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August 12, 2017 18:07

Creek on the site with his own hands

Babbling Brook promotes relaxation and stress relief, when he gives any encouragement Manor. Typically, such creek on site is possible in the presence of the reservoir or pond.But sometimes they are created specifically for the stream.In addition to its decorative and aesthetic function, it plays an important role in the "life" of the pond - saturates it with oxygen, which is necessary for a standing water.

If you explain just how to make a stream on the site with his own hands, the picture is roughly as follows: directly into the pond is placed a pump, from which water flows through the hose to the stream source, and then she was "rushing" on brook and again falls into the pond.So it turns out an iterative process.

But to look the creek, built with his own hands, pleased the eye, you must first have some work on its creation and ennobling.This will be discussed further.

Brook cottage

Brook cottage

Creek at their summer cottage

Creek at their summer cottage

In the first step should be an accurate layout of passage of the water element in the garden area.The hallmarks of the stream should be natural and flowing natural lines.Therefore his way often make the winding, twisting, bending around shrubs, flower beds, small garden forms or sculptured stones.

But it is possible to withdraw from this rule and replace the strict geometry of curves.Such lines are appropriate, for example, along the paved garden paths.This creek on site looks more like a ditch, but ennobled and shrubs lined the shore free form or with a hairstyle say about the excellent landscaping cottage or garden plot.

In the process of planning a brook in the country need to be defined and the need to construction of an artificial waterfall and the creation of the receiving water body.Pond should have a smooth rounded shores, lined with plants hanging over the surface of the water.

Babbling brook suit drops to plot elevation.If the slope is gentle, it is possible to create a natural flow of water, which, bypassing the plant, a stream will be shallow and sandy islands.Steep cliffs and beaches with a drop of water should bare rocks, as such an arrangement produces "mountain" origin.

Stream in the garden photo

Creek in the garden Photo

How to make a stream in the country with their own hands

How to stream in the country with their own hands

Creek cottage photo

Creek cottage photo

Proceedings simple.Rope or strips indicate the future direction of the stream in the summer cottage.Soil dug into the calculated depth, add-stage thresholds.The bottom of the well is cleaned from stones, roots and tamped.If you plan to stream to the mouth of the finished pond, then carefully expose the waterproof film by the pond.Layer of sand sprinkled trench 5 cm and laid nonwoven - geotextiles.Waterproofing foil laid out with a margin around the edges.Then it must be watered with a hose.This will give shape to the future course.The film is pressed against the cobblestones, in the middle of the bed spread flat limestone, decorated with pebbles.Hose mask edge turf.The hose from the pump is drawn parallel to the bed of the creek and buried it in a shallow trench.Connect the pump.If the pond is not present, the mouth of the stream should deepen and build a small pond or a film set container for water circulation.

ennobles the stream in the garden by a greenery and flowers

When a stream is created, you need to take care of its impact on the appearance of the garden or the garden.To do this, on the banks of the stream are planted plants, well-carrying humidity.At the source of the stream can be planted shrubs, love moist soil, such as hydrangea and viburnum, as well as perennials that prefer moisture - Dryopteris male, Astilbe, fern.The choice of plants depends on the position of the stream in the country.

On the way to the stream, the water's edge, it is advisable to plant the plants that disguise the building materials.These copies must be good to carry a small depth and wet land.Take, for example, Kukushkin flax, marigold, moss undersized, crowberry.For natural plants should be planted in groups.On the coast can be planted jasmine, Weigel, lilac, honeysuckle.

At the mouth of the stream planting plants can withstand for example, hippuris.Where the mouth becomes more calm, can be sent to the free swimming water buttercup.Beach mouth creeping decorate or stunted plants: Ajuga reptans or loosestrife monetchatym.

A bridge over a stream in the area

bridge over a stream in the area

A bridge over a stream in the area

bridge over a stream in the area

Live stream at the cottage with stones

Live creek at the cottage with stones

Creek near her house with their hands

creek near her house with his own hands

Care bubbling brook in the country

If the stream is designed and built correctly, and look very simple for him.The main thing in it - it's filtering and purification of water.But for the normal functioning of your stream at the cottage or homestead, the following actions should be undertaken:

  • from time to time add to the body of water or water container, as it takes part during the course of the brook;
  • drained 1 once a year;
  • at this time to clean the pump stream, in particular, all filters, hoses and blow pipe;
  • cleaned of silt stones, which are used for the decoration of the creek (the same as for a dry creek);
  • dry creek in the winter;
  • spring when you reconnect to check all wiring leading to the pump stream, in order to avoid the closure.

When the device at the site of the stream is also important to properly was chosen pumps, well-designed pipe diameter and laid waterproofing.You should also take care of cleaning the pump in the winter.Filters should be cleaned, the water was pumped to the highest quality.

Thus, if you decide to become an owner of a babbling brook at the site, and then think about how you are able to monitor and care for him, whether he artfully ennobled or hopelessly abandoned?

Creek in the area

Creek on the site

How to care for a stream in the area

How to care for a stream in the area

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