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August 12, 2017 18:07

Sauna in the apartment : partes health

agree somehow strange to think that the steam cleaning procedure for body and soul can be carried out not in a public place and at home. However, over the last few years, more and more often in the homes appear saunas.Moreover, this unit is set not only in a private home, where the planning of various such "gadgets" rational approach.Today, and a sauna in the apartment - this is not a gimmick, but a very clear trend in the design business.

Sauna in a spacious apartment

Sauna in the apartment Photo

Mini sauna in the apartment photo

Mini sauna in the apartment Photo

What place in your apartment will be the most suitable for installation of saunas, how to choose or how to do it yourself, we will describe in this article.

Where can I install a sauna in the apartment

Anyone who likes to take care of their health, regularly remove toxins from the body, lose weight without exhausting diets have long appreciated the advantages of finding the steam room in the house.Even if the location of the apartment allows you to set a one-place sauna - this is not a reason to abandon it in a small space.

According to the vendors, a mini sauna in the apartment can be placed anywhere: the most common place - a bathroom.But often the size of bathrooms quite small, so the sauna "lodge" in the closet in the hallway, and even on the balcony.

Sauna in bathroom

Sauna in the bathroom

How to make the sauna in the apartment

How to sauna in the apartment

Design a bathroom with sauna photo

Design bathroom with sauna photo

However, despite the absurdity of the steam room arrangement, for example, in a closet, installing a sauna in the cityapartment need to think through in advance, at the stage of repair facilities.Firstly, you need to get permission to install a steam room, and it was not easy at the time and finances.Secondly, for the normal functioning of the sauna, as well as the security of your and neighboring apartment, you must have a reliable electrical wiring that can support the work of saunas, and good ventilation.In addition, to the delight of officials from fire services to get better, and fire alarm.But you must understand that such signaling is necessary first of all to you, and not a meticulous firefighters?

Buy ready-made sauna or make to order?

Like many things in today's world, you can buy a home sauna for the apartment is ready, but you can make to order.If space allows accommodate a spacious sauna, then, of course, it is not necessary to abandon the idea.But if the room is small and you need to enter into it more and sauna, while coming to the aid of the master, who will develop a project that will meet the landlord and will not take up much space.As a rule, in small apartments put single sauna - just such a small steam room they are placed.The smallest Finnish saunas for apartment sizes are 80x80cm.

in the sauna, custom-made, even the good news is that you can plan their shape, size, the materials from which they are made, and even the size and location of the heater can be varied.

Design saunas in apartment

Design saunas in apartment

By the way, for those who do not know what the heater.It is clear that wood sauna in a building can not drown, but the electric sauna in the apartment - this is the best option for the crowded house.Kamenka - This oven, which put on the grid and stones are heated to the desired temperature by means of an electric heating element (before the fire was used for this purpose).Here lies the key point in the selection of saunas - the more powerful heating element, the greater the area of ​​the premises to be heated, the more voltage is needed.For powerful steam 220 is not enough, in this case, submit all 380V.

saunas for apartments and houses

Saunas vary in material manufacturing, and depending on the value of wood varies and the price of the finished sauna.Most often, steam rooms are made of alder, linden, Scandinavian spruce, cedar, pine, aspen.

Installation of the sauna in the apartment

Installation saunas

apartment As mentioned above, the sauna can be calculated as one person, and in a few.

Sauna in a large apartment or private house

Sauna in a large apartment or private house

as a popular alternative to a home sauna can act infrared.Despite the fact that the temperature in the acceptance procedure infrared cabins below nearly doubled, the therapeutic effect of its use in many times more.With the help of infrared rays is carried deeper warming - warming the body to a depth of 4 cm, providing a deep effect on tissues and internal organs.In conventional sauna, in spite of air heated to 100 ° C, warmed only human skin.So concludes a visit to the infrared cabin leaning more - better displays cholesterol and fat and losing weight is carried out more intensively.

Infrared sauna in apartment

infrared sauna in the apartment Photo

Infrared cabin in the apartment

Infrared cabin in

apartment How to make sauna in

apartment craftsmen and masters of all trades is easy to install the steam room in the apartment alone.However, a little knowledge can not hurt.So, let us understand how to make the sauna in the apartment.

before installing a sauna in the apartment, make sure that the room is spacious enough - according to the rules of safety, it should exceed the size of the sauna itself twice.Often, making a flat sauna with his hands, it is placed in the corner of the bathroom or other room, in this case, so that it rapidly heats the walls insulated with mineral wool.It is clear that in this situation, we are significantly reducing heat loss, which, of course, to our advantage.At this stage you need to take care of wiring - it is desirable to lay cables in the pipes and hidden in the hull.

Next to the frame mounted foil, and then the walls are sheathed clapboard.Thus it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that all metal fasteners are recessed into the finishing material.It is necessary first of all for your safety, so as not to burn yourself, for example, a red-hot nail.

frame ready now start manufacturing regiments.Their width can be any, choose the most suitable for you away, but it is desirable to comply with the same height - 40cm from the floor or the previous "step".When you trim a tree, tend to leave an empty space in half a centimeter for better air circulation.

furnace insulated from the floor and walls of fire-resistant material for these purposes is perfect Asbestos cardboard.At the final stage set waterproof and heat-resistant fixtures.

And then a sauna in the apartment completely ready!Now stocked with brooms and all sorts of accessories for the bath, invite your friends and take a bath procedures.

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