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August 12, 2017 18:07

Decorative wells photo

Our ancestors would envy well the presence on each country site, because they had to go to fetch water at the end of the street , and then carry heavy buckets of water to his house.But in those days they would not even guess that modern decorative wells - is in most cases only the elements of landscape design, and its direct functions they perform.We invite you to see how to choose the right wells and how to make them in line with the general direction of your portion of the exterior.

Why do we need a well, if there is no water

Indeed, most of the well in the country is used to cover the tank with rain water, sewers and other utilities, and only in rare cases, the wells used for other purposes - decorative"houses" close the well with drinking water.In this case, the scenic design is not only for aesthetic pleasure, but also performs quite prosaic function - to protect the water in the well of debris, dust, insects, and in the winter and frost.

And any house for the well at 100% is used in the decorative purposes - on the roof and sides ampelnye planted flowers, and at its base planted vines.So unpretentious manner conventional well may be converted to a pergola or shaded area to relax.

What materials do decorative wells

most commonly in the cottages and suburban areas there are wooden shafts.The natural material has always been valued for its beauty, eco-friendliness and, most importantly, reliability.In addition, the construction of the tree is very easy to fit into the landscape design, surround the area with green grass enough trees and flowers.

well design at the cottage

design well at

cottage As a rule, the whole house (and the base and roof) is made from a log or planks.The walls spread the brick, stone, tile or sheathe planed boards.The roof can be two-, three-, hipped, with a weather vane or a decorative ridge, there are already as you wish.It should be noted that the well the roof can be opened and closed.In the first case it is a canopy and carries more than an aesthetic function, and the second closes the well headroom and plays a protective role.

Covering the roof can be everything, everything: the course is lumber, boards, tiles (cement, ceramic, soft), the metal sheets.Even bamboo will fit for this purpose, in this case, to get a unique design in oriental style.A little advice from the designer - if you want the most accurate fit well in the design area, it is better to make the roof of the same roofing material as the roof of the house.

pillars are made of logs, they can be smooth and flat or curly carved with patterns and with sculptures of animals and birds.Around the active or decorative well advised to make blind area of ​​concrete or paving slabs.Recently gaining popularity as soft blind area, which has the best performance, do not harm the well design and prevents the penetration of surface water to its walls.

how to make a decorative well

How to make a decorative well

Wooden decorative wells photo

Wooden decorative wells photo

Wooden decorative wells photo

Wooden decorative wells photo

How can decorate well

Different situations make us reflect on the improvement of the appearance of the well.Who is not satisfied with its exterior finish, someone well inherited from the previous owners, and old age has lost its former luster.In any case, if you are interested in the question of how to decorate well, our tips will help in this.

If your garden area is decorated in a country style, with neatly spaced carts, wheels, decorative windmills, decorated with wicker fence, then a decorative well for the garden is made in the same style.The easiest way - to the base to attach the wagon wheel, thanks to such a small detail, he immediately fit into the overall style of the site.

The design of the well at the cottage in country style

well design at the cottage in the country style

Wooden photo wells

Wooden wells photo

Beautifully looks well, surrounded by greenery, surrounded by grass and, for example, shrubs for hedges of juniper mixed with flower beds.To emphasize the rustic style, close to the well can put a fence woven from branches or vines, and put the stone blind area.If near a small body of water, be sure to take the opportunity and install through a wooden garden bridge.The main thing - to provide a complete picture of the site, then come up with the design of the well in the country and fit it to the exterior will be very easy.

How to make a well in the area

How to make a well in the area

Decorative well in the area

Decorative well in the area

One of the most beautiful ways of decoration of wells - this environment it gustorastuschimi flowers.For example, as often used roof flowerbed well.But flowers can be arranged on the side walls in hanging pots and put the pots in a well on the end walls, and even surround its base, spreading flowering plants on the perimeter of the well.

Beautiful decorative wells photo

Beautiful decorative wells photo

Decorative flowers wells

Decorative wells flowers

And the next version with an alpine slide.If your operating well, the soil remaining after drilling is not exported outside the area, and next to him Construct alpine hill.The abundance of stone, greenery and gurgling streams soothes and creates a favorable atmosphere for relaxation.

Decorative wells in landscape design

Decorative wells in landscape design

Decorative well in the country Photo

Decorative well in the country photo

Well medieval-style decorated with natural stone, granite, cobblestone, and the roof of this design is the metal dome.The modern form of the well will give a minimalist style - wrought iron support pillars in place, polycarbonate roof and the absence of florid decoration.This well decorated and it is not necessary, as long as it fits in the exterior area.

How to make a well photo

How to make a well photo

And decorative well can be designed in a nautical style.To this end, the base of the well and the pillars wrapped with thick rope, instead of buckets used wooden beer barrel, vertical racks hung an anchor and as a handle gate used the wheel.Be sure, an element portion decor certainly revive it and become local "attraction", which will tell neighbors and friends visit your home.

How to make a decorative well with their hands

Decorative well for the garden

well Decorative Garden

And this part of our publication will be of interest to those masters who do not like to sit idly by.Let's see how to make a decorative well with their hands.

For this we need a large capacity, such as the tank.Digs a hole in accordance with the size of the tank, and on the sides to make "allowances" 20-25cm.For the strength of the bottom of the pit fall asleep sand to a depth of 30cm, so the top of the tank rises above the ground at the same 30cm, but it's just at hand.

Once the tank is installed in a hole, the edges need to sprinkle the ground and tightly compacted.Then surround the base of the logs.For that they were hard and long, around the well pour the foundation depth of about 30cm.Drill holes and "sadim" bottom row of logs at anchor.All other logs of well laid brickwork to a height of 1m.

Then do the roof.To begin, you must install the rack - they are put in to get the square of the timber and attached to it with nails - this will be the base of the roof.Now we bring down the house two bars (such houses will need 2 pcs.), Set them on the rack and connect the cross beams - they should fill close to each other, sincethey will play the role of a roof.Complete construction is to install a decorative cover on the well.

design options wells may be many, but the main advice that give designers, this is what breeds the wells should not stand alone in the area.It is our main task - as precisely as possible to fit them into landscaping adjacent to the house territory.

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