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August 12, 2017 18:07

Glass wall in the interior - sticky fiberglass and painting

produces modern industry types wall coverings able to hit their numbers many inexperienced people in the construction .One has only to get into any big specialty store and head just explodes from that presented an abundance of all kinds of wallpaper.Besides customary for us vinyl, non-woven and paper coatings there are many so-called decorative wallpaper: bamboo, textile, cork and even lived to the present day wallpaper comes from ancient times called linkrust.

They all have certain inherent only to them, features and qualities - it is to such a group of unusual wallpaper and glass fiber can be attributed .In this article, we will describe the advantages of this type of wallpaper, as well as how to properly glue and paint.

original purpose fiberglass limited only by its protective properties - woven fiberglass is almost does not pass water, one might even say that it repels.It is for this reason fiberglass were used in rooms with high humidity, for example, they are an excellent opportunity to prevent moisture from getting into the drywall, thus preventing its swelling.So, if your intention is to build a swimming pool in the house or the changing room to the sauna, the fiberglass stick on a plaster surface - this is what "the doctor ordered."

Scope modern fiberglass interior is much more extensive than their predecessors - they differ a great structural diversity.Multifaceted achieved using woven fiber glass thin molten surface relief may have not only different structure, but also virtually any available method to create such a pattern.It's kind of like knitting - use different principles and different weave the thread color.

The majority of almost all fiberglass manufactured one tone and require subsequent painting.The fact that the use of them to create a colored fiber is costly, and the cost of colored fiberglass quite high - which is why, in order to reduce costs, produce them and, one-way.Buying glass wall for painting for the decoration of your interior, you will significantly save on repairs, because they can later be repainted.

Glass wall in interior photos

Glass wall in the interior photo

Glass wall in interior photos

Glass wall in the interior photo

How to glue glass wall with their hands

Even if the wallpaper is made of an unusual material, it does not mean that the process of sticking to the surface is only available to those skilled.There are, of course, its subtleties and nuances, but if desired, they can always comprehend even by trial and error.

As with any type of wallpapering, very important point is the junction of paintings - should ensure that the web edges are not rastrepyvalis and the individual fibers are not peeled off from him.These so-called "renegades" can strong enough to spoil the overall picture of the interior.

important point when pasting steklooboyami is the selection of the picture.Typically, step pattern applied to the glass fiber is small (within five to fifteen centimeters maximum) so that the material at high overrun not count.

Many people somehow believe that the glass fiber are difficult to slitting.Problem is there is absolutely no.Yes, tupyatsya blade a little faster - just buy them from the reserve, because they cost mere pennies.

biggest problem when pasting the walls steklooboyami corners are, or rather, inside corner joints.Overlap paste is practically impossible, and bends the web to no good will not - that's why when glueing angular canvases are cut precisely on the corner without any overlap.You understand that the angle should be formed almost perfect in this situation.On the small flaws in the blade can make a small discount - you can go further angle putty (on the principle of grouting tile joints in the corners of the room) and after painting these blemishes disappear.

In all other respects the principle of gluing fiberglass is no different from sticking any other types of wallpaper.It is important to understand that for them sticking does not fit any glue - you need a special composition for fiberglass.And everything else is the same - the same roller and trowel for leveling the web, the same rag to remove the adhesive residue and the same razor-sharp knives.

how to glue the glass fiber

How to glue fiberglass

Paint fiberglass - highlights

principle for painting fiberglass remains unchanged.No matter what paint - fiberglass or simply plastered wall.It all depends on what you want.Want to paint penetrated deeply into the structure and paint all in one tone - Arm structural roller, you want to leave a little bit of white veins - this approach is more dense foam roller.

The most important point to be painted fiberglass is their complete drying.A dry them a little longer than usual wallpaper - no need to rush anyway.Day two will not make the weather, but the quality of the end result can be affected significantly.

Glass fiber for painting

Glass wall for painting

Glass fiber for painting photo

Glass wall for painting photo

As you can see, a particular difficulty in pasting steklooboyami walls and painting there.Let your walls delight you beauty, practicality and durability.

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