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August 12, 2017 18:07

Shed for sheaves - dry them , " Gold Fields" correctly

Shed for sheaves - estimate the dimensions of the object

best to shed hay placed on an elevated, dry place, its volume can be calculated by taking into account the available animals.For example, to keep one cow you will need for the year at least 2.5 tons of forage, as well as a ton of litter.In this case, the volume of the shed has to be at least 50 cubic meters.

to a small barn to build a wall, it is necessary to apply the standard poles or other improvised material.If the design is more thorough, it is created using lumber.In addition, there must be access for loading and unloading works by mechanical means.

If you want your drying barn served as long as possible, do waterproof roof.To increase the volume of construction, it can be broken profile or provide support movement up and down.In that case the construction will not need walls, and the canopy is mounted on the support.

Barn Hay - the main elements

design creating a shed where dried sheaves in the household, it is important to respect the proportions.Thus, the height should be about 3 meters, and if a farm building, that can reach 10 meters.In order to more convenient loading hay and its seal is not created under the roof of the upper tightening, strengthening occurs by means of special braces.To facilitate the work itself can be, erecting a lifting mechanism under the ridge of the roof.

Gateway to the barn for drying sheaves must be high and bivalve that the technique could pass without problems.Do not create a fuss in the construction of the shed at their summer cottage.First, pick the right tools, and select the location.It is best to place it on the ground, which was previously used for growing crops.

Shed to cut grass must have a solid foundation, which will be the determining factor in the operation.All designs should have a foundation, which is produced in various ways, the choice of the principle of the construction depends on the destination.

Shed for drying sheaves - the main stages of construction

After the pick up location, Draw the line a clear path.Create a trench around the perimeter to resort to tape type foundation.If the shed is made up of lightweight materials and a small size, that you do without any problems, and take as a basis for brick chairs with a waterproofing layer.If

shed for drying hay quite small, it is enough to be columnar foundation, consisting of logs.

After Construct frame of timber.To the joints were more robust, add the rungs that form a triangle at each corner.Do not forget about the windows and door frames, when you finish a barn compressed bread.If you use a construction for this purpose, there is no need for a large number of windows.Door size will depend on the size of the items stored in the shed.

Of course, the frame can be created from metal, everything will depend on the wishes of the owner. sheathe it can be a variety of materials.For example, timber, edged boards, sheets of plastic or metal.Special complexity, this process will not cause, it should be noted that prior to using the wooden parts to better handle a special solution that will prevent mildew and bugs design and give it longevity.