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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to make a one-room apartment two-bedroom ?

Redevelopment and permit it to authorities

Division apartments is necessary to make the most optimal way, which often involves the elimination of interior walls, and this is done only in the presence of the district administration permission.

you need BTI conclusion that the technical condition of the building allows you to make changes to the layout.

To create a project you need to take the apartment plan and draw on it an additional division for the second room.With this plan, the project, contact the BTI, where you are given permission to demolish the absence of the relevant prohibitions in the demolition of the concrete walls (willful change is punishable by a fine).

Important!This is done in order not to disturb the integrity of the building as a spontaneous repair can deliver basic structure under threat at home.And, of course, in order to avoid penalties.

Redevelopment of apartments in the project
Option redevelopment studio

In order to carry out redevelopment, it is worth remembering that your repair work should not interfere with the operation of public services, supply of hot and cold water, heating, electricity, etc.

Tips designers to redesign studio

redevelopment of one room can be done without the intervention of the BTI and the demolition of the walls is sufficient to use the principles of zoning work space and relaxation area.This will allow to divide the space into functional parts.

Set-rack cabinet or shelves

How wardrobe is closed, so the latter-day room will be isolated.One side of the room can be a bedroom, living room or another room.Naturally, a case will make additional storage space for clothes, household items, decorative items and other items.
Wardrobe rack separation apartment space
A surprising decision to separate the rack room

Installing closet

middle of the room, you can install the cabinet in which to make a through passage that separates the room into two functional areas.Also, the cabinet will perform their natural function of storing clothes and other.

If desired, you can order a two-way cabinet that will operate on both sides of the room.Large wardrobe reaches the ceiling, because in the separated part will miss the daylight, however, it is possible to correct tabulation of additional lighting and the creation of small holes for dividing getting daylight.
Separation of the room wardrobe
Wardrobe compartment to create a working office area and bedroom

Decorative niche or partition for

zoning Decorative partition is practically an ideal solution for creating a one-bedroom apartment.You can use plywood or drywall, profile frame and the sound-insulating material.By this construction, after securing the sliding or fixed doors.Also ornamental baffle may be made of wood, glass, plastics and other materials.The solution allows you to perform a variety of designs and design ideas.
Niche in the creation of an interior room apartment
Decorative glass partition for zoning the apartment

cuisine Moving to the balcony

the presence in the apartment of a large balcony or loggia can be a great solution transferring food into their territory.However, this will require a significant warming of the balcony and the installation of plastic windows.In addition, you can delete the balcony window and door and do a little arch.The area with the kitchen can become a living bedroom or hallway.

Kitchen on the balcony to create a memorable design and increase functional space
Kitchen on the balcony in the conventional design

Connection kitchen and living room

This method contributed to the end of the list, because it is one of the most complex and requires the demolition of the wall between the bathroom and the kitchen.The bulk of the space you need to allocate to the bedroom, and the remainder for the kitchen and living room.

Studio apartment
Making small apartment

Change Kitchen Bedroom Bathroom Kitchen

could easily converted into a bedroom, we need only to split space partitions and properly arrange the furniture.A living room at the same time can be a living room and kitchen.
The bedroom on the ground kitchen
Sleeper in the kitchen space

In the video you can see an interesting design solution for creating interior small apartment and rework it into a bedroom.

Success in repairs!