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August 12, 2017 18:06

Adjustment and setting of the gas column : Adjust gas supply flow rate and water temperature

Panel adjustment geyser
  • When need adjustment?
  • flow Setting
  • gas supply regulation

to repair any gas equipment is important to comply with the special safety rules, therefore, such work is better to entrust to specialists.However, with the correct setting of gas columns can be handled independently.

Setting geyser

take some time to adjust the mode of operation of such equipment, you can use a column with maximum efficiency.

Modern speakers are sold in a wide range, but especially their settings will look like in different models.We consider the column adjustment with electric ignition, which panel you will see the two scales and two handles.One scale with divisions and one of the arms is used to adjust the water supply, and the second range and another handle - for supplying gas.


When need adjustment?

Customize columns work required after purchase and installation of equipment, to the performance of the device and the gas consumption for water heating have been optimized for a particular model.

In addition, adjustment is carried out in situations where the settings previously set slipping, for example, if the technique applied carelessly.

The control panel of the gas column

flow Setting

begin work on setting up a gas column must exactly with the regulation of water flow. Nominal head, which you want to achieve, is specified in the data sheet on the column.If you have lost such documentation, you can see the necessary data on the manufacturer's website.

For instance, you purchased a model column performance should be 11 liters per minute.To set this value need to open a hot water faucet, then set the knob on the unit in the desired position, and then close the valve.

Adjusting the panel geyser

Regulation of gas supply

To prepare the gas path to work, set the gas regulator on the unit at the lowest level.Connect the equipment to the network by inserting a battery into a column, it is possible to open the valve on the gas pipe.Then, after opening the faucet with hot water unit automatically turns on and starts heating water.

To continue setting, take the tools that can measure the temperature of the water. Your goal - to set the gas flow adjuster knob in the position when the temperature resulting from the hot water tap will be 25 ° C higher than the temperature of the water coming into the column of the aqueduct. Moreover, remember that gas equipment does not produce heating water instantly, so you should wait to measure the water temperature.

Then you can change the temperature of the hot water coming from the tap only a handle, which changes the water pressure.With decreasing pressure the water will slowly move within the column, and, accordingly, will heat more.

Panel adjustment geyser

When adjusting do not forget to take into account specified in the instructions the maximum hot water temperature which is less than desirable.

In the following video you can see and hear some interesting facts about the setting and adjustment of gas columns.