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August 12, 2017 18:07

Artificial rocks .How to make a rock on the site

Creation of man-made rocks, very similar to the natural, is a fascinating creative process, used for many years and is economically justified.In order to form an incredibly realistic landscape with stone boulders used methods of constructing artificial rocks of the available materials.In this way - without any financial investments, while maintaining a low cost of materials, you can create a variety of rock composition.


  • Application of artificial rocks
  • Benefits
    • artificial rocks Secrets of rocks made of artificial stone
  • How to make an artificial rock
    • sequence works
    • Finishing artificial rock
  • Artificial rocks- photo
  • manufacture artificial rock technology - video

Application of artificial rocks

When creating rock compositions often use artificial boulders.These elements of landscape design naturally fit into the surrounding landscape and will help build the corners area on your own taste.

Different types of rocks are traditionally used to create caves, artificial ponds, fountains and waterfalls.Rocks hollow shape is used, including, for decorating the tree stumps in the natural style, wells, as well as to mask located at the site of the pump and other equipment, manholes, caissons, etc.With the help of artificial possible to diversify the vegetation in the garden, flower gardens and flowerbeds.

advantages of artificial rocks

The advantages of artificial stone rocks include:

  • resistance to various atmospheric influences;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • possibility of creating artificial rocks of all shapes and sizes;
  • variety of textures and colors;
  • possibility of a significant number of landscape compositions.

Compared with natural stone, artificial rocks differ considerably lower cost and lightweight, making them easy to move around the site.At the same time, they are of sufficient strength.Artificial rocks are often very difficult to distinguish from natural limestone, sandstone, slate, dolomite, etc.This similarity is quite possible to achieve through the use of special technologies and the use of a variety of pigments and dyes.


Secrets of rocks made of artificial stone

When you create a man-made rocks is recommended to take into account some special features:

  • to plot a small area is unlikely to fit large-scale construction of artificial rocks - To compare proportions, and also corresponds planned man-made structure withthe existing concept of landscape design of the site.It is recommended to pre-select a location for the future construction;
  • , plan well, where you will make the rock with his own hands.For a complete hardening of concrete can take a few days and then you can place it wherever you need.temperature required for the manufacture of a solid structure is not less than 16 ° C;
  • if you do not practice the implementation of such works, it is recommended to start with the production of a small stone - after some practice you will be able to make boulders arbitrary shape and large size.

To create a rock made of artificial stone did not need a special construction skills.You only need to first study the technology of how to make a rock.If you have the desire and free time to produce artificial stone is not very difficult.In addition, such a dressing area - fun and creative activity.

Artificial rocks made without dna.Osnovu large stone made of lumber with a pitch of about 30 cm. Artificial rock can be laid the foundation of the boards forming the shape of the stone.Dig into the ground and place a small depression where the building grid, place it in the frame and fix it according to its form.

How to make an artificial rock


To produce artificial rock with their hands may need the following materials and tools:

  • cement;
  • sand - you can use it any kind of - river, career, and construction (preferably using fine sand);
  • construction grid with 50x50 or 60x60;
  • protective gloves;
  • wide adhesive tape or adhesive tape;
  • metal trowel;
  • wire cutters or tin snips;
  • capacity for solution;
  • pigment dye for concrete that is resistant to UV radiation - to prevent rapid burnout color of the rocks;
  • paint for concrete or stone resin;
  • brush.

In order to make an artificial rock with his own hands for a site, you first need to make a framework that will serve as a basis for the design of manufactured.


sequence works

available in available materials can be used as a basis for the artificial rock - prepare them in advance.Suitable construction waste, cans, pieces of natural stones, as well as pipes, wooden sticks and knocked asphalt.

Then you can proceed directly to the manufacture of a cliff made of artificial stone:

  1. first step is to form the basis of the prepared material, shape and size corresponding to the parameters of the future of rock.For reliable adhesion of materials is recommended to wrap the frame construction netting and secure ties.The basis for large artificial stone can be made in layers of foam.51
  2. next step is to prepare a solution - it needs to mix 3 parts sand and 1 part of the quality of cement, add natural fillers (in their capacity as may serve broken glass, crushed stone, broken bricks, glass, wood glue, fly ash, silica sand).The mixture was gradually diluted with water to a stiff dough consistency, the pigment dye is added if necessary.To simulate lichen suit warm shades of green, dark colors look quite natural.
  3. reinforce concrete frame solution - with a spatula it is applied to the frame, giving it little by little plastic lines inherent in natural rocks.As an example, consider a pre-look like natural stones.To give a natural look of stone construction will take some time.
  4. While the solution is not frozen, you need to give the stone texture.To this end, the surface of the artificial rocks can trample sand, leaves and fine slag.To get the effect of the porous structure, use a sponge, pressed against the wet concrete.Making art products help inflicted on its surface grooves, scratches, wear and erosion.

Finishing artificial rock

Manufacturing designs placed in a well ventilated and shaded place, periodically sprinkling with water from a spray bottle to avoid drying and cracking of the surface.


In addition, you must do the final finish of the rock.For this purpose, in about 3 days after the production of fine structure using a grinding stone must wipe excessive burrs and irregularities.The surface of the product neaten with a paint brush to remove dust, then you need to wash and dry rock.

Then you can proceed with the coloring brush, filling small cracks on the surface.Bright stone for decorating the dark paint, and vice versa.

Additionally, for staining stone useful sponge - dipping it into a paint applied to the surface as inclusions prints.With the same purpose You can also use a hard roller.

to complete solidification and further shrinkage of concrete will take some time - an average of about a month.After giving the final appearance of the product, you can move it to a permanent placement.

Artificial rock - photo





manufacture artificial rock technology - video