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August 12, 2017 18:07

Natural ventilation in a private home - what recommendations should be taken into account prior to installation ?

Natural ventilation of residential buildings: description

Ventilation natural air impulse can occur due to two factors: the difference in temperature inside the room (or the air pressure difference) and wind load.The temperature difference created by the heating of various devices (cooker, heater).Wind load is due to aeration.

In this regard, natural ventilation systems are divided into the following types: continuous and periodic, channel and Underground.Permanent means that part of the air supply (for example, through the vents), periodic - airing at regular intervals (through the vents, doors).

Channel ventilation in a private home involves vertically arranged vents.Underground or aeration is organized in the premises and provides ventilation rate (with certain heat dissipation).

Natural ventilation in the house, the pros and cons

Natural ventilation in a private house has its pluses and minuses.To begin select pros :

  • air movement in a room without the use of any additional hardware.Accordingly, the financial savings spent on equipment and operation.
  • exclude occurrence of any accidents, because the system is extremely simple in its work, it does not require maintenance.
  • Combined with other systems (air conditioners, filters).Also, in a country house only rarely used one method, popular combination of the two systems.For example, it may be a natural exhaust ventilation or natural ventilation.

From shortcomings are the following: poor ventilation leads to the development of favorable conditions for the development of mold and mildew, the accumulation of odors, moisture, toxins (from plastic, furniture, computer).But the most significant drawback is caused by damage to human health, because the body is constantly in need of clean and fresh air.That is why natural ventilation in a private home is combined with a manual.

few tips before installation and design

As already mentioned, in the rare cases in the house is organized only one type of system.More often do combination with mechanical (ventilation or air) .For example, in the showers, kitchens or bathrooms installed exhaust ducts (for the exhaust system).For supply additionally mounted monobloc installation, which supply fresh air.

Before the construction of the house ventilation system must be indicated in the draft.Do this highly specialized engineers.And because there are a number of recommendations and suggestions are important to consider.Firstly, ventilation rooms should be laid in the project before construction .

Secondly, for effective ventilation is important to provide basement ventilation channels to be displayed outside of the roof.Thirdly, along with the main ventilation equipment, should provide any additional split-system air-conditioning or domestic .

But the important and the main advice is that any ventilation system should be designed and installed with the help of specialists.Do not install the equipment with their hands monoblock air supply!Do not save and call the professionals.