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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to wash the carpet at home

Despite all the warnings and contraindications for washing carpets, I finally decided to do it. therefore tell you, how to wash the carpet in home is very simple, using a conventional detergent and courtyard.

But first, I want to warn that before such washing should do a background check on a small area of ​​the carpet, the paint does not spread there, if the pile falls, and whether the adhesive agent is lagging behind.

If «ok», and you are sure that there is no way to pass it to the dry cleaners, you have no choice but how to wash the carpet at home conditions, as did I and my assistant - niece.By the way, this is a great way to introduce children to work - washing the carpet with a hose will love and your toddler.

Start with site preparation for washing.Concrete or asphalt (like us) Floor sweep and wash with a hose.Spread it on your carpet, after having walked on it with a vacuum cleaner (or a broom, in extreme cases).

How to wash the carpet at home

How to wash the carpet at home

Further good wet carpet with the water hose.There is already able to show themselves and the child.

Carpet Washing in home photo

Carpet Washing in home photo

Take a detergent or a special shampoo for carpets and spread on a small area of ​​the coating.The powder is not suitable, since it is poorly washed out of the pile, but detergent for dishes after themselves will not leave traces and stains to clean perfectly.

Effective detergent for washing of carpets

effective detergent for washing of carpets

Take a brush to clean the carpet (we had to handle, very comfortable) and start to thoroughly clean your carpet.This activity take on as children to deal with it is not always a virtue - it is hard.

Cleaning carpets at home, at home

Cleaning carpets at home, at home

After cleaning one area, move on to the second.Again distribute detergent.

Means for washing carpets photo

Means for washing of carpets

and keep clean the carpet from dust, dirt and stains.

How to wash the carpet at home

How to wash the carpet at home

Then ask your child to some other personal assistant to water from the hose and walk across the carpet brush, washing away the dirty water and foam.If you have a little courtyard with a slope, do it in a downward direction so that the water went faster.

Leave the carpet for a while in a horizontal position, especially if the yard is sunny and warm weather (in other weather conditions to wash the carpet, I just do not recommend at home).After about 2-3 hours find yourself assistants among adults and hang the carpet dosyhat.If the carpet or rug small and light, you yourself will cope with the task.We both threw him through the gate, but the carpet was long, framed on one side of the shop, otherwise he would lay on the pavement.

Carpet washing at home in the yard

Washing carpets at home in the yard

wash so the carpet is dry until the evening, but only if you do it early in the morning, and the street is really warm and sunny and there is a breeze.At the same time I had to wash 5 or 6 carpets from around the house and some of them did not have time to dry - left the gate at night.

Try to keep your carpet is completely dry, even a slight humidity can lead to very unpleasant odors, mildew, rot.

carpet washing - resume

Waves on my carpet there were but minor.Carpet has become a bit harsh, but after I went through it thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner, as if combing it, it became softer.The waves smoothed out in about a week.On the basis of glue is all right - not hurt.As you can see, wash the carpet at home is still possible.

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