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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to throw away old things and it gives

Life has become boring, monotonous, luck is not on your side, there were financial problems or can not meet your soul mate?In this case, look around: if the house you are surrounded by old things have not used, but they tend to "throw a pity," that it may be hiding in the cause of all the failures.

Very often, in order to let the house for something new, you need to simply get rid of the old.Want to know how to properly dispose of old things to attract into your life a new and good?Then read our current publication on the website of "House of Dreams" and be sure to try the tips listed in practice.

how to properly dispose of old things

How to throw away old things

Why should periodically throw out old things

According to feng shui, the old things, zahlamlyayuschie house impede the free flow of qi energy, as a consequence, creates energy blocks in the same house, andits occupants.That is why there is poor health, failure, dissatisfaction with himself and his life.In such a house does not want to do, manifested apathy, laziness, it is difficult to breathe in it, and things like putting pressure on the brain, causing the appearance of negative thoughts.

Ideally, qi energy should look into every corner of the house, filling him and the people living in it new vitality, give happiness, health, peace of mind, financial well-being.When all parts are engaged in some trash or unnecessary things, the energy in these places do not even get.One need only pick up and throw something out of the old things, the situation will begin to change.

How to get rid of old things: how to start

Typically, throwing old things start with the cabinets, but no one bothers to start, for example, with the "cleaning up" the balcony, loggia, pantry.Better yet, first get rid of unwanted bulky items, such as worn out soft sofa or crumbling of the chest, to fix that, nobody will.In addition, in an old upholstered furniture can live bedbugs and other insects that are harmful to humans.So let's start ...

balconies and loggias

on the balcony get all the trash that is formed on the case "suddenly come in handy," but six months, a year or more you it has not even been touched.Look at what is hiding in the boxes, old suitcases and trunks - surely there too that throw, if not all!By the way, if your suitcase is also not required, it can also be safely disposed of, except may be, only those bags that can be used for interior decoration.

What more of an unnecessary can be found on the balcony?Look for trash boxes with tools, there tend to be stored some details that you were planning to "return" to place something to fix, but have not done, especially if you have not already used and the sort of thing, part ofwhich it is stored.

Generally, a balcony or loggia is best used not for storing seasonal items or rubbish, but as a place to relax or to arrange there a greenhouse, conservatory.

Getting rid of rubbish in the apartment

Getting rid of rubbish in the apartment

How to throw away old things

How to throw old things


This is another place that can simply be filled up with rubbish.If you decide to throw out old things, then they should start looking in the pantry.

Safely dispose stored in the pantry broken equipment, for example, an old blender or vacuum cleaner, you will not have to fix, but kept in case "and suddenly make up my mind."

If the storage room or closet-closet stored products, they need to be checked for freshness: the old conservation can be safely disposed of;also need to check your bulk foods and make sure that they would not start "living creatures";There is no place, and rotten vegetables.

Collect all that is not in use, repair shelves, cabinets, doors, if they are broken somewhere, Conn torn wallpaper, refresh the walls and door of the pantry of the new paint.Pantry after such a cleaning be sure to ventilate.

How to throw away old things

How to throw away old things

cabinets and drawers

Perhaps there is nothing harder than to throw away clothes and shoes, especially if you are very still like or reminiscent of some event.Fashion, like any other thing, "remembers" your energy, so before you throw out old things from the cabinets, wash them and dry, shoes, wipe with a damp cloth.Things have for anything not suitable, it is advised even burn.All the old, that had accumulated on the things, especially the poor, must not be any return to you, or go to the other.So - either wash or destroy!

Perhaps you've heard that you need to throw away things that are not worn for six months, but here are all individually, depending on the situation or at your discretion.You can in one fell swoop to throw away all the old, but it happens that the hand is not raised, then the output would be to learn how to throw old things one by one, little by little, day by day ...

Also check the closets and drawers, ottomans, sofas and beds with drawers.What is stored in the built-in drawers for storage in your bed?If this is the bedding, everything is all right, but if there is "trunks" with old things, throw them away mercilessly!

very many small drawers are in furniture sets for the hallway, the walls in children and even in the bedside table.They need to check for any unnecessary detail: receipts, tear-off sheets with records, old magazines and newspapers, broken pencils or pens and write-offs, etc.Do you still feel sorry to throw all these old things?Believe me, without them, your life will be better!


a pity to throw away old things

How to learn to throw the old stuff

How to learn to throw the old stuff

How to get rid of old things

How to get rid of old things

Do I need to throw away old things

Do I need to throw old things


Another place for the accumulation of unnecessarythings in the apartment or in the house - this is the kitchen.Here's how to get rid of the trash in the kitchen:

  • First of all, you need to find all Chipped dishes, plates and cups with cracks, teapots and sugar bowls with broken handle - it all shamelessly throw out in the trash, not sparing.
  • old, unnecessary and terrible utensils, which you do not use for a long time, waiting for the same to its thrown.
  • Next you need to throw wear kitchen textiles - towels, potholders, apron, replacing it is all new and clean.
  • Go through the cabinets where you store bulk products, cereals, to clean everything and put things in order.
  • Remove from kitchen cabinets all that there is not the place.
  • Check cutlery, kitchen gadgets and all sorts of devices.Discard safely all those who have lost their appearance, lost functionality, broken or corny require replacement.

also holds regular cleaning in the kitchen and every time throw unnecessary things, that it is the most spacious, fresh and clean.

Get rid of the trash in the kitchen

Getting rid of trash in the kitchen

What kind of things do not discard

Of course, there is a category of old things, you do not want to throw away.It:

  • antiques which is worth a king's ransom;
  • items in good condition that can be sold;
  • things of which you can do crafts, decorations for the interior (provided that you are really doing this, not only want to start);
  • things that are useful to the country (here without fanaticism, not to accidentally come in handy all!);
  • children's clothes and toys that can someone pass "inherited".

Many people really need to learn how to throw out old things and no doubt that was not sorry.Sometimes it is very difficult, but the result is worth it!When we get rid of the old one, in our lives certainly comes something new, and it will be sure to clean and positive.Good luck getting rid of rubbish!

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