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August 12, 2017 18:08

Accessories for the siding to complete the picture

What is the siding and why it needs additional elements?

As is known, siding, as a variant of external facing walls of the house, originally from North America.The history of its use for the protection of the wall material from external weathering on all continents of the world has for nearly two hundred years.But not only purely functional utility siding made so popular option outer coating.

Facade and walls, decorated them, give the house appeal.Already rarely someone nailed wooden battens or makes clinker lining the walls of the house.There are more durable and attractive saydingovye panel of vinyl, metal siding and Ground-cement cladding options for this.The walls are finished with the most common type, horizontal vinyl siding, retain their original appeal a surprisingly long time.

Sheathing allows washing walls ordinary garden hose.Qualitative elements of siding selected by careful inspection and tested by the manufacturer.As a rule, the geometry of all the elements, starting with the basics - saydingovyh panels and finishing strips, profiles and corners should be the same, that is the right shape and the guide, otherwise there will be gaps and voids in which will fall precipitation, dust and debris.

important factor is the uniformity of color, plasticity of the panels and other elements.When verifying deformation element should take its original shape.

What are the components for siding?

Among the existing types of horizontal siding clinker (ship) - is not the only one.There are "herringbone" block hauznogo type (such as log-log surface), there is also a vertical siding, not widely used in the practice of the private economy.However, all of these species have a characteristic approach to siding installation, therefore, having mastered the general principles of work, you can perform any siding trim easily.

Quality panel still does not guarantee that the same will and wall cladding.After all, how accurately performed and how well presented siding accessories, as no less dependent on the final result of work.

enumerating the necessary accessories, in addition to the panels, you can call for the installation of soffits under the eaves of the roof of the protruding portion, and the end part of the roof is closed the special wind board (this is also an element of the vinyl with the same name).This is done not only for aesthetic reasons but also to prevent the sail panels, that is it from the wind, which could disrupt elements crates.

All corner joints of panels sewn elements of the outer or inner corner, with special profiles that provide a secure hold the sides of the panels in the corner joints. It protects corners from the external environment, but also allows you to securely fasten the panel, making the whole structure.

addition to the above, in a serious manufacturer always has a set of profiles which are making the transition between the panels on the long wall, the so-called H-profiles.The form has other profiles to ensure the reliability of sealing joints in different places of house construction.Important components in the decoration will also be the initial (starting) and final (finish) slats.Those.Facing each structural element the house must be present details of their siding.

Start and end trims are set to secure the final siding panels, first and last, respectively.They are completely hidden under the finite element, taking his keys currently in the slots.There are also okolookonnye straps, they can fix the siding around the windows, the opening of which is recessed into the building.They are also used for decoration of the doorway.

How to choose additional elements for the siding?

It is important to select accessories for siding matched by size, so that all elements of the dock without gaps or the need to change them or fit.Immediately it should say that such a cladding long will not serve.In addition, it will be unable to perform, and their direct purpose - to protect the walls of the structure from the elements, even a little help film laid under the siding.

Therefore, before starting work, additional elements listed above for the siding should be carefully selected and meet the quality and size requirements.Incidentally, the choice of a glossy surface is not desired, despite the large external attractiveness.

In contrast to the matte surface of this stronger than basking in the sun.It is necessary to verify the absence of porosity structure of cells and panels, its lack of cleanliness of the surface and ensures its easy cleanability.A good option is a protective acrylic or special matt lamination.

something can not be foreseen in advance when checking equipment.For example, the loss of such a "trifle" as okolookonnaya plate for siding, can greatly complicate the installation of panels incomplete format.Therefore, along with quality certificates, warranty conditions, the instructions for correct installation, it is necessary, before the checkout process, trust the experts calculating the appropriate number and range of elements.