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August 12, 2017 18:07

Wallpaper for walls in the bedroom : choose the best option

Despite the achievements of scientific and technological progress and the emergence of various new types of walls, wallpaper are still led wall coverings list. largely conditioned by their choice of appointment of the room, it is from this depends not only the color of the coating, but also his appearance.

Let's see what the wallpaper to choose for the bedroom, not to disturb the comfort and coziness of the room.And that is the most comfortable room, think, nobody will argue, because this is where we rest and gain strength before the next working day.

Wallpapers for bedrooms: pushing the boundaries

Unfortunately, small bedrooms in the apartments are not uncommon, so the owners of small size square meters will be interesting to see how we can push the boundaries of space.Wallpapers for a small bedroom should be dark or with a large contrasting pattern.The best option - it's the wallpaper in pastel shades, plain or with small unobtrusive design.

Close drawing on the walls looks not so much out of place as overloading the already small space and "oppressive" mentality.To select the wallpaper unsuccessful examples include the large black or dark-blue spots on a beige background.

While bright walls visually expand the room and there are objects appear larger.Well, if the fine pattern will be positioned vertically, so the room will not only look better, but also higher.But the uniqueness of striped wallpaper designers do not approve - striped wallpaper in the bedroom is better not to use.

Still need to pay attention to the location of the premises with respect to the cardinal.If the room is well lit, the wallpaper for the bedroom, you can choose cool colors (blue, green, purple), and if the windows facing north, it is better to look wallpaper warm colors (yellow, orange, burgundy).

What wallpaper to choose for the bedroom

What wallpaper to choose for the bedroom

beautiful wallpaper for the bedroom

Beautiful wallpaper for the bedroom photo

Floral wallpaper bedroom photo

floral wallpaper for the bedroom photo

Determine the colors of wallpaper for the bedroom

Since we are talking about the cold and warm shadesthen let's see what color wallpapers for bedrooms will be optimal.Psychologists recommend to stay on the pastel shades, and designers are strongly advised to listen to their own feelings and to choose the color, relying on their intuition.For example, if you like red, then choose the color of the wallpaper for the walls in the bedroom.

But if you still want to find a middle ground between the recommendations of divers specialists, whereas in the design of the bedroom wallpaper red replace the maroon color - unlike the exciting psyche red, burgundy acts on it is quite beneficial.

suitable color of the wallpaper for the walls in the bedroom will be pastel colors: pale turquoise, light green, beige, cream, peach, pale lilac, light blue, muted yellow, soft orange.But should refrain from red, purple, black and brown colors - after all it is not the color scheme, in which environment to unwind and relax.

Wallpaper for small bedroom

Wallpaper for small bedroom

the combination of wallpaper in the bedroom

combination of wallpaper in the bedroom

And how to combine with each other pastel shades?Here, too, it is not so simple, and there are at least three versions of the combination of wallpaper in the bedroom:

  1. monochrome - when using two of the same color, but different intensity;
  2. contrast - when combined "warm" tone to the "cold" (green + pink, yellow + magenta);
  3. combined with white (a white ceiling can act as a white color).

Any of these combinations is achieved by combining several colors of wallpaper and sometimes even a few textures.The most common functional zoning of space, for example, often isolated sleeping area - the wall at the head of the bed.It may be a niche in the wall, or just part of the wall, isolated textured wallpaper from top to bottom in a contrasting color.It would be good to give this area the 'warmth' and not to use here glossy finish and to give preference to a soft matte wallpaper, for example, textile.

Paintable wallpaper for bedroom

paintable wallpaper for bedroom

beautiful wallpaper for the bedroom

Beautiful wallpaper for the bedroom photo

decoration bedroom wallpaper

decorated bedroom wallpaper

If there is a desire to "revive" the bedroom and bring it not only peace restful sleep, but also enthusiasmcheerful in the morning, then you can use wallpapers.As a rule, choose the image for the bedroom with the flora, such as beautiful flowers, cherry blossoms, forest glade, seascape.Effectively look like the picture covering the entire wall, and not just part of it.This can be any free wall of the bedroom - at the head of the bed or placed in front of her.

Here we should mention another important point.If the decor you choose wallpapers or plan to hang on one wall of the big picture, then the background wallpaper must be self-colored or with a discreet pattern.So the interior will be more harmonious, and the colors are not nalyapistost hint of bad taste hosts.

color wallpaper bedroom

color wallpaper bedroom

Wallpapers for bedroom photo

wallpaper for the bedroom photo

how pokleit wallpaper in the bedroom

As pokleit wallpaper in the bedroom

Select a wallpaper in the bedroom: beauty or practicality?

After we talked about the colors and the possibility of using the correct color space, it's time to bring out the best wallpaper for the bedroom.If you are a supporter of eco-friendly finishing materials, then you should pay attention to the so-called natural wallpaper: it may be paper, textile, bamboo wallpaper.They do not emit toxic substances, manufactured from environmentally-friendly materials, and allow the walls to "breathe."

way, beautiful wallpaper for the bedroom is not always harmful to health, for example, the same textile wallpaper look very elegant, but they are not cheap.It can also include a beautiful vinyl wallpaper, however, do not have to talk about sustainability, they are toxic and do not leak air through itself and synthetic coating does not have to ensure that they paste over the walls of the room as a bedroom.

A good option would be based on non-woven wallpaper with a pattern or already applied for painting.There is also a more environmentally friendly building include fleece, but unlike wallpaper for painting, he has an absolutely smooth texture.

What pokleit wallpaper in the bedroom, if the walls have minor flaws?In this case, come to the aid of dense non-woven wallpaper base - they will hide minor cracks and irregularities of the walls, and even wallpaper are able to improve the sound insulation of walls, which is also important for this room.In addition, in glueing and care they are incredibly simple, which makes them versatile.

Wallpaper in the form of a brick wall in the bedroom photo

Wallpapers a brick wall in the bedroom Photo

Light wallpaper for bedroom walls

Light wallpaper for bedroom walls

Structural wallpaper in the bedroom above the headboard

Structural wallpaper in the bedroom above the headboard

So, let's summarize what wallpaper to choose for the bedroom?As a general background for the walls is better to stay on the wallpaper natural calm tones, but if you want more color, they can always be added with accessories bright contrasting colors.Listen to yourself, and give preference to only the best finishes.

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