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August 12, 2017 18:07

The heat-resistant paint oven : features and usage instructions

All owners of country houses and modern apartments with fireplaces, sooner or later face the need to paint ovens and metal elements (grids, valves, fittings).Updating coverage is necessary not only to maintain the aesthetics, but also for ease of use and service life of the structure.In this article we will explain what heat-resistant paint are suitable for the treatment of stoves and fireplaces.


paint Choice

Even those who do not have their own oven at home, roughly represent what it is made: the case of stone orbricks, doors, valves, frames, handles, etc.Painting to be completely the entire structure, even if it is made of the highest quality stone or metal.

For coloring furnaces, fireplaces and barbecues there is a special kind of paint that can withstand extremely high temperatures.Depending on the structure and composition of the paint varies and its purpose.For example, some are suitable only for the treatment of stone or brick, and others can safely use for painting shutters and grilles, have direct contact with the fire.

heat-resistant paint for the furnace must withstand at least 300-400S, since the combustion temperature of plain paper is + 400C, 300C + firewood, and if you drown charcoal oven, then he is on stage, flameless combustion temperature it can give as much as + 900 ° C (but this ismost surface of the fuel, while the walls and internal walls of the furnace comes much less heat).Most cans with heat-resistant paint is written that they can withstand + 600C (sometimes up to + 750S), which is suitable for conventional home oven.


The simplest solution is to go to the hardware store and buy a heat-resistant paint, designed specifically for the stove, but the price for such products is often too high.This specific product requires the proper narrow category of consumers and marketers to confidently believe that if a person has enough money for the maintenance of the stove or fireplace, it is able to buy an expensive heat-resistant paint.However, even the wealthy owners are not alien to the desire to save, so you can use alternative means - many of the "ordinary" colors perfectly withstand high temperatures.For example, you can paint with oil paint or stove enamel easy, but if there is a part of linseed oil, the surface can darken over time.There are other fireproof paint for stoves synthetic based, for example, even nitropaint experts are strongly advised to use for processing termopoverhnostey.Suit also pentaflevye compositions.

Good to know: The composition and the percentage of specific inclusions determines the scope of application of the paint.By and large, this lacquer suspension with different additives that form or that the protective properties of the paint.In most cases, the compositions contain heat-resistant silicon or silicon.


Suppose you need to paint the oven, made of the same material, but located in different parts of the house, for example, one party is indoors, and some - goes out.In this case, will have to work two or even three different compositions, as the paint used in the building, very quickly crack and peel off the street, and for this we need to buy a heat-resistant paint with increased anticorrosive properties.This anti-corrosion compounds are metal and concrete, since the properties of these materials are quite different and need different protection.But there is a simpler version - universal paint that can be applied to any surface.On the banks usually indicate flow means when working with concrete, metal, stone and other materials (for the treatment of concrete surfaces is required most paints).

The principle of heat-resistant paints

Price is determined by its heat-resistant paint composition, which, in turn, affects the heat resistance.The solutions were prepared on the basis of silicon have recently become more popular.They are used not only to cover the stoves and fireplaces, but also for renovation of heat transfer equipment and heaters.

Tip: The properties of heat-resistant paint can be changed by adding certain components.For example, using an organic resin can increase the drying time of the composition and make it more flexible and improve adhesion.

Aluminium powder helps to increase the heat-resistant characteristics - it can withstand temperatures up to + 600C.


Fireproof paints not only improve the appearance of the structure, but also extend the life of its operation.This is due to the fact that the ink is distributed evenly and smoothly over the entire heat of the treated surface, resulting in the furnace is not overheated.This is especially significant for metal welds, which are properties of melt from the prolonged exposure to heat.Paints retain water vapor permeability of the surface, protecting both from oil and humidity, which are released during combustion.

Manufacturers paint

Russian market is replete with heat-resistant inks for stoves and fireplaces.You can find at least three options from different manufacturers in any hardware store - domestic and foreign.Consider the most popular ones.


Ukrainian manufacturer known for its low-cost but high-quality products, and manufactures all sorts of compounds in aerosols.Heat resistant paint for metal furnaces from NEW TON able to withstand temperatures of up to + 600C.It includes corrosion inhibitors that protect the metal from corrosion and overheating.It is quite elastic, durable and not deformed by temperature changes.

for - 400h303

Before painting spray enamel is necessary to prepare the surface - clean the metal with sandpaper and degrease or alcohol.If you can remove the metal part to be painted, it is best to do it.If not - should cover all the surrounding areas, are not subject to color, cardboard, film or newspapers.

primed surfaces before painting should not be - can be directly sprayed enamel, keeping the cap at a distance of 25-30 cm from the metal (if you bring close, the paint will flow).Before use, it is recommended to shake the bottle for 1-2 minutes to mix the paint.

If you painted the flap, and she has not had time to dry, it is already possible to put in place and to kindle the stove - enamel fully reveals its protective potential after the first raskalivaniya to 200C for 20 minutes.

