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August 12, 2017 18:08

Moroccan stucco - a secret interior elegance

secret of Moroccan plaster

So what is the secret of Moroccan plaster? why it is so appreciated and loved by many people?

As it turned out, the whole thing in the pigment, which is part of the mix.For such pigment take a variety of colors, and combine them to get this unusual effect.Professional manufacturers already have the necessary combination of colors, which are used in production.Thus, the company is not a manufacturer of experimenting with color every time, and produces a finished product with the desired pigmentation.

second secret is the special production technology, as well as skills training masters.Technology is transferred from generation to generation and perfected over the years.At the same time can use the simplest tools.For example, it may be an ordinary pebble, which is used to smooth the surface of the raw plaster.

To this plaster was waterproof characteristics, it is specially coated with olive soap, which is applied to the most ordinary brush.The protective layer is formed due to the fact that the alkaline plaster reacts to the soap.

Plus, I want to note one of the positive properties of plaster - is its natural component parts, which are environmentally friendly and harmless to human health, because it does not contain harmful substances.A lime component of a larger share of the composition, a positive effect on the overall atmosphere in the room, which also has a positive effect on the health of people.

Application tools Moroccan plaster

For the initial application and seal the plaster is usually used homemade small wooden plastering trowel and wooden spatula, and then plastic spatulas.Also often today use spatulas and stainless steel trowel.We need this in order to on the surface of the tool does not appear metallic gray coating.

One of the most important and the main instruments to work with this plaster is polished stone .Each firm is a manufacturer usually has a set of smooth polished stones, which are made by special pattern.

technology application Moroccan plaster

  • advantage is the possibility of applying plaster on almost any surface, including plasterboard.Naturally, it is important that the pre-wall to be plastered and how to prepare.
  • surface is prepared and thoroughly moistened.On the prepared surface for better adhesion can cause a small layer of adhesive, which is generally used for bonding the tiles.
  • dried up on the first layer of adhesive must be applied the first coat of plaster.Essentially this means that the plaster composition has a large supply of liquid.This layer dries overnight.If you do not do this, then the material will be overwritten and poorly aligned.When applied to a second layer of Moroccan plaster;
  • Apply both the first and the second layer is using the tools mentioned above.Namely, using a spatula or trowel from a special metal.Small holes and pores of the processed plastic spatula;
  • After drying the second layer is compacted and its zaravnivayut using these tools.At the last stage begin to overwrite and seal with a special smooth stone;
  • Further processing is carried out using a grout soap, which is usually applied with a soft brush.Thus, the surface becomes glossy and water repellent.In the future, it will not collect water and dirt.