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August 12, 2017 18:07

Insulation of the outside walls of a wooden house - an operational action plan

How to insulate wooden wall and when it is needed?

If the log cabin in the winter cold and wet, we can not state that in its construction builders great save on insulation materials.In this article you will learn how to insulate wooden walls to the years they served as a reliable protection from winter cold and summer heat.

In order to make your home more comfortable, it is first necessary to understand why it is so hard to warm up.What could be the reasons?Here are some of them:

  1. no seal between crowns;
  2. thickness of the boards or logs does not meet the climatic conditions (in central Russia houses are built of lumber thickness of not less than 30 cm);
  3. weak floor insulation, in particular, this applies to homes that have in the cellar is a cellar;
  4. poor quality logs docked on the corner connections, because of this, the house can walk drafts, and corners will freeze in the winter;
  5. in the construction of a mistake in the calculation of the ratio between the area of ​​the walls and windows;
  6. violated the rules of construction of the foundation or the roof.

If at least one of the following reasons is present in your home, you can continue with the preparatory work.

The warm walls of a wooden house - choose materials

The easiest way of warming - laying additional layer mezhventsovogo seal.That is, it is necessary to lay additional insulation for the walls of a wooden house between the logs, in other words, the caulk.It is desirable to do so not only the outside but inside the building.

Outside insulation of a wooden house will make it possible to increase the insulation properties of log walls.And besides, it is not in any way affect the size of rooms.The warm walls of a wooden house, which methods and techniques are best suited for this?

Here are just some of the materials for thermal insulation of houses, which offers a modern construction market:

  • flax Felt fabric;
  • jute - a versatile material that is sufficiently resistant to rotting processes is discharged from the jute plant fiber;
  • flax or hemp - insulation, made from flax stalks in the form of belts up to 15 cm, designed for sealing cracks and gaps in the various wooden houses.
  • basalt wool;
  • polyurethane foam.

use of modern insulating materials allows for insulation of a wooden house without significantly increasing the load on its foundations.This effect can be achieved by applying insulation to the walls of wooden buildings based on mineral wool.

Insulation of the outside walls of a wooden house - Getting Started

works plating front of the house with energy-saving materials, starting with the processing of the walls with special antiseptics.Further, closed up all the cracks, defects and damage are eliminated.After that mineral wool rolls are rolled along the wall, and fixed on it with special anchor bolts.

Before installing sheathing insulating layer is covered with a protective material and closed boards.To protect the casing from moisture and the sun, it can be covered with several layers of varnish or oil paint.In order to ensure good air circulation and prevent the formation of moisture in the insulation, it is recommended around the foundation and eaves equip vents.

the same purpose between the layer of insulation and lining material is a gap of a few centimeters.This technology is generally used if carried out under warming log home siding when the presence of the air gap is necessary.