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August 12, 2017 18:07

The kitchen in classical style

Variety of classical style

Despite the predominance of new styles in the design market, in the production of furniture, accessories and other kitchen furniture, classic remains relevant and in demand.
When placing dishes in a traditional style should adhere to the following criteria:

  • Restraint situation;
  • predominance of the quality and convenience of practicality and modern elements in the interior;
  • Comfort and the true spirit of "home environment" in detail and decor elements.

The kitchen in classical style

These three parameters are the most important attributes of the classics.And the color scheme for the finishing materials, furniture, you can choose absolutely any.This kind of diversity and is one of the advantages of traditional style.See for yourself by looking at photos of various cooking rooms.
"White " cuisine in a classic style

Superb dining in a classic style

Small kitchen in classical style

furniture and accessories

For more classical style characterized by the use of furniture, mostly from natural expensive types of materials, the most common of which is a tree.But depending on your budget today is quite possible to choose materials that mimic it.According to the texture of the surface of the furniture should be as close to the perfect gloss, the texture - this is the natural wood patterns.The color of the furniture, in the main, to be pastel colors (if you have chosen not the natural color of wood, such as orange), or white, or something out of a dark natural wood palette.Traditional furniture is often decorated with a variety of metal parts with gold or silver plating.Chairs do not exclude the upholstery fabric.

Chairs with woven upholstery in classic kitchen

Rounding out the classic image of the room various decoration items and small parts, such as candlesticks in old-fashioned style, lampshade, wicker basket with artificial flowers, carved wooden or aristocratic metal utensils for fruit, beautiful painted vases, decorative plates and so on.

Features classic decor

Features classic decor

should focus on the curtains.To match the style of your choice, they must be made of expensive high-quality materials, decorated with silk cords and tassels, fringe or edged with lambrequins.

Curtains in a classic style in the kitchen

style requires special attention when choosing a chandelier or lighting fixtures.Best in the classic interior fit chandelier with pendants.But this does not mean that it must necessarily be a huge multi-tiered and out of the crystal.Modern manufacturers offer a lot of "versions" of classic chandeliers.

The chandelier in the classic style

something in between chandeliers and lamps are hanging lamps, which are ideal for the chosen design.

Suspended classic lamps

Well, wall or floor lamps more often resemble chandeliers or antique lamps.
Classic wall light

Wall design

most acceptable coloring for the walls in the traditional style is considered to be lack thereof, that is,monotony.Of course, discreet, almost transparent ornament or picture allowed.Becausein your kitchen will eventually be enough detail to be evident, but the walls have to serve their background.Therefore, to finish better to choose wallpaper for painting, tile or plaster.
If your kitchen has a free wall, it is best to hang on to it a few small reproductions with still life or landscape.And this does not mean that you turn the kitchen into the gallery, just art - one of the main components of the true classics.


For every classic room ideal flooring is parquet, but not for food!Designers are advised to use a special ceramic tiles, imitating the wooden parquet.But if your funds do not allow you to buy such an expensive pleasure, your option - linoleum with the corresponding colors.

Tile imitating parquet

Thus, modern range of products and their substitutes, will make the design of your kitchen in a classic style, not only for the big money!