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August 12, 2017 18:07

Set the device adjacency : operating characteristics , functions and types

Description wall connection

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One of the common types are called adjacencies adjacency to the wall.Place the roof adjacent to the house wall, termed "adjacency to a vertical wall."

important issue of thermal insulation of the room.Coatings used sealing materials:

  • Materials soft roofs
  • Metal plates
  • Tile

There are construction companies, offering many solutions in the choice of coating materials and other aids for the standard roof junction nodes.Experts identify additional wall connection roof:

  1. top
  2. side

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Building materials for coating adjacencies: tile, profiled

There are adjacency traditional, installed in Stroebe (sizes 25/25mm) located in a wall of bricks 15 inches from the surface of the roof.It fits the profile of a galvanized metal strip.Preferably, a bar of PS-1.Stroebe fit in the wooden strip fastened to the anchor, a strip of the profile - on the screws.Pour into the opening diluted cement.Eliminate excess air and unnecessary elements in Stroebe helps sealant.Now strip profile is applied to the surface of the roof, to direct the junction.

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standard technology used and adjacencies when connecting roof and wooden walls.

important to note that it is not recommended to use Stroebe in prefabricated houses.By building standards panel walls - bearing, and cut a hole adversely affects their strength.

Junction soft tiles: installation

standard scheme setting unit soft roof wall connection is performed with the cutting grooves.Height - 2-5 centimeters from the roofing.It is important to consider the issue of waterproofing.For this purpose, antiseptic segment triangular section, which prevents flow in the bend areas.

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Before applying roofing material on the roof of the place and the place of landfall carefully treated and eliminate unnecessary pollution, process node junction primer.Source roof - soft coating is placed on a special board.It helps eliminate leakage flagon, glue it on asphalt means (valley width is 1 meter).It is important to fix the node junction of the metal strip (10-20 cm).

important issue sealing

Make tight junction assembly will help construction corrugated strip of aluminum foil or lead-based adhesive, and a width of 28-30 cm length of 5 meters.Its use is justified by the convenience and high quality.Sold by:

- Vakafleks

- Flex standard

manufacturers for over 20 years, and recommendations meet the expectations.Companies know all the nuances that arise during the installation of contiguity, and create a reliable means of protection against leakage at the site docking.

strips function - sealing contiguity roof, creating a reliable strips, additional moisture impermeable.The material has a different color shades.When you change the temperature may increase in size, covering the surface of the roof more than half the originally occupied space.Can withstand temperatures from -50 degrees to +100 degrees.Start the tape is attached to the wall bar "Waka" with the lack of Stroebe.

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Popular ways and means of contiguity

adjacencies are built not only on the wall.This pipe connection - common type of extension.Such contiguity performed using modern corrugated elastic cuffs, having in its composition components are temperature stable silicone.Temperature resistance -50 degrees and 350 degrees with a plus sign.As components of the adhesive has a basis.Its properties:

  • quickly solidifies
  • ability to withstand high thermal loads
  • ease of use
  • durability
  • high tightness

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As a substitute cuffs used off adhesive strips of corrugated metal - "Vakafleks".The only caveat - the top strip is attached independently to the tube junction with the clamp of metal.

Note!Nowadays not only operate abutting walls and pipes.Developed construction techniques such compounds dormers, gables and ventilation pipes.

More familiar with the principles of the device and installation of adjacencies can be in the video in the next tab.