Painting DuraHeat 2.0

Powerful fireproof paint for metal surface treatment.One-component composition is able to withstand temperatures up to + 1000C, for which he received such a name.The mixture is based on a modified silicone resin and special pigments resist extremely high temperatures.


heat-resistant paint in 1000 protects metal surfaces, maintaining its color.She can handle not only the furnace, fireplaces and barbecues, but also the exhaust pipes of cars, boilers, mechanical parts exposed to heat, heating boilers, gun parts, etc..

features high elasticity and good adhesion even to glossy surfaces.When the thickness of the protective film at 30-50 microns consumption is between 10 and 12 square meters.m is 1 kg of paint.It dries at 20 ° C for 60 minutes, but the complete drying takes place during the first heating up to + 200 ° C for 1 h.

Painting Termika

heat-resistant enamel paint from the manufacturer for special purposes.Termika KO-8111 is able to withstand temperatures up to + 600 ° C and can be used for the processing of metal and other surfaces.


Universal paint is available in a multi-color palette, so you can choose the option to match with the interior room.Mainly used for anti-corrosion treatment of steam pipelines, oil and gas pipelines, exhaust and flue pipes, engine parts, and other mechanisms.It protects not only from overheating, but also from the aggressive chemical action of oils, salt solutions, stray currents, chlorine, etc.

Painting concerts

heat-resistant inks designed for Certa refractory and corrosion protection of metal surfaces and parts made of other materials.As with the previous means, protects the metal from the heat, exposure to chemicals (oil, salt solutions, mineral oils).

3 new banks in 2012

concerts not only capable of withstanding high temperatures up to + 900 ° C, but also cold to 60C.She can handle engines and exhaust pipes, chimneys, asbestos-cement pipes, concrete and reinforced concrete.The paint protects against heat and precipitation, while maintaining the water vapor permeability.Available in aerosol cans of 520 ml volume.

paint Tikkurila

Internationally renowned Finnish manufacturer of paints and building mixes offers two types of heat-resistant colors - silver and black.The silver paint is made of aluminum powder and is capable of withstanding temperatures of up to + 900C.Designed to protect metal surfaces of furnaces and fireplaces, barbecues and furniture from the heat and precipitation.It can be used both indoors and outdoors.The manufacturer claims that the paint can withstand extremely high temperatures up to the red-hot iron.


black heat-resistant paint Tikkurila is designed for surface treatment, heat a maximum of up to + 400C.It can also be used both inside and outside the premises.Apply thermal paint can brush or by spraying.

Painting Elcon

heat-resistant paint elcon - corrosion enamel that can withstand heat up to + 800C and cold to 60C.After drying it does not emit harmful chemicals, so can be used indoors.This is one of the most common options for painting ovens, fireplaces, barbecues, chimneys and pipes.


can be used as heat-resistant paint for brick, concrete, asbestos-cement, metal and other surfaces.

paint uniqueness is that it can be applied even at low temperatures and in the zone of influence of an electrostatic field.The manufacturer gives a guarantee of 15 years.

How to paint oven

to the oven was not necessary to repaint in a year or two, it is necessary to prepare the surface carefully and buy the "right" compositions.Make sure that the colors designed for interior work, if you paint a fireplace or stove in the house, and for the exterior - for the construction of parts of the home.

paint - oven - door

painting consists of several stages:

  1. Clean the surface to be painted, the old paint, litter and dust.Metal parts should be degreased with alcohol or acetone, pre-sanded with sandpaper.If you are going to paint the surface of the cooking oven, pay special attention to it and prepare every centimeter.
  2. If found on the surface of grease, they can bring a hot soda solution - extinguish soda with boiling water, soak a cloth and apply to the stain for a few minutes.
  3. Dry the surface.
  4. Remove the old primer, if any - no primer needed for thermal paint.
  5. Stain oven can be at any temperature, but it is better to heat it beforehand, since the final drying of the composition at a temperature not lower than 150C.
  6. Apply paint to the surface by any suitable method (roller, flat brush or spray).
  7. After drying the first layer of paint, apply a second.Heat-resistant paint should be applied in 2-3 layers (remember that you need to heat the surface to 150C for a complete drying).
  8. Immediately after painting the maximum melt furnace or fireplace to secure the structure.

If all the above instructions the protective coating will last at least 10 years.

Alternative: burnishing

Create refractory protection for metal furnace or valves is possible not only by means of paint.Previously, no one knew of any heat-resistant formulations, and shutter and grating furnaces were treated by chemical oxidation, or simply bluing.As a result, the metal surface becomes dull and black and rusted.


Methods bluing, there are several, we will talk about the most simple of them:

  1. Clean metal surface with sandpaper of various calibers (from more - to less).Process item
  2. solution 5% sulfuric acid, to remove oxides.
  3. Remove residual acid using a soap solution.To this end, 50 g of soap grate and dissolve in warm water (alkali quickly removes acid).
  4. Voronenie carried out by means of sodium hydroxide.Make a solution of 50 g per 1 liter and heat it to 140C.
  5. Apply caustic soda on the piece by sputtering.It is strictly forbidden to use this brush!

Finally still a couple of popular recipes, life hacking, or as they are now called.These tips will help you avoid buying costly thermal paint furnace.So, to process furnace or fireplace to the outside of the stone or brick, use silicate adhesive - apply it with a brush, as a normal paint.If you want to process metal, silverfish cover it with liquid glass.And if you are going on vacation or do not use the oven for a long time (eg, summer), then treat all metal parts with a cloth dipped in vegetable oil.