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August 12, 2017 18:07

It hides in the interior : interesting solutions for 20 photos

No matter how many thousands of years have passed, but the craving of man to animal skins still strong. However, if the need of ancient people was dictated by the need to protect themselves from the cold, the modern man chooses them rather from the need to surprise, and sometimes even shock. Hides in interior look noble and give the room a certain charm, and sometimes timeless understanding.Some kind of magic power attracts and draws to the man himself, brings the house warm and cozy.

No matter how trite it sounds, but the skins are different, not only in color and length of the nap.For example, men are by nature hunters and conquerors, so they just went crazy with the skins of these animal with legs and head.Agree, such trophies on the wall or on the floor in the men's interior looks very symbolic.

Hides in the interior photo

hides in the interior photo

women a neighborhood view is not that confusing, and leads to a state of shock, Give them soft and fluffy, and therefore the best option for members of the female half will be made of animal skins Carpets, where several skins sewn ina single rectangular or square fabric.And no heads and feet!

Since we're talking about sex, it is impossible not to mention the fact that women prefer white rugs fluffy and soft sheepskin, while men prefer a more pragmatic bear skins or cow.Especially romantic natures necessarily like the look white sheep skins in interior - on the floor or on chairs, chairs, couches, sofas.


sheepskin interior photo


sheepskin interior photo

Animal skins in interior photos

animal skins in the interior photo

Hides in the interior photo

hides in the interior photo

There is nothing more comfortable than the carpet from skinsbear near a fireplace - heat fire brings tranquility and warmth skins soothes and relaxes.Few romantic evening pass without a glass of wine and sitting together on a beautiful and soft carpet made of animal skins.

The skin of a polar bear in interior photos

skin of a polar bear in the interior photo

animal skins in the interior are not only used as a carpet.As we have noted, they can be put on the sofa, bed or chair as a cloak to hang on the wall as a panel.These accessories, in addition, is also practical - in a fluffy blanket comfortable wrap winter evenings, and panels give the interior depth and chic.

Furry hides in the interior

Furry hides in the interior

The skin of a bear in the interior

skin of a bear in the interior

to any interior fit skin

Hider - is a great accessory that is suitable for many interiors.It all depends on the color and special dressing.Classic interiors will not spoil the cozy sheep or practical cowhide on the floor or on the wall.African style can not exist without the inherent attribute - zebra, giraffe, tiger or leopard.Interior in modern style with skin may surprise blurred abstract pattern.And in the room in the style of the country organically fit "patchwork" carpet made of animal skins pieces.Even the laconic style of hi-tech will not give up on the presence of a leopard skin or the white tiger.

Skin in the interior

Skin interior

Carpet of the skins in the interior of the living room

Carpet of the skins in the interior of the living room

The skin of a cow in the interior

Cow Skin interior

The skin of a zebra in the interior

zebra interior

Lovers of exotic will appeal to the presence in the interior of rare animal skins.But the rarity and exclusivity skin and affects its cost.It is understood that exotic skins can not be cheap.However, there is one "but".Modern tanning skins allows them to cut, paint, and even cut the pattern with a laser.Therefore, with the right approach, you can find the exclusive version of the mat at an affordable price.If you have not yet understood the trick, then we hasten to explain.

clear that the skin of tiger, leopard, giraffe and zebra will be expensive.However, if you take the skin of a cow or a sheep, paint it, mow properly, it is quite replace the skin of exotic animals.Moreover, it will last longer, and the price is not "bite".By the way, often repainted the skins of sheep, cows, bears, goats - the animals live in our latitudes, and their skins have good wear resistance.

Skin Scandinavian interior

Skin near a fireplace in the Scandinavian interior

But for those who can not afford to buy a full animal skin, a great option is a stylized carpet in the form of skins.Neutral carpet with paint by a giraffe or zebra will be an excellent complement corresponding interior.

Animal hides under carpets

Carpets under animal skins

imitation skins carpets

Carpets - imitation skins

Where can I place the skin in the interior

As we have already mentioned, a place to hide in the interior can be found everywhere: on the floor, on a wall or on a softfurniture.The snow-white sheepskin interior looks perfectly in the living room couch or in the bedroom by the bed.Alternatively, the bed can be surrounded on the perimeter, or at least on both sides of white and fluffy skins - this interior looks incredibly gentle and very cozy.

It hides in the interior of a bedroom

hides in the interior bedrooms

bright rug beside the sofa (or furry sheared) also fits perfectly into the interior - it's nice after a hard day off your shoes and walk barefoot on such a rug!

Carpets made of sheepskin in the interior

Carpets made of sheepskin interior

very harmoniously furry pelts and fit into the interior of a child's room.

The skin of a polar bear in the interior of a child

skin of a polar bear in the interior of a child's room

Another interesting application of warm skin in the interior - the bathroom floor.

Bath mats from animal skins

Bath mats from animal skins

cowhide in the interior found a refuge not only on the floor as a mat, but on a leather couch or on the bed as a bedspread.Incidentally, the skin may be used as a cape, not only on the couch or bed and the cushions.

Wall can decorate like a pelt of the animal, as well as a carpet or a panel of skins.With the help of laser processing, cutting and coloring "mat" can have a spectacular view.With clipped pattern and they even decorated with gold and silver are the main focus in the interior.Not any host or guest house does not want to touch the skins: pat her hands or stand on her bare feet - it all depends on where is this "mat".

Another common method is the use of skins of upholstered furniture.Quite often you can find upholstered furniture upholstered in zebra skins or cow.But the shade of wool or mirror frame, upholstered in skin, is not common.However, this method is also the use of skins takes place.

Carpet and cushion of animal skins

carpet and pillows from animal skins

Finally allow ourselves a little advice.Without a doubt, hides in the interior - it's trendy, prestigious and modern accessory that will not give to have in his home every second citizen of our country.However, remember that in addition to their originality and luxury, in large numbers, they overload the interior, make it "difficult" to understand.Much more interesting to look a few bright accents in the form of a mat on the floor or a chair cushion.

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