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August 12, 2017 18:07

The interior in the style chalet

in time for all the fashion trends of the interiors of apartments and houses and, at the same time, to combine them in one of the quality, beauty and comfort - an understandable desire.In the modern world it is becoming more and more supporters of natural and natural quality of life in all its manifestations.And if you intend to surround himself and his family an environmentally friendly space, introducing interior in the style chalet , then you are on the right track as a distinctive feature of this home - it's the most natural materials and design objects of its articles.

chalet style originated as the Alpine shepherds that were constructed in the mountains for your family safe and warm shelter.More modern chalet - a cozy small houses, which in bad weather are the only shelter for travelers in a mountainous area or near the river.With alpine style chalets you'll find new solutions for the interior of the monastery.

originality, simplicity and romance of interior design in the style of a chalet fascinates and captivates.In this house you always want to come back.The main rule of style - it is the integrity of the finish, with the participation of two natural materials - wood and stone.

, including furniture, covered with patina To left of the old romance of the spirit dwelling in the chalet style, in the interior used weathered wood material.The ceiling and walls in a chalet-style made of wood, and the floor can be either made of stone and wood.Variety type of premises stone finish on the wooden walls.The main attribute is the ceiling for the "chalet" - identical or contrasting color beams.

kaminiz huge stone, rough texture of carpets, animal skins, warm or light braided rugs - an integral part of the design of the chalet, which is always a perfect fit in the space.

Style chalet in the interior photo

style chalets in the interior photo

Interior design in the style of a chalet

Interior design in the style of a chalet

Interior of the house in chalet style

interior of the house in chalet style

Style chalet in the interior photo

style chalets in the interior photo

Typically, chalet style used in interiorscountry houses and cottages.And to love the style set in a city apartment, you need spacious and high ceilings, as an option - two-level apartment.And most importantly - do not overdo it with the tree to your apartment, chalet-style was not dull and dark.

For walls, you can use materials based on natural raw materials such as bamboo wallpaper with braided trim, or apply Structural paint for walls and get relief pattern.Still, as an option - the wallpaper imitating wood or stone.Or you can continue to follow the conventional genre of the village.The new design of your apartment in the spirit chalet create a simple and, at the same time, flawless look.

Apartment in a chalet -style

apartment in chalet style

furniture in your home, chalet-style

Upholstered furniture for your new interior to be large.Your living room and bedroom chalet-style will decorate the walls and slides in the spirit of antiquity, as well as the fine for this decorative chests fit.A practical choice for the interior in the spirit of the chalet will be made of solid wood frame under the TV and communication.

Bedroom chalet-style photos

bedroom chalet-style

kitchen wall, a table and chairs in the kitchen should be made of wood, with the characteristics of old times.Organically fit into the interior chalet-style and wicker furniture.Take advantage of tableware ceramics and wood and hand-painted designs.After all, beautiful dishes and festive table - the key to a successful meal at any time.A linen tablecloths and waffle towels will be completely fit for the kitchen in the chalet style.

The interior in the style chalet

Interior chalet-style photo

Bedroom chalet-style

bedroom chalet-style

Bedroom chalet-style

bedroom chalet-style

Home Appliances colored body - great find to support the overall design in a rustic charm.After all, water boiler, washing machine or dishwasher does not always fit into the unique interiors, so this solution is perfect.

Bathroom furniture in chalet style is only the most necessary.Wash basin with wooden cabinet, wooden shelves and towel threaded create a truly natural harmony.

The furniture in the chalet-style

Furniture chalet-style decor

interior in the style chalet

In order to give the interior an ensemble in a charming chalet-style ease, pick up beautiful chandeliers, antique lamps, candlesticks with candles, pictures, mirrors.

The interior of the house in chalet style welcomes the various needlework: embroidery, tapestries, murals, knitted and woven mats.Their presence is always shrouded in a special aura of antiquity.

flora lovers can safely acquire potted trees and flowers, using ceramic flower pots and wooden coasters.A composition of mountain wildflowers or give the atmosphere of a chalet style country.You can also use ceramic othe that unusual way to decorate the interior of the room in a chalet style.

Interior design in the style of a chalet

Interior design in the style of a chalet

The modern interior design in a chalet -style

modern interior design in a chalet-style

Original color style chalet solutions

Colors chalet-style - wood, beige, yellow, orange, brown.Revive palette of colors will help to shades of gray, blue, or brick.

Samples color resolutions are as follows: for the living room - bold paint orange and terracotta hues.This range of colors gives the appearance of approaching, so it is best to use in large and spacious rooms.Muted yellow background will immerse in the relaxed atmosphere in the bedrooms.A pastel and beige tones can safely execute the bathroom.Kitchen fit all wood palette - from light to dark caramel and chocolate.Gray and white colors will look great as an extra color.

avoid color overload curtains help chalet-style curtains and bed linens in combination with rich burgundy, green, blue and red accents.

Natural shades of the interior in the style chalet

Natural shades in the interior in the style chalet

Interior bedroom chalet-style photos

Interior bedroom chalet-style

Modern interior , chalet-style

modern interior in the style chalet

Interior chalet-style will create excellent conditions for living and recreation.The space in your apartment in a rustic spirit filled with incredible comfort and warmth.

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