Soft garden furniture for the patio

Patio in the backyard photos

Patio in the backyard photos

As you can see, the patio at the cottage or in the garden it is possible to build and execute their own hands.Of course, this article only describes an exemplary embodiment of how to make a patio, so you can feel free to experiment with materials and design options.Patio can be built and on the dais, and on level ground, and in the recess.The floor of the patio can be a stone, and wood, but it is always an option when you can leave the ground, only sealing the heaped gravel or her, or even build a patio on the grass.

Patio nearest house photo

patio near the house Photo

How to Build a Patio

How to build a patio

How to make a patio at the cottage

How to make patio

How to build a patio at the cottage

cottage How to build a patio

cottage Try and experiment, in return you will have a cozy cornerhave a good time.

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