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August 12, 2017 18:07

Design apartment in minimalist style

It just so happened that you inhabit in an old house built a hundred or more years ago, but, not being the owner of the business and capital, honestly live on one salary, which means that the repair of your dilapidated housing can only dream.Repair you just can not afford it, you decide.

Well, perhaps this is so.But is it every two or three years to go to the market to buy a new wallpaper or change the curtains, thinking that this could change anything in the design you own a home?Or fill it with furniture bought for the occasion?Is not it easier to abandon the fruitless attempts to be "better than others" and "fit", and do a little redecorating, having issued his apartment so popular throughout western Europe style classic minimalist ?

rules of repair of apartments in old houses

Step One - WALL

You will only need to putty all the cracks and irregularities in them, the most inexpensive wallpaper paste over a subsequent painting.Paint can be in white and in a light pastel tone, remembering that there are no laws and regulations, and you pick a color exclusively for your own personal taste.

Step Two - PAUL

Of course, it would be nice to cover laminate flooring, but the old houses are remarkable in that they cover the floors fine, just a little lost their form parquet.In most cases, it will be enough just to update it a bit by removing layers of varnish and zakamenevshey mastic to the floor began to look new.Then cover it with varnish again, remembering that modern paints will serve you for decades.


It's simple - without changing anything in them, enough to paint the doors and windows in white color, so that they shone like new.It would be nice to change the handle, but only on condition that you will choose them according to the age of your apartment.Let them be inexpensive, but certainly stylized antique.Remember that the more massive are door and window handles and latches, the more natural they will look at the overall design of your apartment.


There can only be one piece of advice - get rid of all your unnecessary.But whatever you choose to leave, or cover varnish previously having painted the color of the floor or covering filler, dye in the color of your walls.Upholstered furniture is bad sheathe again, although it will be enough and covers from inexpensive fabrics that you do sew for her.

Step Five - window curtains

For this project offered only white curtains made from natural fabrics.But if you think that they have to be some other colors, no one bothers you to experiment, because you make an apartment in the first place so that it was comfortable to you.

Step Six - design elements

And they, as you have seen, considering the photos presented by us, may be any life - from paintings to rugs, vases and flower wreaths.The only thing we can advise - do not overdo it with embellishment.Remember that we are creating a design in a minimalist style , and if so, any excess only prevent us.

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