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August 12, 2017 18:07

What is the cost and what you need to post for electricity supply in the country

How much does a post and for electricity need to put on

cottage If you purchased a vacation home or going to start its construction, then in front of you, sooner or later will be the question of connection to the mains.Often in this connection there is a need to install a support portion close to the power lines.In fact, the installation of the pillars should be engaged in public institutions and to carry out this work for free, but in practice it is not so smooth, and would have to wait several years.Special organizations can solve this problem for some money.


When hiring professionals there is no need to delve into the intricacies of the work, but some details still need to know.Poles for electricity are of three types:

  • wooden pillars - the cheapest, but not very durable;
  • reinforced concrete pillars - the most common in use;
  • iron pylons - the most expensive.

Which column select depends on climatic conditions and power energy consumers.

approximate the cost of installing poles for electricity is:

  1. installation of one column - 30-35 thousand rubles.
  2. five pillars - 100 - 120 thousand rubles.
  3. ten poles - 170 thousand and above.

will understand how to get these amounts.Firstly, in the installation costs of the column and include price, and secondly taken into account and all features of the installation.


Installation and features of installation elektroopor on

testify on how much it costs to put the poles for electricity in the country, affecting five components:

  • support service to take stock of electricity (use of special transport - long-length)and especially the use of this technology;
  • renting lifting mechanism, such as crane;
  • for drilling wells also used the Specialty Equipment;
  • installing posts in a strictly vertical position of the arm is carried out, which also costs money rent;
  • for final electrical robot, which as installing insulators and holding wires.


all stages of the installation must be carried out in strict accordance with SAE (Rules of electrical devices), or the organization that owns the data of power grid, does not approve the legality of the connection.From
quality installation of pillars for electricity will depend on the work of the whole power supply system.Work on installation of supports should be entrusted only organization with great experience and corresponding tolerances.