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August 12, 2017 18:07

Lawn mowing and lawn care grass

No grass is hard to imagine a country site, because this green oasis truly is the personification of all life on earth. And it does not matter what amounts of land are under the green grass, sooner or later there comes a time to take care of this beauty, because without care and attention the grass will grow and will only spoil the look of the site.Of course, to the lawn was always excellent and well-groomed appearance, the farm must have a lawn mower.Independently produce lawn cut in an area of ​​several acres lush grass without the use of special tools is rather difficult, I can even say, this task is impossible.

assume that the mower we already have, it's time to learn all the wisdom of this simple case.As with all types of "farm" work, mowing the lawn, too, has its own nuances.

Perhaps you ask, and when it is necessary to cut the grass? Lawn mowing need as grass growth, some stringent conditions are not present, all depends on the type of grass, the regularity and abundant watering.You will notice it yourself - as soon as the grass grew and lost lawn neat appearance, immediately grasp the tool.Some gardeners do not allow strong growths of grass, and shear it every 2-3 days.

On one site it was written on gardening that the lawn in the garden should be cut 3-4 times per season.It turns 1 time per month?During this time of lawn grass will grow on the belt, and giving becomes like a green meadow with tall grass that grows as she pleases.In fact, with abundant watering even small lawn needs mowing 1 every 4-5 days.

But back to the rules Lawn grass .Let's find out what height should be grass on the lawn after all the manipulations?How would carefully and tightened in a sports did not look at the height of 2-3cm lawn, in the garden area should still leave grass height of 5-6 cm. Moreover, if the first mowing the lawn (or any subsequent) is produced on highly neglected area, the heightneed to "remove" gradually, each time making it less and less.For example, the first mowing remove 20-30% of the height of the lawn grass, then 50%, then 75% and the output to the desired height.

Why should you adhere to this rule?It's very simple - with a sharp decrease in the height of the lower part of the stalk of grass weakens, the soil dries and instead grow and delight lush greenery, grass can dry out and become lethargic.

Mowing the lawn mower

mowing the lawn mower

Another rule - do not cut wet grass.It is best to carry out all the work in dry weather, watering if after enough time has passed, and the grass has dried up.Watering can trample the grass and mowing will occur unevenly.In addition, wet grass and dirt clogs the mower.

Lawn mower for mowing the lawn

mower for mowing the lawn

What else you need to know before mowing?To lawn looking nice and well maintained, with each subsequent mowing change the direction of movement of the machine.For example, the last time you walked through the green area on the left to the right, and now go in the opposite direction - from right to left.This allows the grass to be of uniform height and is not flattened at any one side.

And, of course, to get a green lawn without yellow segments after mowing the grass should be watered.

for cutting small and hard to reach areas of lawn useful tool called trimmer.It is light, compact, with rotatable head, so that by using it, you will easily manage to care for the grass.But still, do not look for the easy way out - until the trimmer for lawn mowing you do not, you can mow the grass in small areas, for example, under a tree, a pair of scissors.

The photo shows that the grass grows unevenly, and regular watering green oasis becomes inaccurate after a few days.

Mowing the lawn is small in size

Lawn mowing small size

The solution is simple: we armed with scissors, which are available in any home, and start an interesting process.It should be noted that a pair of scissors should be sharp, so as not to injure the stem (ie not suitable for metal scissors).

Basic principles of mowing the lawn, we have seen above: no shear is too low, do not mow wet grass.Just equate height all the stalks and cut with scissors at the horizontal level.

Mowing grass with scissors

Mowing grass with scissors

As a result, you should get something like the following picture.

Lawn grass

Lawn grass

As you can see, mow the lawn, even such a small size is easy enough, besides, it does not take too much time, somewhere in ten minutes is enough to shave off 1 square meter of this lawn.

Engage mowing the lawn on a regular basis and if your site, or cottage garden will smell sweet summer freshness and greenery, pleasing its impeccable appearance.Vacationing in such circumstances, much nicer than in dense ugly thickets.Therefore Lawn grass must become your familiar and regular classes in season grass growth.

Lawn grass - mowing the lawn mower

Lawn grass - mowing the lawn mower

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