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August 12, 2017 18:07

Which animal to have in the apartment

As a rule, the question of what kind of animal to have in an apartment set on two occasions: the first parents pushing such a responsible step young children , with pleading eyes that ask you to buy them a dog, cat or hamster;in the second case it think single people who lack warmth, but at the same time, they are busy enough to fully take care of your "friend".This is exactly the case when like and want to have a smart dog, but eventually stops at the silent fishes just because they do not require one hundred percent attention.

which pet is best to start in the apartment

Which pet is better to get in the apartment

A cat in the apartment

cat in the apartment

the question of choice is still connected small-sized area of ​​the apartment in which members of the family and they barely fit.Where else to take a Labrador or a German shepherd?Let's look at the options Neighbourhood c different household pets.Let's start with some of the smartest.

If the apartment dog

Puppies in the apartment

Puppies apartment

Dog is considered the most intelligent and loyal pet, no wonder it is called the four-legged friend.This is probably the best option for children and their parents, because the dog is very loyal to his master, but not as distinctive as cats, or not so indifferent as fish.They are tied to family members just as much attached to the dog owners and the history of how these intelligent animals travel thousands of kilometers in search go to another city hosts compress the heart.Benefits of the dogs present in the apartment are obvious, so fans of shaggy beauties do not even think which animal is best to have in the apartment - they simply choose a dog.

The dog in the photo apartment

dog in an apartment Photo

Apart from the obvious advantages of cohabitation of dogs and people, of course, there are also disadvantages:

  • Firstly, it is the daily care.For birds and fish, too, need to take care of every day, but are you ready for at least two times a day to walk the dog, and the morning need to have time to take a walk with her and not be late for work, and in the evening again go for a walk, when, in general,forces already on what not.
  • Secondly, training.The dog should be given a lot of time if you want to make of it turned out something worthwhile.
  • Third, expensive food - are you ready to spend a certain amount per month to feed your pet?
  • Fourth, the additional costs of finance and time for the passage of all medical preventive measures and vaccination.
  • Fifth, the extra space, because the content of the animals in the apartment requires the allocation for their individual space

not stop such difficulties?Then go ahead!Choose the right breed and bring into the house, but note that in the first few months you will often step on the puddles left by the puppy without malice.

Cottage for dogs

House for dogs Wooden

If the apartment cat

Someone loves dogs and some cats, and the recent claim that the more affectionate pet is hard to find.She rubs a leg and pomurlychet, and some doctors even emit koshkoterapiyu (which is scientifically called felinoterapiya) in a very important part of the normalization of mental health.His cat purr and caress helps with depression, treat nervous disorders and cardiac disorders.

A cat in the apartment photo

cat on the door, photo

In this animal care less whimsical than the dog.Venture out cat can independently, the main time to open her front door.And if you teach a cat to walk into the tray, then the need for street walks generally disappears.

They were content pluses cats in the apartment, but now let's talk about the disadvantages.The disadvantage of the first - is the smell.But you can put up with it.Make sure that the tray has always been clean, if there will not collect animal waste products, and the smell will not.For more purity using special fillers for cat litter pots, they absorb liquid and prevent odors spread throughout the apartment.If the house lives a cat, and the smell is not associated with a dirty pan, and the fact that it marks territory, then the best way would be castrated animal.

keeping animals in the apartment

Pets in

apartment Another negative - is that feline can cause irreparable damage to your repair and furniture.We are talking about sharp claws of a cat and its constant desire to sharpen them.In the course are carpets and rugs, sofas and chairs.However, if you teach a cat to clean the claws of the special tool, which is sold in any pet store, your furniture and wallpaper are more likely to remain intact.

Also, be prepared for the fact that the wool is everywhere, especially in places where cats like to sleep, and will need long-haired breed also regularly comb to hair is not tangled.Took a fancy to cats can sleep anywhere in the house, it is particularly interesting wardrobe and shelves with clothes, but with the same success they settle in special houses for cats or sleeping on soft tissue sunbeds.

Accessories for cats in the apartment

Accessories for cats in the apartment

what animal to have in the apartment

Which animal to have in the apartment

A full house for cats

A full house for the cats

following disadvantages are not so important - it's the additional cost of vaccinations and special food, collars or spraysfrom fleas and ticks (by the way, even the fleas live in the fur of cats, which do not face the street).And for the first time will need to train a kitten to the pot and keep it away from curtains - very much they like to ride on the curtains and tulle.

Maybe rodents?

hamster, rat, laboratory mice and guinea pigs - is quite funny animals, but not for everybody.They were fun to watch as they take the food front paws, like a stuffed cheeks, like running a business view of the apartment.Often make stocks of provisions in the most unexpected places, and, of course, chew everything, justifying his true name.These small animals often appear in homes where children live, but here it is necessary to warn that rats, hamsters and guinea pigs are biting, and, of course, it's not like a small child his parents.

In addition, cell, home to these lovely creatures need to regularly take care of and clean it.Many are wondering how to get rid of animal odors in the apartment, answer - just have time to clean their waste products, clean the cage, in the case of rodents and birds, and wash the tray, when it comes to cats.By cons neighborhood of rodents in the apartment include a small period of their lives, they live several times smaller than cats and dogs.

The content of the hamsters in the apartment

Content hamsters apartment

Birds in

apartment interesting option for those who are not important tactile contact with the animal.Bird, of course, you can pet, but not to the chest prizhmesh as a cat, and rubbed behind the ear, like a dog.Most often give birth in apartments parrots and canaries, caring for them the minimum - only need to monitor the availability of food, water and regularly clean the cell (at least twice a week).Yes, and live parrots and canaries relatively long time - 15-20 years, delighting the home side a gentle trill, and even human speech.

Of the minuses can be noted that the birds can wake up early and wake up the household with their singing.But this problem is solved - just cover the cage with a thick cloth.

Parrot in the apartment photo

parrot in the apartment Photo

Fish and turtles in

apartment Watch the movement of fish in an aquarium - pretty interesting to do.The underwater world is always soothing and relaxing the person, and if he is still in the apartment, then in general use double.But from experience one can say that to the fish and turtles kids lose interest quickly - for them it is possible only to observe the breast do not prizhmesh ...

It so happens that the owners allergy begins with the appearance of the fish in the apartment.If you are allergic to dry food for fish, you can always buy a live feed or in the form of flakes.This is what concerns fish and tortoise generally vegetarian, Give her the leaves of dandelion, plantain, lettuce, cabbage, and yet she willingly eats cut vegetables.

Turtle in the apartment

Turtle apartment

Aquarium with fish for apartments

aquarium with fish for apartments

We hope our recommendations will facilitate the difficult choice regarding the question what animal to have in an apartment.One last tip - choose the animal, which is your soul, only care about it not a burden to you, and will bring joy.

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