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August 12, 2017 18:08

Manual drum hoist - how easy it is to cope with the load ?

What is better to choose?

winch - a mechanical device needed to move and lift the load.Today, very popular electric vehicles, but the hand is also quite often used.Their main advantage can be considered as reliability, simplicity of design, ease of use and simple maintenance.However, hand-operated winches require direct energy costs for manual lifting, it is somewhat reduced their popularity.

But for the people who use it several times a day to deliver small packages, it is ideal, since it is not necessary for this purpose to buy expensive and complicated automatic movement.Manual winch drum has two types: a worm, and lever.The worm rope is wound onto the drum.Drum drive operates on the principle of "endless screw" Archimedes.Advantages of this mechanism is compact and low return force.But when you move the cargo is necessary to put more effort.

The lever on the winch winding drum carried by a ratchet or lever.This unit is compact and can be used "suspended", that is, without rigid fixation.The biggest advantage of it is the ability to exploit it in the most inconvenient places, and its price is low.

Note!According to the construction and operation of these types of winches are almost identical, the only difference in their properties and characteristics of strength.

Manual drum hoist: how does it work?

Winches can be issued with one, two and three drums.Double-drum winch is quite widespread, as it reduces the costs of physical energy to lift cargo.It is a frame on which are placed the drums mounted on rotating shafts and bearings, and the intermediate shaft.Rotation of the drum is carried out by a gear via the snorer and functional device.Also it established the band brake, which allows you to stop work when an emergency occurs.

Note!Double Drum Winches can be vertical and horizontal drums.

mechanism works as follows: the handle moves the gear and through the shaft on which the pinion gear.The pinion is engaged with the pinion and secured to the drum shaft.The gear, the end face is mounted clutch, consisting of a keystone ring pad.A winch drum has an annular end recess that matches the dimensions of the clutch.The rope is attached to the drum and during operation it is wound, thereby raising the load, whether it is a bag of cement or brick pallet.

Save - make yourself

Lifts for lighter loads you can do yourself.This eliminates the need to spend a decent amount on the mechanism that fully its costs are not paid off.Manual drum hoist with his own hands is performed by the relevant drawings.The assembly takes place so:

  • do three legs of the sliding tube diameter of 20x20 millimeters.One leg is welded tightly, while the other two made turning to the mechanism could be put.
  • center stack made of profile 80x80 mm, it will be fixed up.Also, it is welded a piece of 60x60 mm profile.It increased in width so that it can be put on the strut.
  • telescopic part consists of three sections: 80x80 mm, 60x60 mm and 40x40 mm.Racks are mounted to one another and are nominated by the pulleys.
  • done table.Four of welded profile 30x30 mm, so that was a form of N.
  • letters in the longitudinal part of the table is entered with 20 mm diameter pipe with segments at the ends of 30 mm, which creates lateral support.

Important!This design is suitable for use only with lighter loads. Thus, the winch will consist of a chassis, racks and rotary telescopic stem.Speed ​​of assembly is totally dependent on your skills and abilities.