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August 12, 2017 18:07

Drainage wells wavin

specific characteristics of drainage devices Wavin

Specific characteristics of drainage devices Wavin

This type of drainage device has a multi-functional and versatile nature of the use.They can be used in combination with the already prepared the sewer or drainage networks.Team structure and diversity of components make it possible to make the installation of the various elements of pipe communications in a variety of conditions.

There are quite a large number of variations in the implementation of wells Wavin, but the building blocks are generally the same:

  • bottom part, which is the main functional element.This part may have performed a wide variety of holes for attachment of various types of pipes.The material from which made the tray is polypropylene.
  • vertically arranged type corrugated pipe made of polyvinyl chloride.Functionality of this element is that it provides a visual or direct access to the applicable parts of the sewer or drainage system.
  • third element lies a sealing manhole cover, which may consist of a strong polymer or cast iron.

Thus, this device can be combined with different types of tubular products and communications, and also provides easy access to the functional elements of the system.This type of wells has a very low weight, making it easy to use the device during installation.

Specific characteristics of drainage devices Wavin

typology depending on

functional Drainage wells wavin, on the basis of their functional orientation, as well as the design are divided into several types.

By functional characteristics:

  • Sight.Used for visual inspection of the sewer or drainage system.
  • Perepadnaya.Types of sewage wells, which are used when the communication pipe systems have a variety of indicators and are at different levels.Very convenient when a renovation or modernization of ready-pipe systems.
  • Storm.Used to collect and drain rain water.The design, in addition to the above elements, inherent gutter inlets and sand trap.
  • Expansion.For modifying the pressure of a large flow of water for those which will move by gravity.Installed in places where waste water output to the soil or water.

The characteristics of team structure:

  • Monolithic.Products are already in an assembled state and does not require further assembly.
  • National.The product consists of several functional parts which, before installation, you must assemble the finished well.

Typology depending on the functional

multi-element structure of the product is one of the most important of its trump cards.The presence of demountable parts that have different functionality, allow installation of a wide variety of drainage and sewerage systems, depending on the needs of the building and the area.

Typology depending on the functional

Benefits Wavin well

Drainage wells wavin have a number of positive characteristics that are qualitatively different from other systems of the same type:

  • resistance to static and dynamic influences.
  • high rate of corrosion resistance.
  • High resistance to mechanical stress.
  • Easy materials.This is due to the fact that the material from which constructed the well are the different types of plastics.
  • Very easy assembly.All the constituent elements of the product and the connecting fittings are easy to operate.
  • Easy height regulation.This indicator is characterized in that the well is made of plastic and, in order to change its height is sufficient to cut off the right amount of ordinary hacksaw.

Advantages of Wavin well

Thus, all the information contained in the article above shows that drainage wells waving an indispensable device in the installation of various piping systems, whether sewer or drain communication.The main advantages is the ease of working with this device.Now the installation of drainage communications will take much less time, and have a high build quality.