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August 12, 2017 18:07

Biedermeier style of interior

Such direction as Biedermeier style in the interior - it's the perfect choice for lovers of comfort, convenience and traditional values ​​ .This is furniture for life.Every piece of furniture is estimated, first of all, from a practical point of view - as far as it is comfortable and functional.Furniture free from unnecessary decoration, it is made of quality materials and, literally, "forever."Natural shape, smooth lines, respectability, ergonomics - all these qualities more fully characterize the furniture in this style.

style was especially popular in Germany and Austria in the era between the two world wars.Its name literally translates as "narrow-minded".Romantic, comfortable, reliable - Biedermeier style (biedermeier) satisfy the eternal human craving for comfort personified the classic dream of ordinary people about their cozy corner.Most upscale hotels prefer to arrange their rooms in this way, since it is traditionally associated with a homey feel.Today Biedermeier back into fashion, because it is perfectly suited for practical demands of the new century.

Biedermeier style of interior

Biedermeier style in the interior

Biedermeier style of interior

Biedermeier style in the interior

Interior Biedermeier (biedermeier) can rightly be called universal.Here you can find the echoes of so many styles - classicism, empire, country, minimalism, and many others.In fact, it is a mixture of styles of the Empire and romanticism.

should pay attention to the main features of this style:

  • room should be spacious, bright.Furniture is grouped in the center of the room, niches and cavities are filled with practical furnishings, all sorts of ornaments and decor objects.
  • Biedermeier style in the interior implies the use of pieces of furniture that can be converted if necessary.This is all kinds of folding tables with lots of drawers, sliding tables, desk with a hinged lid, and so on.
  • Much attention is given to the interior design all kinds of chest of drawers and cabinets made of natural wood.Home interior beauty of these objects is not artistic decoration, and the beauty of the material, as well as their utility.
  • Easy forms of furniture Biedermeier era compensated bright and pleasant view patterns of upholstery, carpets, curtains, wallpaper.Preferred are "romantic" patterns and colors - flowers, fruits, birds, ornaments.
  • used as decoration embroidery, romance, still lifes, landscapes, portraits, porcelain and intricate dishes, table lamps, wall lamps, clock antique, cozy ottomans and cushions, blankets.


The bedroom in the style of Biedermeier

Bedroom Biedermeier

Choosing furniture

furniture in the Biedermeier style - is, first of all, tables, cupboards and chests of natural wood.It is best to choose furniture made of maple, pear, cherry, ash, birch wood.If you have a family antique porcelain, the cabinet with this treasure should definitely put on the most prominent place.For recreation, choose comfortable low chairs with wide armrests, soft chairs with good back support.Wide sofas can be supplemented by small ottomans and footrests.You can decorate an elegant desk with lots of drawers and a "secret" places, corner cupboards for small things, racks, rocking chair.

Biedermeier furniture (biedermeier)

Biedermeier furniture (biedermeier)

The furniture in the Biedermeier style (biedermeier)

Furniture Biedermeier (biedermeier)

colors and finishes

best to use the psychologically comfortable warm colors in the design - creamy, cream, brown, blue, pink.The color of the wallpaper should be plain or pinstripe.Allowed simple floral design.The color of carpets, curtains recommended solid, blending in with the overall color scheme.It is also possible to design the interior with a cloth in the Scottish cage.For kitchen or dining room in this style will suit tablecloths, curtains and upholstery from a cotton fabric with a light floral pattern.

The interior in the style of Biedermeier era

interior in the style of Biedermeier era

Biedermeier style photo

Biedermeier style photo

ons and accessories

One of the Biedermeier style characters - is a large fireplace with a wide marble top.Curtain is better to choose from delicate muslin or organza, and curtains - made of heavy velvet with tassels.Walls can be decorated with antique decorative plates, elegant antique watercolors and engravings.Perfectly fit into the interior of the family photos and portraits in the framework of wood.Tables can be complemented with exquisite vases, jewelry boxes and figurines.Biedermeier interior perfectly complement the lace table linen with hand embroidery.

Home decor in the style of Biedermeier

Home decor Biedermeier

Design interior of the house in the style of Biedermeier

Interior Decorating the house in Biedermeier style

indisputable advantages of this style - it is a complete ideological independence and convenience. Biedermeier in the interior as close to human needs.It is ideal for the mature people with money, as well as for all those who are inclined to conservatism and consistency.This interior has a calming effect on the mind, enabling you to relax and have a rest from the bustle of the outside world.Construction of an apartment or house in Biedermeier style - an excellent choice for your family nest.

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