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August 12, 2017 18:07

Installation of metal - instruction for carefree operation

Metering roof or that you need to do before installation?

When resemblance to ceramic tiles, sheeting it has some significant advantages: ease of installation, low specific weight, wide color gamut, minimal operating costs and relatively low price.The disadvantage is the sensitivity to the effects of aggressive substances.

Before you begin, make sure that the shape of the roof is strictly rectangular, which measure the length of the diagonal.They should be equal.Before installation of the roof of metal, it is important to calculate how many pages it will need.

metal mount technology requires that the roofing sheets are stacked overlapped, and it should be taken into account in the calculations.The width of conventionally divided into two quantities: the full (actually existing) and useful.

Calculating the number of sheets - remember algebra

To determine the number of rows on a slope in the horizontal direction, the length of the cornice should be divided into a useful width of the sheet.The difference between useful and go to a full width sheet overlap horizontally.

Sometimes metal installation scheme requires a few roofing sheets in a row, and calculate the required number of them quite simple.The total length of all the sheets in one line L can be determined according to the formula: L = B + 0,2 m, where B - slope length measured from the ridge to the eaves.

magnitude 0.2 includes two components: 0.05 meters - eaves with eaves and 0.15 meters - sheets overlap vertically.Knowing the total length of the series, and determine the number of sheets in it, dividing by the length L of a single sheet.

Now that we know how many rows will need on one skate, and how many pages contain each number, we can easily determine the number of pages on one slope, and multiplying that number by two (gable roof), we obtain the total number of sheets needed for the installation of metal roofs.

metal wire mounting correctly

Stacking metal being from the eaves to the ridge top.The second layer is higher than the first, blocking it at 15 cm behind him -. The third layer, and so on until the roof ridge.Installation procedure provides that the first phase of the outside of the rafters horizontally stacked layer of special waterproof film.

top of waterproofing film arranged crate.Along the rafters stuffed bars, which are mounted on the horizontal batten boards.In the next step heat-insulating material is located with a gap in the film to 20 mm between the rafters.

metal mounting rules provide for the application and the isolating film, which is attached to the rafters lapped by the top of the room heater.

roofing sheets are laid on the prepared in advance crate subject to certain rules, which provides detailed information video instructions for installation of metal.We turn our attention to some highlights.

In the case of a gable roof installation begins with its end.You can get started with both the one and the other end.If you decide to do the installation from the left end of each subsequent sheet is laid overlapping at the first wave of which should extend beyond the cornice 50 mm.

preferred to bond with each other at first three or four leaves, one self-tapping stick them on the ridge, the bottom put strictly on the roof and then finally consolidate the entire length.It demonstrates the installation of metal video, presented at the end.