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August 12, 2017 18:08

Winch hand and a photo of its use

Winch hand - is it worth to save on efficiency?

reason is that many owners to acquire suburban areas and garages expensive automatic winch, lies not in an effort to maximize efficiency, and in the elementary unwillingness to bother.Actually, all the technical progress is based on alleviating labor, but on the other hand, even a manual winch rope forces worm takes not too much, not to mention the lever version, and save money abound.

The torque in the worm mechanism created by the use of Archimedean screw, and the handle has to turn as if you needed to pull water from the well, winding the chain or rope on the gate.In other words, primitive, but cheap, and if also use blocks, and the extremely effective.And that, in fact, still have?And we need, among other things, also a decent capacity.Then the ratio of price / quality manifests itself fully.

Cheapest winch-hoists hand are derived, of course, the Sino-Taiwanese.When buying such mechanisms be careful, you can assure that the device raises to 2 tons, and even poke the corresponding figures on the body, but you should look carefully and make sure that the unit of measurement - of Newton.This means that the tractive force is 10 times exaggerated.In virtually no domestic units such dirty tricks, and even 500 kilograms of any of the hoists is quite pull.

How to choose a manual winch for all occasions?

Hraptsovye winch rarely have adequate capacity, often they are used on the farm for small household needs, for example, to raise the attic bag of dried mushrooms or a bale of hay, or move the heavy-duty truck.In order to ensure a more efficient farm mechanization and efficient assistance in the repair work needed devices, load capacity of not less than calculated, than a ton.According to many demo video, manual chain with worm gear is most suitable for high loads.

However, the chain or wire - is not so important, the main thing that the mechanism was reliable, it is necessary to carefully examine and check before you finally choose a winch.Independent experts have many times purchased inexpensive device to identify the limit of their duty, and it turned out that the majority of Chinese machinery breaks down already at a load of a ton, although claimed their limit - 4,000 kilograms.

Depending on what plane you need to perform the movement of cargo, horizontal or vertical, should be to choose a winch or hoist, respectively.

Domestic tackles cope with the task better, but often provided poor-quality flexible tractive elements.For example, a cable may be unstable to corrosion, then it will not save even the abundant lubrication.When choosing a winch with chain, inspect it carefully, make sure the rings are welded securely.You should also carefully examine the details of the mechanism and - the integrity of the gear teeth of the lever, the ease of movement of the ratchet.

hand Electric winch compared with lever

sometimes happens to lift such loads, which the mechanism can and will cope, but he will pursue the lever on what you hang on it with all his weight.In order not to spoil a useful mechanism in the economy, you can use hand-held electric winch.However, they are much more expensive, but some cars have them according to the original equipment, and do motorists become automatic winch with a large hunting.

These devices do not require any effort from the operator side, you just turn the lever to the desired position and the load will move forward. Another advantage - reverse function, meaning you can pull up a load, and make up the slack on the rope, while vertical movement simply drop the object below .Something similar is possible with some linkages, for example, such a function has the railway lingering hoist.

but will have to spend a lot of time and effort to figure out how to use the manual winch of its kind in the reverse mode.But if the construction is in full swing and it is necessary to lift the second floor cement bags, the time for device development is unlikely to be found, so if time is running out, take either automatic or hoist easier.